Nursing home after a stroke

The most dangerous disease in neurology is stroke. The cause – the cerebral circulation. The patient is treated at home or in the hospital. But even if he is in the hospital, next needs to be someone from the family. It is necessary to feed, change sheets, flip, give the ship, etc.


Уход за больными на дому после инсульта

Types of stroke

Types of stroke are many, but there are two forms: hemorrhagic and ischemic.

  • Hemorrhagic. The cause is often hypertension. There is hemorrhage in brain tissue. Begins acutely, the person quickly loses consciousness. The sooner stopped the hemorrhage, the more likely the patient to stand up.
  • Ischemic. The disease does not develop immediately and is more favorable than the other form. The cause of the stroke can be a cerebral atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease.
  • After suffering a stroke patient requires assistance. If she were not timely provided, all violations functions of the body can become irreversible.

    Caring for a sick person

    Care for stroke patients is difficult, need a lot of strength and patience. But the fact that people were able to save, snatch from the jaws of death, gives strength. If the right to organize assistance, care, people can fully recover and return to his former life.

    The preservation of harmony in the family

    If in the house there was a seriously ill person is a challenge both for him and for his family. The disease, which lasts for months, exhausting anyone, therefore, can appear depression, apathy. Do not allow this, because then the situation will only worsen. The changed conditions of life, the cost of treatment can sometimes cause irritation among family members. It is important to keep the family in harmony, mutual understanding.

    You need to be prepared for the fact that the patient, divorced from the familiar life, suffering in pain, too, is changing. He is cranky, irritable, becomes malevolent. It is important to remember that the person changes in the brain, and it is not easy independent adult, suddenly become helpless and weak, who requires constant care. So you need to understand the changes in his character.

    It is important to believe in the recovery of a loved one and to support him in this belief. If among your friends there are the pessimists that upset by talking about death, need to limit communication with them.

    Their strength is also better to take care of, they still need. Even help other relatives, but if funds allow, it is better to hire a sitter, at least for a while. If the patient is able to do something yourself to encourage this, not to do everything for him.


    In the first days after a stroke patient should not be lifted out of bed. You need to regularly ventilate the room and change the sheets if he hasn’t come to herself, and wets the bed. In this case the use of adult diapers. Morning and evening every day it is important to wash the perineum of the patient.

    If all is well, more or less, he’s conscious, enclose the ship. The patient relies on a healthy leg, and care takes his paralyzed leg lifts, and lays the ship. For the person with stroke for a long time lying on the ship tedious, so immediately after the patient will defecate, and the ship must be removed. Then people will learn to put the ship under.

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    Уход за больными на дому после инсульта

    When the patient’s condition improves, it is planted in a special chair-toilet. It’s psychologically easier to relieve themselves sitting, not lying down. Better at this point to leave him alone, not to confuse.

    Defecation should be every day or every 2 days. Enter in the diet of foods rich in fiber, and dairy products. If more than three days the patient had not voided his bowels, need to do an oil enema (100-150 ml of warm vaseline or vegetable oil, heated to a temperature of 38 degrees).

    Hygiene procedures

    1. Wash the head and body.

    A week later the patient can be wiped with warm water with soap and to wash his head. It is advised not to move him from the bed. On the table place a bowl of warm water, and using sliding sheets, move patient to head of bed. Armpits to not pull.

    Under the head it is better to spread the oilcloth and put under the neck rolled up towel or cushion. Wet hair, apply shampoo and wash, wipe and dry with a hair dryer. The patient then wash mitten, dipped in soapy water, wiping it all over the body. Then wipe dry and cover.

    2. Change of bed linen.

    To change the sheets the patient, remove the blanket and pillows. Change the pillowcases and duvet cover. Turn it on its side, pushing to the edge of the bed. Remove the dirty sheets and put some fresh. Turning the patient, not to snap his arm or shoulder.

    3. Washing.

    • Lycosidae morning, the patient wash. Under the head it is better to put a draw sheet or towel. Special gloves dipped in soapy water, wiped the patient’s face, and then wipe it with clean water.
    • Require special care eyes. In a semi-sitting position with gauze soaked in water or an antiseptic solution, wipe the eyes from inner corner to the outer. Changing the napkins, it is necessary to carry out this procedure 3-4 times. If the cilia are visible crust, for a while leave wet cloth on the eyes. In the end you need to wipe your eyes dry with a napkin.
    • The care of the oral cavity is very important, because otherwise it will accumulate bacteria that can enter the respiratory system and cause the development of bronchitis.

    It is better to brush your teeth in the morning and evening and after each feeding. First, the patient rinses the mouth. Then he needs to clean his teeth. Tray water it is best to keep at his chin. Keep choked.


