How to treat varicose veins on the legs in men and women photo

A significant portion of the planet’s inhabitants notice the symptoms of varicose veins. In women, this disease appears during pregnancy, and in men it most often occurs due to heavy or standing work. Aggravated varicose veins with age, when the vessels lose their natural elasticity and the muscles become less elastic. Treatment of varicose veins since is the main issue of people with this illness, they constantly think of what to do in order not to provoke the deterioration of the condition, and what preventive measures to follow next.

Conservative treatment of the disease

In the first stage, while the disease is still not progressing, it can be stopped with conservative treatment. Before how to treat varicose veins on the legs in men and women patients is angiography to see the extent of vascular lesions. In the case of mild disease patients undergoing the treatment of medical drugs, to observe the regime of work and rest. For treatment, patients are recommended to wear compression hosiery (stockings, tights with a slimming effect), a number of medications from varicose, antivarikozny massage and hirudotherapy. Blood vessels can be strengthened with Apple cider vinegar.

Basis of conservative therapy is the blood thinners and strengthen blood vessels. In the group of phlebotonics proven tools Feniton and Antistax, which are made with herbs, Detralex, Phlebodia. With the purpose of dissolving blood clots antiplatelet agents are used Trental, Janalif or Chimes. Prevents blood clotting derivative of heparin Dolobene, Lioton, Gepatrombin and heparin ointment. Locally patients are prescribed ointments They, Troxerutin, Caffeine, which successfully applied for a long time. To reduce inflammation, especially if there are signs of varicose eczema, it is necessary to use anti – inflammatory drugs-Nimesulide, Reopirin, Diclofenac, Naklofen.

Also to prevent the patients shown diet and special exercises to strengthen the vessels of the lower extremities. It is recommended to begin therapeutic exercises in the clinic, and after some time the patient can do exercises at home. At the first sign of varicose veins is recommended to use a foot cream from fatigue, to the veins did not experience excessive discomfort.

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Как лечить варикоз на ногах у мужчин и женщин, фото

Treatment with leeches

The treatment of varicose veins with leeches were applied a long time ago, but now this technique has not lost its significance. The special value of leeches is that her saliva has a special substance hirudin, which prevents blood clotting. When the suction of the leech not only helps to get rid of varicose veins, but also provides further prevention by hirudin.

Before treating varicose veins surgically, doctors try to use conservative methods. If varicose veins are moved to the next stage, when the legs have appeared pronounced varicose mesh, here in the treatment of resort to the advice of the surgeon, who together with the therapist elaborates a strategy of further treatment depending on the condition of the veins of the patient. In some cases, the doctor uses modern methods and making an unequivocal choice in favor of minimally invasive surgical interventions if the disease is already quite run or are prone to rapid progression. Such methods include sclerosing therapy, and laser treatment.

Sclerosing therapy

While maintaining the function of venous valves is the ability to spend for treatment of varicose veins sclerotherapy treatment. The technique consists in introducing into a vein a solution, making the veins stick together and cease to pose a threat to the health of the patient. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, patients can see the process of intervention, but do not feel pain during it. In order to effectively correct the pathology after sclerotherapy is recommended some time to wear spanx.

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Laser treatment

Laser treatment also refers to a minimally invasive type of surgery. However, after such treatment, patients may have some mild complications such as pain at the site of the laser exposure, bruising and fever.
Как лечить варикоз на ногах у мужчин и женщин, фото
The essence of the procedure consists of exposure of the thermal laser energy to the vein wall and thrombus, which as a result replaced by connective tissue. The process of substitution carried out to ensure that about a year a significant part of the vessel will consist of the connective tissue. After taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs these complications are and patients a while patients need to wear compression stockings. The advantage of laser treatment is its apparent effectiveness, but also that it is not contraindicated and young, and the elderly.

Advice for patients with varicose veins

If the varicose veins can’t be prevented, this does not mean that to deal with varicose veins do not need. This disease, like any other, you can’t neglect, otherwise the patient will be the most unpleasant consequences and even death because of the loose clot. Varicose veins need to remember a few rules that will help contain the disease and not allow it to progress further.

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  • Patients need to give up wearing too tight socks, stockings, knee-length socks, which «cut» the leg. This leads to stagnation of blood in the vessels. It is also necessary to abandon the tight shoes and shoes with high heels.
  • Prolonged sitting (sedentary trip, work, etc.) is shifting from foot to foot, useful exercises for the foot (rolling from heel to toe), so that the blood does not stagnate.
  • For training vessels need to walk more, avoid the lifts in the lift, less to carry heavy loads.
  • You should not go to the sauna or steam bath without a doctor’s permission. High temperatures can provoke a sharp deterioration in the health of the patient and increase the risk of thrombosis.
  • In my spare time to improve blood flow and unloading of vessels can lie down for twenty minutes with raised legs (on the pillow on the bed Belize). If possible, a pillow under your legs you need to put in sleep time.
  • To reduce the risk of aggravating the disease will help balanced diet. It is necessary to exclude fatty foods, butter and add in the diet more vegetables bread from wheat flour, fruit.
  • Another important tip is sufficient intake of water. On the day you need to drink at least two liters of water, especially on hot days.
  • With varicose veins the legs it is not necessary to self-medicate, assign and cancel doctor’s prescription. It is very important that medication does not stop even in periods of ostensible prosperity, because the disease may attack again.
  • Many patients are worried whether you can run by joint disease, but the doctors not only do not forbid light physical activity, but also advise patients, Jogging, swimming, sports walking.
  • Women who use hormonal contraception have twice a year to pass inspection phlebologist, because these drugs can provoke varicose veins.