How to quickly lower blood sugar?

Normal blood sugar is very important for both a healthy person and patients with diabetes. Increase or decrease in its level below normal numbers can lead to serious complications and even death of the patient. The sharp increase in sugar (hyperglycemia) can cause hyperglycemic coma, which leads to loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest and cardiac activity. It is therefore very important to monitor the level of glucose in the blood. Everyone needs at least once a year to be tested for blood sugar.

What is dangerous high blood sugar?

Prolonged hyperglycemia leads to changes in the whole body. First and foremost, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, then disorders affect fat and protein metabolism. Accordingly, the impact on each of the organ systems. The increase in blood glucose suggests its deficiency in tissues and cells. Skin and mucous membranes become dry, flabby, wounds on the skin or mucous membranes will be long lasting. Muscle tissue will become weak, people will celebrate fatigue, muscle pain, and sometimes convulsions.

The brain and the whole nervous system will respond to hyperglycemia by the death of nerve cells, because glucose is for them, is the main source of energy. It is noticed that people with a high level of glucose in the blood more likely to develop atherosclerosis (deposition of cholesterol on vascular walls) and clogging of blood vessels by blood clots.

It is easier to prevent than to cure

Glucose needs to enter the blood in adequate quantities. In this case, the pancreas produces enough insulin, sugar is absorbed, and the excess is converted into glycogen and stored in liver. Otherwise, all these processes go astray and develop the disease. To prevent hyperglycemia can diet, adequate physical activity, avoiding harmful habits, and avoiding stress. Just follow some guidelines:

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How to really lower blood pressure?

Chief cardiologist Leo Bokeria told how to overcome hypertension.

  • Sweets (chocolate, candies, jellies and drinks) better replaced by dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes and raisins).
  • The diet must contain fresh fruits and vegetables. In sweet plant contains fructose, which is not so terrible for the body.
  • Adequate drinking regime. If elevated blood sugar, a sufficient amount of fluid in the body will help to cope with hyperglycemia. Adults need to drink about 50 ml per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Sugar should be replaced with honey (if not allergic to bee products). A healthy person needs about 10 teaspoons of sugar per day (70 grams of sugar) if there is a predisposition to diabetes mellitus.
  • Physical activity of the patient will contribute to utilization (breakdown) of sugar in the body. Muscles to reduce the required energy resulting from the breakdown of glucose. Thus, the blood sugar becomes less. The duration and nature of training should be individualized depending on age, weight of patient and his concomitant diseases.
  • Avoidance of stress. During any stressful situation is the release of sugar into the blood as the main source of energy for the body. That is why frequent stress are predisposing factor in the development of diabetes.

Как быстро снизить сахар в крови?

How to quickly lower your blood sugar medications?

For patients with diabetes the main treatment and lower blood sugar taking hypoglycemic drugs and insulin (pancreatic hormone). Hypoglycemic drugs are prescribed by endocrinologist in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, when insulin in the body is sufficient, and glucose metabolism or absorption is impaired. These include Exenatide, Nateglinide, Pioglitazone, Metmorfin and others.

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It must be remembered that these drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy. When the rise in blood sugar in pregnant women is the primary method of reducing is diet. Patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 (insulin-dependent) prescribed injections of insulin strictly by the hour. It is used in cases when the sugar need to be reduced urgently.

What can lower your blood sugar at home?

  • The root of the cinnamon. Regular consumption of this spice (about 1 gram for 1.5 months in a row) will lead to a significant decrease of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Cinnamon can be taken in powder form or added to baked goods, salads, cereal. You can add her drinks. In the morning useful a Cup of yogurt with cinnamon, and during the day – a glass of tea with a cinnamon stick.
  • Dandelion root can be taken in decoction. Teaspoon crushed roots pour a glass of boiling water, after insisting to divide the volume into four parts and take one part four times a day.
  • Jerusalem artichoke – this vegetable is popularly called earthen pear. If you eat a few roots a day, blood sugar will be within normal limits. You can also prepare a decoction of the tubers. For this 3 to 4 tubers pour a liter of water, boil 20 – 30 minutes, insist at least 6 hours and take half a Cup three times a day.
  • Blueberries in addition to beneficial effects on the organs of vision has hypoglycemic effect similar to insulin. It is recommended to take a glass three times a day of broth: tablespoon of dried leaves pour a glass of boiling water, infused for half an hour and filtered.
  • A decoction of oatmeal. For its preparation it is necessary to take a glass of seeds of oats and 1.5 liters of water, mix, bring to boil and boil on slow fire within an hour. Strained the broth to drink during the day at any time. Month regular intake of this decoction will cause the sugar to normal.
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    How to lower sugar folk remedies?

    The most safe methods to reduce sugar in folk medicine is herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

  • A decoction of partitions walnut is the most common means. For its preparation is taken 40 grams of partitions and a pint of water, filled with water and boiled on a low heat. Take a tablespoon before eating.
  • Of essential oils a good hypoglycemic effect has eucalyptus and lemon oil. You can ingest 1 to 2 drops of oil per teaspoon of honey or add to the water during the bath, after dissolving oil-based (milk, bath salts).