    To avoid pressure sores, the patient should every 2 hours to turn. If he lies on his back, paralyzed hand should be on her stomach, bent. If he was placed on the paralyzed side, hand – in front, that was not on the side of the patient. If you put it on the healthy side – arm straight, stretched forward, under her pillow.

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    Bedsores form when prolonged pressure of the bed on the skin. Then the blood circulation, the tissues lack of oxygen and she begins to wither away. The first sign of their appearance – reddening of the skin, and then there will be erosion and blisters. Each day, inspect the skin. Also to prevent can you buy a special mattress against bedsores. A good way to prevent their formation is to massage several times a day using a moisturizer.


    The first week after a stroke a patient fed from a teaspoon pureed and semi-solid food so that he could easily swallow it. If it would be hard to swallow, you need to try a different body position until you find the option that is easier for him to eat and drink. It is very important that he choked.

    Уход за больными на дому после инсульта

    After some time the patient will feel better, and food will be easier to swallow. Will be allowed other food. After each meal rinse the patient’s mouth with a damp cloth or give it a rinse with water. Do not give products that increase the pressure, and something sharp and smoked. Meat, vegetables and fruits should be in menu, as healthy eating plays a big role in recovery after stroke.

    Rehabilitation of the patient

    On how to conduct the rehabilitation of the patient at home, the complex of exercises of medical gymnastics and other things you tell the doctor. But the basic rules of rehabilitation and care need to know that it is important for patient’s recovery.

    To sit and stand

    1. Learn to sit down.

    When the man recovered speech and consciousness, he will gain strength, talk to your doctor. If enabled, the patient can begin to plant in the bed. First he placed under the back cushion. Then he learns to sit independently.

    You can pull the legs down, but not to tire the patient, he spends a lot of time in this position. Every time he needed help to sit or lie down. Later, when he gets stronger, you can attach a rope with a noose, holding that with his good hand, he will be able to stand up on their own.

    If the patient is a lot of sitting, it starts to hurt the shoulder joint of a paralyzed arm. And all because the shoulder droops, the paralyzed muscles are unable to hold the heavy hand, can occur subluxation. To avoid this, tie the patient on the neck a scarf and put her in a paralyzed limb.

    2. Learn to stand up.

    If the patient is easy to sit and falls, he has no weakness and dizzy, and you can stand up, holding the bed or other support. As soon as he began to confidently stand, teaching him to walk. First he will need the support on four legs, and then a regular cane. First, the gait may be different from the gait of a healthy person: he will podrachivat leg. But it’s not terrible. When leg muscles get stronger, the gait will improve.

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    The preservation of joint mobility

    Another important point is to maintain mobility of the joints of paralysed hands and feet. Otherwise, later on the limbs cannot be bent, lift up, gather the fingers into a fist. When the paralysis, you can use the arm or leg will not work. So every morning, after you washed your patient, you need to conduct exercises of the extremities (passive) and massage. But first discuss this with the doctor, without his permission to do anything is impossible.

  • Massage. To start from the back, then go to the shoulder, forearm and brush. After that you can massage your thigh, Shin and foot. First Pat, then RUB, knead, then vibrate again and stroking. Of course, it’s exhausting, and takes more than an hour, but necessary for the health of the patient.
  • Gymnastics. First 10-12 times, the hand must be raised to the limit – across the face, and drop forward. Then bend the elbow and make rotational motion. Unbend and bend the arm, make rotational movements of the forearm, turning the hand palm up and down. Unbend and bend the wrist.
  • The recovery of finger movement. You need every finger to bend up to 90 degrees and straighten 10-12 times. Especially it is necessary to engage the thumb: also to bend and straighten, touch thumb to tips of other fingers. Then clench the fingers into a fist.
  • In addition, you need to deal with and feet, causing to move (bend, straighten, rotate, pivot) hip, knee and ankle joints.


    If all goes well, after 1.5-2 months after class, you can observe the recovery movement. First, you can see improvements in my leg: will be restored to the thigh, then the Shin. However, with the hand all the more difficult. Need a lot of time (not less than 3 months) before you notice improvement. It is important never to interrupt your workout.

    Уход за больными на дому после инсульта

    Morning exercise is compulsory, but besides them, the patient can compress the ball in the hands, or chest expander for 10 minutes several times a day. Also, it is useful to hold a spoon during lunch, unbuttoning and buttoning, writing with a pen. However, don’t need to do it all in one day.

    Patients should not be tiring. Physiotherapy and massage will help him get back on his feet in six months. If it’s summer, he can walk, accompanied by the assistant, if can walk down the stairs. But winter better not to risk it, because you can fall on the ice.

    Care of the ill person after a stroke is a complex challenge for the whole family. But the fact that your loved one is alive, that is gradually recovering his health is the best reward.