Pregnancy hypertension

I am 34 years old. For more than five years I have a diagnosis of hypertension 2, degree 1, risk 0. Constantly taking heart medications (enalapril, cardiomagnyl). Blood pressure already the year is held 130/90 mm Hg column. Very much want my husband to have a second child. What would you recommend for me?

Pregnancy may complicate the course of hypertension, which will lead to the development of preeclampsia, placental abruption, premature delivery. During pregnancy is a big burden on the heart, kidney, decreased immunity, all exacerbated by chronic illness. Hypertension may be complicated. Will start «jumping» pressure, which can cause preeclampsia, or worse, eclampsia.

Pregnancy is not contraindicated to You, but at this stage of planning necessarily pass all medical tests.

  • Pass all laboratory tests (cholesterol, TSH, lipoproteins, glucose, etc.).
  • To pass EKG, ultrasound of the heart.
  • Need counseling narrow specialists: cardiologist, neurologist, nephrologist.
  • If it so happens that you get pregnant, you are encouraged:

    • to avoid fried foods, salty, spicy from your diet;
    • to adhere to antihypertensive therapy, which is prescribed by a doctor;
    • to control blood pressure;
    • monitor the weight.

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