Pressure during pregnancy: norm

Blood pressure – the force with which the ejected during cardiac contraction, the blood presses against the walls of blood vessels. It is a kind of indicator of the quality of circulation – it reflects that there is enough nutrients and oxygen getting to the organs. Normal pressure is particularly important in the period of waiting for a baby. Its deviation is in the direction of decrease and increase can be dangerous for pregnant woman and the fetus.

How to measure

To check the level of blood pressure any health worker. In female consultation it makes the midwife at the first visit of the pregnant woman and take her on the record, and then each turnout. The expectant mother needs to know what pressure is considered normal and what requires treatment. You can perform the measurements independently. For this you will need a special device – a tonometer. There are several varieties of blood pressure monitors:

  • mechanical is the most accurate, but its use requires some skill;
  • semi-automatic;
  • automatic, including carpal (the easiest to use, but the result can be a big error).

The sphygmomanometer consists of a cuff, a pressurizing device, the valve body of the graduate and monitor or a scale with tick marks. First, air is pumped into the cuff using the compression of the pears by hand or automatically measure approximately to the level of 200-220 mm Hg. article, then slowly produced a special valve.

Automatic and semi-automatic machines show the result on the monitor. Mechanical blood pressure monitor also has a stethoscope – which measures have to attach the membrane to the elbow crease and through the headphones to catch the beginning and the disappearance of the bumps. Blood pressure at the moment of the first strike on the air release of the cuff is the systolic («upper») blood pressure, and at the point of disappearance of sound – diastolic («lower»). To the measured data as accurate as possible, please observe the following rules.

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Hypertension in the past now?

Cardiologists risk to remain without work — hypertension now curable!

  • Before the procedure, you sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Do not smoke, drink strong tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks half an hour before the measurement.
  • Do not eat food for one hour before the manipulation.
  • To take measurements always in the same position – lying or sitting.
  • Sitting, leaning on the back of a chair. Feet should stand on the floor, legs not crossed.
  • Do not talk during the procedure.
  • Cuff of blood pressure monitor to wear on a bare hand, not covered by clothing.
  • The cuff should be at heart level (except for wrist blood pressure monitors), the bottom edge is 2-3 cm above the elbow bend.
  • Errors in measurement technique can give deviations up to 15 – 20 mm Hg. article from the true values.
    Давление при беременности: норма

    Normal levels

    Norm pressure in pregnant women – in the range from 100/60 to 130/90 mm Hg. the article In the first trimester women are prone to hypotension (lower blood pressure) due to the sharp increase in the level of progesterone. It allows you to continue the pregnancy, and one of its properties – a dilation of blood vessels. Lowering blood pressure does not require treatment if the woman feels comfortable. In the second and third trimester action of progesterone diminishes, but the need to continue the control of blood pressure. Increase can be a sign of preeclampsia during pregnancy – a condition that threatens the life and health of the baby and mother.

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    If the health of the pregnant woman does not suffer, to measure blood pressure once a week you need. If you feel unwell, weather sensitivity, and other disorders need to keep a diary with daily measurements. Especially pay attention to the diastolic pressure and the difference between the top and bottom – it should be 40 mm Hg. article

    When raising or lowering blood pressure immediately consult the gynecologist observing. He’ll tell you how to normalize blood pressure without hurting the baby. Do not take any medicines without a doctor!