Hypertension: symptoms and treatment at home

Hypertension or hypertension is called as high blood pressure. Many people do not even suspect that it is. Ignorance and lasts exactly as long as man will not face unpleasant symptoms.

The disease is quite common. According to statistics, hypertension affects 10 – 20% of the population aged 20 years and older. Often the disease is diagnosed in men. One of 10 patients hypertension caused by diseases of other organs and body systems (renal hypertension is a fairly common diagnosis), the vast majority of patients it occurs as an independent disease.

Unfortunately, many hypertensive patients are either unaware of their illness, or about their own health so carelessly that sooner or later end up in the hospital with a serious diagnosis. Complications in arterial hypertension abound. Among them myocardial infarction, stroke, disturbances of vision and renal function. Often neglect of their own body resulting in disability. Who are high blood pressure, and how to get rid of hypertension without drugs forever?

The pathogenesis of hypertension, norms

Hypertension increases vascular tone and raises blood pressure. Pressure is expressed by two numeric indicators, the first of which is a systolic (top) pressure, and the second is diastolic (lower).

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In infants and in children under 5 years blood pressure can fluctuate in the range of 60/40 mm Hg. article to 100/60 mm Hg. article (the older the baby, the higher the pressure). Normal rate, as in adolescents and adults is considered to be a pressure not exceeding 130/80 mm Hg. St. If the pressure exceeded 140/90 mm Hg. article, then talk about hypertension.

Symptoms of the disease

The characteristics of the initial extent of hypertension are:

  • migraine;
  • the whirling of the head;
  • tachycardia;
  • sweating;
  • throbbing inside the skull;
  • redness on the face;
  • anxiety;
  • tension;
  • chills;
  • irritability;
  • poor memory;
  • reduced performance;
  • swelling of the face, the appearance of «bags under the eyes»;
  • after sudden movements or heavy physical stress before the eyes appear «stars»;
  • numbness of fingers (and sometimes all brushes);
  • swelling in the hands and feet.

The signs of hypotension and hypertension are very similar. If you ignore these signals the body, may suffer the so-called «target organs»: the eye, the blood vessels and arteries, kidneys, heart muscle. In the later stages of hypertension to the above symptoms include the following:

  • loss of memory;
  • Артериальная гипертензия: симптомы и лечение в домашних условиях

  • the lowering of intellectual abilities;
  • the emergence of a «shuffling» gait;
  • coordination disorder;
  • the deterioration of visual acuity;
  • the reduction of the overall sensitivity of the body;
  • a feeling of weakness in the limbs after slight exercise.

How to fight hypertension and not run yourself? It is enough just with the appearance of anxiety symptoms to measure blood pressure. If the readings of the tonometer does not meet the standards for the age group, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Stage of hypertension

Doctors there are three stages of hypertension:

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  • The first stage is characterized by the above symptoms in a lightweight form. The target organs are not damaged.
  • The second stage is marked by initial changes in target organs. Symptoms of hypertension pronounced and practically disappear.
  • At the third stage, there are a number of complications (renal disease, heart attack, blurred vision), symptoms are constant.

The main criteria of risk stratification include:

  • age over 60 years;
  • alcohol (hypertension and alcohol – are incompatible);
  • heredity;
  • obesity;
  • a sedentary lifestyle.

The causes of the disease

Blood pressure increases for two physiological reasons:

  • increased cardiac output;
  • strong vascular tone (most often occurs because of a problem with the liver).

In addition, there are several additional reasons for a sudden increase in blood pressure in humans:

  • obstructive sleep apnea (breathing disorders during sleep);
  • neuroses;
  • invalid usage of medical preparations;
  • abuse coffee and energy drinks with high caffeine content.

Classification of arterial hypertension

There are many different differentiations of the disease, consider below the most popular ones. On the nature of hypertension are divided into 2 types:

  • Primary arterial hypertension is a disease in which the pressure increase was not caused by other diseases of other organs.
  • Secondary arterial hypertension (symptomatic) is high blood pressure caused by pathological changes in the organs of the human body involved in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. For example, hypertension is kidney (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis), Central (if brain), heart (bradycardia), endocrine (when there is destruction of the thyroid gland or adrenal glands are functioning improperly).

In many cases, to get rid of secondary hypertension can, completely cured the disease it caused.

