Ischemic stroke, right side: effects

Acute disorders of cerebral circulation occupy a leading place in the world in the incidence of the population of countries at different levels of development and mortality. Ischemic stroke is different in that it causes hypoxia «oxygen deprivation» of a certain area of the brain. Due to lack of oxygen in the nerve cells occur pathological processes, which, eventually, causes death of neurons.

The most common cause of ischemic stroke acts as a blockage or narrowing of the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the brain. Cause blockages or narrowing of the arteries atherosclerosis, which many patients don’t even try to fight it, not seeing it as a problem.

Recovery after stroke right or left hemisphere

An important role during the rehabilitation period plays, which side of the brain was damaged. Noted that with the passage of pathological processes in the left hemisphere, the mental condition of the patient is disturbed stronger. Often after a stroke left side the patient loses speech, sometimes completely. The understanding of the words of others remains untouched.

Despite this, the rehabilitation period easier it is for patients with affected left hemisphere. This phenomenon arises from the fact that if the patient has affected the right side, he largely loses interest and motivation, including in relation to the recovery of lost functions. Why is this happening? In fact, the answer is difficult, because the human psyche is a complex mechanism whose operation is ensured by the coordinated functioning of the two hemispheres of the brain. If one of them is subjected to pathological processes, and the mind considerably disturbed.

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When the fault of the stroke is to lose the middle cerebral artery to predict recovery is extremely difficult. The patient is diagnosed with deep paresis (almost complete loss of motor function), sensory disorders on the opposite hemisphere of the affected side. The cognitive functions (thinking, knowledge, ability to creative activity, intelligence, etc.) are stored. In some cases, seriously violated the letter and speech, the patient loses memory sometimes comes a coma.

The clinical picture and consequences of ischemic stroke of the right hemisphere

In order to understand what challenges will be faced in the rehabilitation process, it is necessary to elaborate the physiology of the right hemisphere of the brain, namely its functions. Unlike the left and right sides that the first «specializiruetsya» information processing letters, sounds, and is responsible for speech, then a second more «versed» in characters. Accordingly, patients with affected right hemisphere lose the ability to recognize the signs, they are often lost in abstract, creative thinking.

In addition, unlike the left side, the right can process information as a whole, not dividing it into stages or any parts. Because of this, when the right-hand stroke is when the patient can not simultaneously do several things, it’s hard for him to focus, and all seemed to be «shut up». More specifically, right-sided stroke affects the division of fantasy and dreams, causing possible impaired memory and even abstract thinking. The patient normally sees it and can easily answer.
Инсульт ишемический, правая сторона: последствия
Emotional condition is also violated: there are a passive response to the outside world and even bright events, some depression, and in some cases even depression. Frequent negative emotional reactions. For example, a «flat» jokes, swagger lost a sense of tact, of proportion, and even immoral behavior is not a result of bad character, and the consequence of acute disorders of cerebral circulation. Very often the symptoms are ambiguous, which diagnostic pathology is complicated.

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Often patients are worried and spatial disorientation. In simple words, the person gets lost even on familiar terrain to him, it is hard to find his way in the right place even if not a difficult task. Often, the problem worsens if the patient has lost memory. An important fact is that violations of movements and sensitivity are observed on the opposite side. That is, the stroke on the right side, paresis and paralysis are striking only the left part of the body. Likewise numbs only the left side of his face, the same side weakened limbs, etc.

If to speak about full recovery, not to mention such a function of the right hemisphere as the control of sexual activity. It is the right side of the brain is responsible for sexual desire, attraction and other details of the intimate life. Because of this, after right-sided stroke patients may completely lose the craving for sex, to be more passive sexually.

Remember that all the above functions are amenable to, if not full, then partial recovery, but only when properly adjusted the rehabilitation process. This can be done only by a qualified technician. Do not self-medicate, take care of your health!

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