Massage after stroke: the importance, methods of conducting

As a result of the stroke affected the part of the brain – the «command centre» of the whole organism. Therefore, even a small degree of damage entailed heavy consequences. Almost every case ends with major changes in muscle activity, paralysis-partial or full. Restoration of motion functions – one of the areas in the patient’s treatment. The list of measures and actions that return people to normal life, massage is a worthy place.


What is massage

Massage is a scientifically based practice of mechanical action on the parts of the body with the aim of obtaining a positive effect. Light strokes, compression, stroking, kneading, rubbing produced by hand or with special items. The purpose of the action is to cause a reaction from the processes of the Central nervous system through the stimulation of the receptors. There are several types of massage, after a stroke used only therapeutic massage.

Массаж после инсульта: значение, методика проведения

Tasks massage

  • stimulation of blood circulation and lymph outflow from the affected areas;
  • the removal of restrictions in passive movements of the joints, that is, the elimination of contractures;
  • decrease pain;
  • relief muscles, reducing their tone;
  • prevention of pressure sores.

The main task – to restore mobility of the joints.

When you are ready

Massage after stroke better to start still in the hospital. This is all the more justified that you can get advice directly from a physician. Medical practice recommends proceeding in the case of hemorrhagic stroke after 6 days, and in ischemic stroke after 2 days. The course is held during the month, the duration of each procedure depends on the individual case and, as a rule, does not exceed half an hour. Usually after a two month break the course is repeated.


There are several reasons and situations that exclude the holding of a massage after a stroke. Here they are:

  • fever;
  • viral infections and skin diseases;
  • severe heart, renal, pulmonary, hepatic failure;
  • vascular pathology, varicose veins, acute inflammation of lymphatic and blood vessels;
  • mental illness;
  • high blood pressure.
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Preliminary steps and preparation of the patient

First of all, the consultation with your doctor. It specifies which joints you need to develop what muscle group to work, recommends that the intensity level of procedures, their duration and the duration of the course. The doctor gives the conclusion about the advisability of massage, taking into account existing contraindications and General condition of the patient.

It should be remembered that massage stroke is not normal, and treatment during the first sessions it is spent in a sparing mode.

Initially, treatments are available to massage parts of the body. At first the patients lay almost motionless, often on the back, rarely even turns on its side. In this case, are exposed to areas immediately adjacent to the affected limb in the front part of the body.

The road to recovery is often accompanied by severe pain. It is very important to impress the patient with the first procedures that the way through pain to health is the only possible and effective option of recovery.

Requirements for conducting procedures

  • The room in which the session is held, is well ventilated. The allowable temperature is not lower than 20 °C.
  • Massage hands should be clean and warm. Invalid long nails and unhealed wounds on the hands.
  • The procedure is performed after 2-3 hours after a meal, and generally not carried out with indigestion.
  • The patient should rest lying down for 10-20 minutes after the session ends.
  • Methodological recommendations for non-professionals

    A larger volume of massages comes at a time when the patient is at home. It is not always possible to hire a professional masseur, so often this responsibility falls on the shoulders of loved ones. What you need to know for those who carries out massage after a stroke at home?

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  • Horizontal manipulation is done towards the body in a vertical motion from top to bottom, i.e. the arm – from shoulder to the brush for legs from the hip to the foot.
  • More vigorous action is conducted on muscles that are in good shape. The main thing – do not overdo it, it is necessary to monitor pain response of the patient.
  • All the techniques are repeated 5-6 times, between the series of relaxing treatments.
  • If you were affected in one arm or leg, then two weeks later, the massage begins and at the extremity of the other side.
  • In the abdomen, back and breast become normal hygiene massage.
  • All movements should be isolated, that is, one hand must hold the joint, and the other to massage.
  • General guidelines

    Massage after stroke is effectively held on the hot skin. At the same time, it should be remembered that the heating pad on the affected joints is unsafe. To warm the patient before the procedure, you can simply warm blanket.

    It is useful to hold a session immediately after the adoption by the patient of the bath, then the muscles sufficiently relaxed and warmed up.

    You need to constantly monitor the patient’s condition. Fast or irregular breathing, suddenly oozed sweat or paleness of the face – a call for the immediate termination of the massage.

    The position of the body

    Proper placement of the patient, primarily in the early stages, is a large component of treatment, including massage treatments.

    If the person is lying face down, under the belly and the head he puts pillows under the ankle joints – rollers. In the supine position, a pillow under his head, a cushion under your knees. On one side is massage for heart problems.

    Массаж после инсульта: значение, методика проведения

    Paralyzed hand, if the condition is removed 90° to the side and laid palm up on the pillow. Thus it is necessary to ensure that all parts of the body were in the same plane.

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    Under the crease of the knee of the affected leg cushion placed in such a way as to obtain the angle of 15-20°. Foot is fixed in the position of a right angle, which is used for special emphasis.

    When these operations cause a lot of pain, practiced the method of gradual approximation to the optimal result.

    If the massaged limb performs coupled movements, it should be fixed. For this purpose it is better to sew canvas bags with a capacity of one pound and fill them with salt or sand.

    Массаж после инсульта: значение, методика проведения

    The nature of the stroke has little effect on the method of restoration massage. Did the stroke right side of the brain or damage suffered to his left half, the nature of the abnormalities in muscle activity are the same. There are some differences, but for the home sessions they are unimportant.

    The effects of a stroke seriously affect the psyche. For a man who yesterday moved freely, talked and smiled, the sudden loss of motor speech and expression qualities of the true shock. The primary objective of the course rehabilitation is to return the patient’s vitality, awakening in him the desire together with doctors and loved ones struggle with the disease. The actions of the whole complex of restoration should be focused on this, including massage.