Артериальная гипертензия: симптомы и лечение в домашних условиях
There are also gestational hypertension. Hypertension and pregnancy – things are not always compatible. In pregnant women with 1 degree (labile hypertension with a rare increase in blood pressure) or grade 2 severity of hypertension, the chance of successful delivery is great. If pregnant women with stage 3 hypertension are shown to them abortion: body can not withstand the pregnancy and sooner or later there will be either a spontaneous abortion or the woman will die. In appearance the patient’s hypertension differencebut as follows:

  • pale (face was white and cold);
  • red (redness of the skin all over the body, especially noticeable on the face).

The nature of the disease:

  • Benign (slow progression of disease). One of the most common hypertension this type is livorna hypertension (caused due to malabsorption of brain fluid, a special treatment not require).
  • Malignant (runs hard, with high pressure, often occurs in children and adolescents, is of endocrine origin).

The level of high blood pressure:

  • mild (slight increase in blood pressure);
  • moderate (increase in blood pressure up to 180/110 mm Hg. calendar);
  • severe (third stage hypertension).

Benign hypertension is divided into three stages according to the degree of destruction of suffering bodies:

  • The first stage is characterized by small short-term rises in blood pressure, accompanied by insomnia, decreased performance and headache.
  • In the second phase of benign hypertension there is a steady high blood pressure and the following violations on the part of various bodies:
    — heart: hypertrophy of the left heart ventricle;
    — side vessels: narrowing of the arteries, the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques;
    — in the kidneys: proteinuria.
  • Артериальная гипертензия: симптомы и лечение в домашних условиях

  • The third stage of the disease is characterized by high blood pressure (above 230/130 mm Hg. Hg), and impaired blood flow in vital organs. This can cause the following pathological States:
    — on the part of the heart muscle (hypertensive heart): heart failure, myocardial infarction;
    — side vessels: blockage of the arteries by plaques and blood clots;
    — in the kidneys: kidney failure;
    side of the brain: stroke, impaired blood flow;
    — fundus in hypertension edematous, with numerous gusts of blood vessels, disturbed vision (hypertensive retinopathy).

Hypertensive crises (sudden and strong increase in blood pressure to critical values) are considered separate species of the disease. They are accompanied by a severe headache, vomiting and nausea, can last up to 20 hours and require first aid and call an ambulance.

Doctors allocate a separate line of the so-called «white coat hypertension», which manifests itself only in the presence of physicians.

Isolated hypertension isolated (when increases only the upper or lower pressure):

  • isolated systolic (often observed in the elderly);
  • isolated diastolic (rare form).

Secondary hypertension differenziata as follows:

  • renovascular hypertension – caused by kidney ischemia;
  • nephrogenic hypertension – occurs when inflammation or mechanical compression of the kidneys;
  • hemodynamic hypertension – caused due to abnormalities of the great vessels;
  • neurogenic hypertension is caused due to infectious diseases and diseases of the CNS;
  • endocrinopathies AG – occurs because of disorders of the endocrine system.

Refractory hypertension not treatable with traditional medical drugs.


The disease is diagnosed with the help of daily blood pressure monitoring, carried out simultaneously with the ECG. Because of kidney disease firmly occupy the first row in the list of causes of hypertension, performs ultrasound of the kidneys and angiography of blood vessels. Produced by research vessels Doppler, ECG and echocardiography. In addition, shown a visit to the optometrist (for the study of the fundus).

Treatment of hypertension at home

So, how to cure high blood pressure non-drug means?

Note that to cure so can only be the initial stage of the disease, in other cases it is recommended to go to the doctor!

  • Hypertension and sports. Physical activity hypertension moderate nature is the best medicine. They reduce body mass and increase stamina vessels, strengthening them.
  • Transdermal patches for hypertension. This patch just apply to skin and go about their business. The nutrients included in the composition of this effective tool, penetrating through the skin into the bloodstream and normalize the HELL.
  • Receiving diuretics decoctions, in particular, rose.
  • Massage for hypertension has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems.
  • Ginger and blood pressure. Ginger root perfectly removes atherosclerotic plaque and thins the blood.
  • Pouring cold water in AG valid only at the initial stage. It is well hardens and heals the body.
  • Trips to the bath (assuming a short stay in the steam room) will strengthen the heart muscle.
  • Beets perfectly get rid of cholesterol, improve blood composition and reduce vascular tone.
  • Daily use 1 – 2 tsp of honey will reduce high blood pressure by 10 to 20 units. Works with regular use!
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