Pain in region of heart: the nature, causes

The pain in the heart is a common cause of treatment to the doctors. In the course of diagnosis often find that such complaints are in no way associated with cardiac pathology, and are a manifestation of other diseases. This article describes the etiology of such pain, its main types, and how to resolve.


Causes of pain in the heart region can be divided into 2 main groups – the heart and residecny. To heart include the actual pathology of the cardiovascular system. Among them should be mentioned:

  • Coronary artery disease of varying difficulty. With the development of angina in the heart vessels deposited cholesterol plaques. They restrict normal blood flow to the myocardium. This provokes attacks of pain. It is oppressive, frequently appears after strong emotion or physical stress (e.g. after a workout), lasts a couple of minutes and disappears at rest. With the development of heart attack pain syndrome more intense. The pain gives to the left arm, the lower portions of the jaw, neck or even back. In addition, nausea and shortness of breath.
  • Other pathologies of the heart. Register pain when inflammation of the pericardium against a viral infection. Pain, stabbing or sharp, accompanied by severe weakness and fever. In addition, the pain are observed in the aortic dissection. In this disease the inner layer of the specified vessel is separated, and suddenly there is a sharp and intense pain in the heart.
  • Mitral valve prolapse is excessive deflection of the flaps. Typical complaints in this disease are headache, fluctuations in blood pressure, sense of bated breath and the pain is dull, moderate in nature.

Among the pathologies deserticolo of origin should state:

  • Osteochondrosis in the cervical-thoracic spine. Pain syndrome does not have specific signs. Unpleasant sensations arise in the left arm, across the chest and in the neck. Sometimes patients complain that the hand is numb. This suggests that on the background of osteochondrosis compresses nerve endings and provokes a change in the sensitivity in the upper extremities.
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  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia – pain in this pathology has no clear localization. Pain whining, stupid character. Observed fatigue, sleep disturbance and motion sickness. These pathological symptoms are reduced or disappears altogether after a bath, rest, after meals, or after a hot drink.
  • Hormonal disturbances, particularly changes in the thyroid gland or adrenal glands, which may be accompanied by typical angina. Localization of pain is the left chest, left arm or left shoulder blade.
  • Pulmonary embolism develops when a blood clot goes to the pulmonary artery and blocks blood flow to the tissues of the heart. Patients becomes hard to breathe, they develop a heartbeat, a sudden heart pain, they lose consciousness.
  • Injuries to the ribs, followed by a pinched nerves are the cause of intense pain. It increases when I inhale. In the presence of intercostal neuralgia the pain is becoming more intense on palpation.
  • Muscle injury, or fibromyalgia (it is the cause of constant pain).
  • Heartburn – when getting juice from the stomach into the esophagus appears burning pain. It is associated with belching and sour bite in the mouth. Its appearance is connected with food intake. The pain lasts several hours and may worsen when bending forward.
  • Panic attacks – under certain disorders of the ANS can occur irrational fear, tachycardia, and pain on the background of lung hyperventilation and sweating.
  • Pleurisy is characterized by pain limited. It increases with breathing and quite often combined with pneumonia.
  • Shingles. Could it hurt the heart in this disease? The disease is accompanied by severe pain that mimic a heart, but the cause is nerve damage by the herpes virus. Pain syndrome is surrounding the character. With the development of post-herpetic neuralgia lasting pain are observed, but they are not associated with changes in the heart.
  • The defeat of the pancreas or the gallbladder.
  • Pathology of the esophagus, which flow with his spasm.
  • Heart pain in cases of neurosis – their causes often becomes chronic stress, overwork, strong emotional experiences. Excessive coffee drinking, Smoking, or drinking alcohol also provoke pain. When you’re nervous, there are compression and discomfort in the chest, tachycardia, a sense of bated breath and arrhythmias. Sick hard to breathe, can rise the temperature, there are various dyspeptic symptoms, and lability of blood pressure. Even with a slight excitement of the heart and the left hand that mimics angina at the background of cardiac diseases. In addition, there are fatigue, insomnia, headaches, sudden hot flashes, sweating, numbness of extremities and cold. Also characteristic related mental disorders in form of depression and various phobias. If these symptoms arise from the nerves, just to calm down or take appropriate medication.
  • Heart pain after alcohol related to the fact that ethanol disrupts the oxidation process in the myocardium, which causes oxygen starvation. With the constant use of alcoholic beverages are observed in the myocardium of dystrophic processes and the growth of connective tissue, which further impairs its contractile function (there are severe arrhythmia).

Боли в области сердца: характер, причины

Where to turn when the pain in your chest?

With intense pain, accompanied by shortness of breath, should immediately see a doctor and get appropriate tests. To find out, from which there was pain, it is recommended to do ECG, take a blood test to identify the level of certain enzymes that can indicate myocardial infarction, to spend a scintigraphy, which helps to detect narrowing of the coronary vessels, to do the angiogram and find out the condition of the blood vessels. You should also conduct an ultrasound of the heart. If necessary, recommend an MRI of the spine to detect abnormalities that can cause pain in the heart.

What to take for chest pain?

As stated above, there are many reasons for pain in the heart area, so even an experienced physician cannot always determine the etiology of the pain immediately and prescribe the correct medication. When the pain should act as follows:

  • to call an ambulance;
  • to reassure the patient and free him from the oppressive clothing.
  • give under the tongue Nitroglycerin or Validol;
  • before arrival of physicians to monitor the breathing and pulse, if necessary, to carry out CPR.

Why you should not self-medicate? Providing incorrect medical care or delayed treatment to the doctor can be completed for the patient in death.

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