How to reduce cholesterol at home?

With age, the frivolous attitude to their health makes itself felt more and more. High cholesterol and its consequence, atherosclerosis is a scourge of the elderly, though its appearance can be avoided by adhering to a healthy lifestyle. All pizza lovers and tat sooner or later face the question of how to lower your cholesterol at home?

Cholesterol – enemy or friend?

Despite the fact that the increase in level of cholesterol leads to diseases of blood vessels, cannot be clearly assigned it to the enemies of the body. It performs many useful functions:

  • included in all biological membranes – without them it is impossible the existence of a cell of a living organism;
  • serves as a building material for the synthesis of hormones – testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, etc.;
  • involved in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, being an essential element for metabolism of vitamin D.

So completely eliminating cholesterol from the diet is impossible. It is only necessary to maintain his level, especially one of the varieties of LDL (low density lipoproteins). These connections contribute to the emergence of atherosclerotic plaques.

How to deal with cholesterol?

To lower the risk of vascular lesion, we need to fight on several fronts:

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  • to observe the lipid-lowering (i.e., reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood) diet;
  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • to take drugs.

Patients suffering from overweight, you should also control your weight. In most cases you can do without taking pills, if a person is willing to live a healthy lifestyle and adjust your diet. Diet for several months leads to the normalization of test results, and lifelong continuing reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

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Lipid-lowering diet

The word «diet» does not mean that the patient is required to starve. It is necessary to redirect your eating habits and addiction to bulochnik snack on healthy food. Here are the basic principles of the healthful diet.

  • Eat often in small portions. Optimally 5 – 6 meals a day, the latest – for 3 to 4 hours before a night’s sleep.
  • Prefer jam, stewing and baking in the oven. Refrain from fried.
  • Eliminate from the diet the following products: fatty meats and poultry, offal, sausages, cooking and animal fats, margarine, spreads, seafood, pastries, honey, fast food, any products from a premium flour, soda, and alcoholic drinks.
  • You should minimize the consumption of fatty fish, milk, eggs, spices, potatoes and mushrooms. Allowed 1 – 2 boiled eggs a week, all dairy products are replaced with low-fat. Soups are boiled in the secondary broth of lean meat or chicken without the skin.
  • Welcome fruits and vegetables with the skins in raw, boiled, steam or roast. The diet includes abundant greens, vegetable oil, lean fish, whole grains, bran and fiber.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – mainly water, fruit drinks, juices and herbal teas without sugar.
  • Patients who are overweight may be prescribed stricter limits sometimes require counting calorie diet. The weight loss is a necessary condition for the integrated treatment of high cholesterol.
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    Active lifestyle

    If the person never professionally played sports, and now do not chase after large physical exertion. Optimally to make the usual schedule Hiking – walk a few bus stops on foot instead of going by public transport or walk up 1 – 2 floors and only then call the Elevator. If you have the opportunity and free time – skiing and skating in the winter, walk through the woods in the summer.

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    If a amend way of life could not achieve normal values of cholesterol, a doctor prescribes treatment with modern pharmaceutical methods. Typically, the drugs require a lifetime appointment.

    • Statins (Atorvastatin, Lovastatin, pravastatin, etc.) block the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. They effectively reduce the level of «harmful» cholesterol.
    • Fibrates (Fenofibrate, Ciprofibrate etc.) interfere with the metabolism of fats in the body, resulting in «bad» cholesterol is reduced, and «useful» – increases.
    • Nicotinic acid also reduces the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver.
    • Ezetimib – one of a kind drug that prevents the absorption of cholesterol from food eaten.
    • The bile acid resins (Cholestyramine, Colestipol) holds cholesterol in the food lump in the gut, not letting it be absorbed into the bloodstream and increasing its excretion from the body with feces.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids disturb the metabolism of cholesterol in the liver.

    All of these drugs are selected individually for each patient according to his needs, concomitant diseases and other medications. In any case, do not resort to self-treatment!

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    In the complex therapy doctors prescribe vitamins and antioxidants. Reduction of cholesterol levels at home often accessible without a medication. Enough to adjust their eating habits – to give up burgers, pizzas and pork skewers in favor of vegetable salads, fish and vegetables. Add to that moderate physical activity – it will prolong the normal operation not only of the heart and blood vessels, and respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, eliminates many of the problems with the digestive system. After all, any health problems it is better to prevent than to cure.

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