Pressure 150 on 90: what to do?

On the tonometer numbers 150 90. How should such pressure and what to do?

Blood pressure (BP) 150 over 90 is a measure that goes beyond the norm, but not always, indicates that the person has hypertension. Pressure is a very variable parameter, its value depends on the person’s age, heart condition, physical activity, emotional status, medication. Therefore, fixed once high blood pressure is not a reason to make the diagnosis «hypertension» (hypertension).

How to correctly measure blood pressure?

Quite often people get «rolls over» the magnitude of blood pressure simply because the wrong measure. There are a few rules that should be followed during the procedure of measuring blood pressure:

  • Before measurement it is necessary 5 – 10 minutes to sit quietly or lie down.
  • Place the cuff of the sphygmomanometer on the shoulder of need as specified in the instructions to the device.
  • Not to talk and not to move during measurement.
  • Not perform the measurements one after another on the same hand (re-measurement is permitted no earlier than 10 minutes). The hand needs to change, but it may be a little difference in performance.

In addition, you should buy a high quality blood pressure monitors (this is best done in pharmacies and specialized stores of medical equipment) and time to change the batteries in automatic and semi-automatic machines.

Blood pressure and age

The perfect adult blood pressure is considered to be within 110 – 120 70 – 80. However, after 35 – 40 years so few people have it happen such as having lived to a ripe age, few people do not have bad habits, excess weight, chronic psychological stress and internal diseases. All these factors contribute to the development of hypertension, it is logical that the older the person, the greater the pressure. For example, in 40 years it is very good if the average pressure is 130 over 80, and after 60 years we can rejoice in the numbers of 140 over 90.
Давление 150 на 90: что делать?
So it is natural that the pressure is 150 over 90, the young man is always regarded by doctors as a serious symptom that must determine the cause. In this age of increasing HELL is quite often secondary, that is provoked by diseases of internal organs. For example, the pressure 150 110 or 150 to 120 is a sign that not everything is in order with the kidneys. In the elderly AD 150 80 or 90 can be regarded as a small deviation from normal values. If HELL stays a long time at this level, so it is necessary to change the way of life and use of antihypertensive drugs.

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Hypertension in the past now?

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What to do when the pressure is 150 90?

If the tonometer shows the numbers 150 90 150 or even 100, don’t panic and drink any available under the arm tablets. This figure revealed for the first time is a reason necessarily to go to the doctor (the therapist, and the best cardiologist) for tests: an EKG, Echo, to take the General and biochemical blood tests, urinalysis, test for thyroid hormones, blood sugar, etc. in addition, it is desirable to begin to regularly measure blood pressure and be sure to record all this data. These measures are necessary to detect hypertension or symptomatic hypertension.

If the patient was previously diagnosed with «hypertensive heart disease» with the increase in blood pressure is 150 90 should take anti-hypertensive drug prescribed by your doctor. «High blood pressure with experience», as a rule, always know what drugs bring down blood pressure.

How to reduce blood pressure without anti-hypertensive medication?

Slightly increased the AD is quite possible to normalize without drugs. You just need to switch to something positive, to calm downДавление 150 на 90: что делать? several times to take a deep breath stomach, drink warm rather weak tea, lie down in a well ventilated area. Almost always after such a holiday AD decreases. If you have Valerian, Corvalol, or something like that, you can take this drug, not to be nervous (in humans, the first time faced with high blood pressure, you may experience panic and fear). In addition, to ease the state of a person with high blood pressure, you can use the massage of the head and neck area. To do massage you need aintensive, smooth stroking and kneading movements, the spine at the same time to not touch it.

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What to do if you have fallen lower the pressure?

It so happens that the first measurement of blood pressure shows the numbers 150 to 90, and the re – 150 to 70 or even 150 to 60. What to do in such situations? The difference between the upper (systolic) and lower (diastolic) pressure is called pulse pressure. In norm it should not exceed 60, that is 80 or 90 is too much and indicates that a person has the risk of developing serious cardiovascular diseases if they are not already developed.

Generally, the pulse pressure reflects the left ventricular function and elastic properties of arterial vessels. It can «jump» during exercise and in stressful situations, so reliable you can count only those measurements of blood pressure, which are held in a calm state. If the pulse pressure is increased continuously, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist for tests, and it is desirable to check the status not only of the heart and blood vessels, and thyroid gland.

How to prevent the progression of hypertension?

If a person showed signs of hypertension to prevent progression of disease it is necessary to observe the following rules:

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  • To lose weight if you are overweight.
  • To limit salt intake (up to 5 g per day, and note that the salt contained in the sausage, sausage, cheeses, prepared foods, bread, canned food and other products) and fats (diet should prevail vegetable fats).
  • Every day to eat fruits, fresh vegetables and at least once a week, fish from the Northern seas.
  • Do not smoke and limit to a minimum the consumption of alcohol.
  • Daily exercise (at least 40 – 45 minutes). It could be swimming, Hiking, Jogging, exercise bikes, tennis.
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All these measures contribute to the proper regulation of blood flow in the vessels and improve the health of patients with high blood pressure.