Ischemic stroke: rehabilitation at home

Ischemic stroke — a species of acute circulatory disorders in the brain, in which one or more plots on poorly provided with oxygen. The result of this pathology becomes a complete or partial loss of certain functions (speech, coordination, walking, etc.).

Ischemic stroke is much more common than other types of acute disorders of cerebral circulation. The Ministry of health of Russia has estimated that more patients with cardiovascular illnesses die due to coronary heart disease, in second place is ischemic stroke. It is logical that the rehabilitation after such a serious pathology is quite long, and it is by no means impossible to carry out on their own, at home. The basis of the recovery period should be medical and physiotherapy prescribed by qualified doctors.

Prediction of recovery after ischemic stroke

The forecast of further treatment depends on many factors, namely:

  • localization and size of the necrosis area;
  • features of brain edema;
  • the speed of initiation of therapy;
  • the correctness of painted products;
  • the «health» of the patient;
  • the age of the patient;
  • the patient and concomitant diseases, etc.

For the first month on average die 15 to 25 patients out of 100. Cause of death most often are too large area of cerebral infarction, severe swelling of the body or occur after the underlying pathology complications: pneumonia, heart disease, blockage (embolism) vessels of the lungs, kidney failure and others.

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If we talk about the possibilities of rehabilitation when the patient’s life is not under threat, the reality of full recovery of lost functions depends on what you think the diagnosis was the patient. In the case where the patient had experienced minimal neurological defects after ischemic stroke (a mild paralysis of the legs, arms, face, problems with coordination, vision, dizziness), full recovery period will take 2 – 3 months.

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After any kind of stroke with severe neurological defects (strong paralysis, persistent violations of the coordinate) partially restore lost function fails in six months, the full rehabilitation is rare and takes at least a year or a few years. When it comes to heavy massive brain lesions with persistent neurological problems (for example, disability with paralysis of one side of the body), even the ability to sit independently have to recover within a year or two, full recovery is possible.

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How is the rehabilitation of the sick?

In the first hours and days after circulatory disorders the most important thing is to save the patient’s life and limit the swelling or necrosis of any part of the brain. The restoration of the functions begins in the first few weeks after normalization of the patient’s condition. Usually begin with a light massage, with which you can start to gradually restore sensitivity and muscle tone. The therapist gently strokes, rubs and kneads of a person. In recent years, becoming more likely to resort to electrical stimulation of the muscles, the effectiveness of which has already been successfully proven in practice.

When the doctor can be sure that the patient is ready for further recovery, with it starting sessions of physiotherapy. At first, it includes basic exercises, often only respiratory. Over time, the complexity of the task increases, and thus there is a gradual recovery of motor function. The recovery of speech also requires the recommendations of a physician. To begin, the patient must be able without harm to themselves carry additional loads: physical (due to trying to speak and communicate) and emotional (understanding that speech is partially or fully lost may be a strong stress). Begin treatments at the first or second weeks.

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A little later, resort to rehabilitation of functions required for self-person. It re-taught to care for themselves. Naturally, this requires further physical exertion, since even lift a plate of food for some patients there is a great difficulty. After the patient has recovered the functions of his being discharged.

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What you can do at home?

After discharge, you can not «throw» the process of recovery. Proper nutrition, moderate exercise and gradual rehabilitation should continue to be accompanied by medical consultations. Mandatory diet, which excludes all harmful products, model of fruits, vegetables, wholesome cereals, lean meat, poultry, etc. Paints the ration is usually a recreation therapist.

How can I restore it at home? If proceedings for the return of speech was not started at the clinic in time, then it is, alas, impossible. It is necessary not to neglect the sessions of the doctor-therapist. In order to speed up the process, more talk with patients, even if it is given to him hard, watch television together, etc. Life after ischemic stroke may be happy. You only need to responsibly approach the issue of rehabilitation.