Pressure of 100 60: what to do?

About high blood pressure (BP) know all people who suffer from it or have relatives and friends with hypertension. Every second adult person sooner or later faced with a similar problem. But low blood pressure is a rare phenomenon that is more common in young people and in a small number of elderly. Reduction of blood pressure called hypotension. Pressure 100/60 mm Hg. art. in some cases, can be regarded as the norm, and in others as hypotonia, which can be a dangerous symptom of serious health problems.

What is hypotension?

It should be noted that the majority of people, especially young women, HELL 100/60 mm RT. the article is fine. But some, especially the elderly and those suffering from hypertension, this level may cause insufficient blood supply to organs and violations of their functioning. This leads to the development of certain symptoms, which include:

  • Dizziness.
  • Fainting.
  • Difficulties with concentration.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Nausea.
  • Cold, pale skin, covered with sticky sweat.
  • Quick, shallow breathing.
  • Fatigue.
  • The feeling of depression (depression).

If a person HELL 100/60 mm RT. the article does not cause any complaints, it is not dangerous and to treat it is not necessary. However, other people who have blood pressure, usually above and are experiencing deterioration, low blood pressure can be the result of:

  • A long lying position.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Reduction of blood volume (due to dehydration, trauma, bleeding).
  • The intake of certain drugs (diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, drugs and other medical supplies).
  • Of heart problems (bradycardia, valvular defects, heart attack).
  • Endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, reduced blood sugar level).
  • Heavy infections.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Problems with the nervous system.
  • Eating disorders.
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Is it dangerous HELL 100/60 mm RT. article?

If a young man’s blood pressure is observed constantly without causing symptoms, then there is no danger for him, he is not. Moreover, it is believed that people with such high blood pressure have a reduced risk of strokes, kidney disease and heart. Typically, this level of the HELL observed:

Hypertension is no longer a disease?

Doctors are shocked by the statement, the chief cardiac surgeon in the country Leo Beaucaire.

  • athletes;
  • people who regularly engaged in physical exercises;
  • non-smokers;
  • people with normal weight.

Давление 100 на 60: что делать?

What to do when HELL 100/60 mm RT. article?

When people first learn that their AD is lower than the other, they immediately want to find out whether it is normal for them or is that a symptom of dangerous diseases. This can be an appointment to the doctor. So the visit went more efficiently, it is desirable to measure the pressure at home 3 to 4 times a day for several days or weeks. Thus it is possible to find out how often the person the pressure is 100 to 60 or 100 to 50 mm Hg. article when it is below or above, to determine the relationship of AD with physical activity.

The doctor figures out the level of physical activity of the patient’s lifestyle, nutrition, and problems with internal organs. If it turns out that this pressure is normal for a particular person, the doctor may recommend only an annual review of AD and change in lifestyle. The person should be physically active, it food – rational and proper, he must often walk in the fresh air.

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If the cause of such pressure are diseases of the internal organs, the person needs treatment from a cardiologist, neurologist or endocrinologist. You need to put in order the heart, blood vessels, hormones, kidneys and other organs. In this case, in addition to the normalization and improvement of lifestyle, the doctor may prescribe a complex of vitamins, physical therapy (acupuncture, stimulating treatment) and certain drugs that increase blood pressure: tincture of ginseng, Siberian ginseng, and herbal teas.

But if the pressure is suddenly dropped from normal for this person levels up to 100/60 mm Hg. art. and below, he begins to lose consciousness, his condition is deteriorating rapidly, in this case, there is no time to think, the account goes on a minute, I need to call an ambulance to save the patient’s life. Drop in blood pressure below 80/50 mm Hg. article is very dangerous because it worsens blood flow to vital organs, most strongly affected the brain. Treatment is aimed at elimination of the main reasons for the decrease in pressure:

  • Dehydration eliminate the deficit of fluid in the body.
  • When blood loss eliminate the cause of the bleeding, carried out a correction of circulating blood volume.
  • When infectious diseases using intravenous fluids and antibiotics.
  • If the decrease in blood pressure caused by intake of certain drugs, their use is suspend or correct dose.
  • If the fall in blood pressure observed after getting out of bed (postural hypotension), can help increase water ingestion, the use of compression stockings (compression of veins) and caffeinated drinks.
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In any case, it is not recommended to experience all of these funds. It is better to consult a doctor and determine the cause of pressure reduction.

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