Pain in the temples: causes

Headache is one of the most frequent causes of poor performance, able to send a man «in hospital». In the macroeconomic scale of the losses from the incidence of various types of cephalgia are estimated in many millions dollars. One of the most striking clinical manifestations of this syndrome are pain in the temples. To be able to get rid of these pains, you need to know about the reasons of their appearance.

In this review we will focus only on primary forms of pain, including migraine and tension-type headache. Primary pain is the one that can occur for a number of reasons, but is not a consequence of any other disease that emerged before. For example, the causes of ankle pain can be found in increased intracranial pressure and also in such inflammatory diseases as meningitis or meningoencephalitis. Pain in the neck can be associated with concussion and fall in the back of his head on the ice three days ago.
Headache can be a symptom of an infectious disease and intoxication, as well as worm infestation, especially in young children.

Primary cephalalgia is not any symptoms, as occurs in functional disorders of pain perception (in tension-type headache) or as a disorder of vascular tone in migraine. When these forms of cephalgic syndrome are pain in the temples, but they are different.

Unlike tension headaches migraines

The most important clinical distinction of tension-type headache (hereafter TTH) and migraine are:

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  • Smooth, constant, aching in nature, often there is tightness.
  • The presence of the feeling that is «helmet» or «cap» the whole vault of the skull. While in the pain process can be involved pericranial (i.e., cervical and occipital) muscles. Cephalalgia in the right temple, and pain in the left temple can be characterized by different degrees of intensity, but is most often symmetrical.
  • For TTH, there is no physical exercise. A person can perform a permanent mental or physical work. In some cases, cephalalgia will reduce its quality, but almost always the patient getting used to the pain.
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As for migraines, the situation here is almost completely opposite:

  • The pain is strong, her character is not smooth, and throbbing, localized in the temples radiating to the eyeball – her favorite place.
  • The pain is localized on one side, left or right. From both temples when a migraine is going to hurt even can.
  • Physical exercise causes a sharp increase in symptoms, so you have to leave work.
  • The pain of a migraine is often accompanied by zvukovogo and photophobia. This is manifested in a strong desire to lay down in a dark and quiet room. Also with migraines often have nausea and vomiting, coincident with the most severe pain. After that, the attack is usually terminated and tension-type headache can occur with short bouts, and «boring» to bother to spend days and even weeks.

Боли в висках: причины

The causes of temporal cephalgia

Migraine, paroxysmal nature of temporal pain correspond to the following causes and conditions:

  • Genetic predisposition. Twin studies have shown that the percentage of people suffering from migraine together is higher than a random incidence in the population.
  • Female. There is evidence that levels of estrogen leads to disruption of vascular tone.
  • Error in the diet. Such attacks develop when consuming tyramine. Products that are «sin» his presence is aged cheeses, chocolate, nuts, champagne, red wine and beer.
  • In women the attacks are caused by long-term use of hormonal contraceptives.

Tension-type headache often occurs when the chronic muscular stress in the cervical spine. This condition is also called chronic myofascial syndrome. It occurs due to increased tone of the cervical muscles, muscles of the neck and other structures close to the head. The direct cause is prolonged exposure without movement, that is, in terms of office, computer work.

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In the context of reducing the blood supply to the muscles occurs and the violation of the outflow of venous blood of waste products of muscles, namely, lactic acid. This acid causes a «self-poisoning» of the muscles. And any muscle responds to the unpleasant impact only one known way muscular contraction. Gradually the spasm and pain become permanent.

And migraine and tension-type headaches are common causes is chronic stress, work in conditions of low oxygen content in the room, lack of sleep, bad habits, especially Smoking. Fault in the occurrence of cephalgia in the temples of various stimulants (coffee), as well as the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs group of analgesics, which are taken between a Cup of coffee and a cigarette. An important contribution to the development of chronic cephalgia makes anxiety and especially depression, which tends to worsen the symptoms of any syndrome.

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To summarize, we can say that GBN is a lot of knowledge workers, and migraine is a disease more peculiar to the female sex. But despite the diversity of causes of these diseases brings together the lack of morphological changes in organs and tissues and also in blood vessels. This shows the full reversibility of changes, and thus suggests that headache may be quite treatable.