Pills cholesterol: group of drugs, side effects

High cholesterol levels in the blood can lead to the development of a large number of cardiovascular diseases, e.g. atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. To a greater extent cholesterol produced by the body, the rest a person receives from food. Pills the patient is required to appoint a doctor to take drugs that reduce cholesterol is not necessary.


Таблетки от холестерина: группы препаратов, побочные действия


Drugs that reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood can be divided into three groups:

  • Statins.
  • Fibroeva acid.
  • Dietary supplements (biologically active additives).
  • With high cholesterol doctors often prescribe statins. Are drugs to lower cholesterol, which recommend only as directed by your doctor. To take statins is constant, they can be combined with herbal medications or vitamins.

    Fibroeva acid can be taken in combination with statins, the latest generation in order to improve the effectiveness of treatment. Good drugs in this class can quickly reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood as they affect the development of triglycerides and low density lipoproteins, thus lowering bad cholesterol.

    Dietary supplements or herbal preparations are extremely cheap. Treatment of this kind of funds is not a base but can be taken as a Supplement to the basic therapy.

    Depending on the patient’s preferences, its age, and cholesterol, the doctor can recommend to him to start taking these or other drugs with reasonable prior notice of adverse action.


    Drugs to reduce cholesterol in the blood, about the benefits and dangers which the doctors still argue, is statins.

    They have a large number of contraindications and side effects, for example, statins can cause the development in humans of the following States:

  • From the digestive tract: stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • From the nervous system: malaise, amnesia, dizziness, insomnia, depression.
  • From the side of musculoskeletal system: loss of coordination of movements, cramps in muscles, the development of arthritis.
  • The most frequent complications: headache, nausea, diarrhea, myopia, weight gain, disruption of metabolic processes in the body.
  • In men, statins can lead to the development of impotence.
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    The most controversial is the question of how statins useful for the elderly. But there are criteria on the basis of which the doctor recommends this class of drugs:

    • as prophylaxis after a stroke;
    • to take statins after operations on the heart or blood vessels, e.g., coronary artery bypass surgery;
    • myocardial infarction;
    • in ischemic heart disease and a high risk of development of heart attack or stroke.

    There is nothing new in the fact that patients with severe coronary pathology doctors prescribe statins. They are simply necessary in such patients. Drugs can reduce total cholesterol by 35-40 %.

    Who should not take statins:

    • people with severe kidney disease;
    • patients suffering from diabetes;
    • women who have not reached the menopause;
    • persons with a low risk of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

    Taking statins, people should know that they are excreted from the body through the kidneys, so diseases of these organs can serve as a contraindication to taking these drugs.

    Treatment of patients with diabetes has its own nuances, most doctors believe that the therapy with the use of such medicines ineffective.

    If a woman has not reached the menopause, to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body should try with the help of hormone therapy and dieting.

    If there is no risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, the vessels are normal and the heart is not in danger, then take statins in such a situation is not recommended.

    A list of lipid-lowering drugs (statins):

  • Rosuvastatin.
  • Fluvastatin.
  • Atorvastatin.
  • Fibroeva acid

    Таблетки от холестерина: группы препаратов, побочные действия

    Group of drugs that affect the blood vessels and lower cholesterol by 30-40% during the passage of the 30-day course of treatment. A large part of the money is derived with the help of the kidneys. Lowering the level of bad cholesterol fiber acid can lead to the development of side effects:

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  • On the part of the digestive system: vomiting, nausea, constipation, diarrhea. In order to eliminate these phenomena requires taking special drugs.
  • Also pills affect blood vessels and increase the risk of thrombophlebitis.
  • From the nervous system: headache, dizziness.
  • Patients often complain of the onset of the Allergy, may cause rash on the body and severe itching.
  • The appearance of the above symptoms should consult a doctor and ask to replace the drug with another.

    List fibroeva acids of the latest generation:

  • Orlistat.
  • Ezetrol.
  • Xenical.
  • Treatment with these drugs is shown in case if excess of cholesterol enters the body with food. Diet and supplementation will help to achieve positive effects in a short time.

    Best effect on blood vessels therapy using statins and fibroeva acids. Also you can take dietary Supplements.

    Herbal preparations

    Plus their use is that such treatment has minimum side effects. There are pills of cholesterol, which is made of plant-based and is able to help the patient to clear his blood vessels:

  • Tykveol, prepared on the basis of an extract of pumpkin seeds.
  • Capsules containing garlic extract.
  • Lipoic acid.
  • The medicines made on the basis of an extract of hawthorn, fir, Linden and other plants.
  • Herbal medicines have the least side effects, they have almost no contraindications and taking them is not recommended only in case of individual intolerance of the drug components. They have a positive effect on blood vessels and heart function, help cleanse the body. But the effectiveness of this therapy is not so high.

    To take dietary Supplements in combination with other drugs. Names drugs that helps the patient to reduce cholesterol, should tell the doctor.

    Lipoic acid very well affects the blood vessels and heart. It lowers cholesterol and prevents the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

    Tykveol provides lowering the level of triglycerides in the body. Better other medications regulates lipid metabolism.

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    Vitamin therapy

    Vitamin therapy is intended for overall strengthening of the body and can positively affect the course of treatment, reducing the time and increasing the effectiveness of the therapy. Vitamin complexes of a new generation are expensive, moreover, the use of some of them is not necessary. It is sufficient that the complex was composed of the following components:

    • omega-3;
    • omega-6;
    • omega-9;
    • all the b vitamins.

    To purify the vessels, not only with statins and fibroeva acids, but with the help of vitamins and dieting. Naturally, this therapy is more effective in the early stages of the disease. The main advantage of vitamin therapy is that it has a minimum of side effects and allows the body to optimize performance and to cope with the problem. In addition, vitamin complexes of a new generation can be purchased without a prescription at the pharmacy. They can be recommended as adjuvant therapy if you need to take a break in taking medication.

    To take all pills with care costs, especially medications that affect blood vessels and the heart. Cholesterol pill will help to reduce the risks of atherosclerosis, clear vessels. But taking them without medical advice is dangerous, it can lead to serious consequences. In addition, the appearance of the unpleasant symptoms associated with pills, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid deterioration. He will prescribe a different medication or help you to eliminate side effects of medicines.