Quail eggs and cholesterol: the beneficial properties and harm

Quail eggs are considered a very useful product. Many use them instead of chicken. They even give young children as a first solid foods as rarely allergenic. There is a myth that the quail eggs contain less cholesterol. Whether so it actually and what is the effect of cholesterol derived from food on human health?


Composition and useful properties of quail eggs

There is a widespread belief about the fundamental differences in the composition of chicken and quail eggs, but really the differences are not so significant.

The ratio of the main components in both types. Proteins fats and carbohydrates in 100 g of eggs:




12.6 g

11.95 g


11.4 g

13.2 g


0.75 g

0.6 g

As you can see, the difference is small, moreover, the quail egg contains a high amount of fats and carbohydrates, and less protein, which hardly speaks in favor of their dimiceli. But as you know, the level of cholesterol in the body affects not only he himself, as the ratio of useful and harmful fats. Fat in the quail eggs are presented the following types:

  • Of monounsaturated fatty acids. Acid omega-9 does not affect the level of cholesterol in the body. But due to its structure it balances the chemical processes, preventing the deposition of plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Its deficiency is manifested by weakness, fatigue, impaired immunity, dryness of mucous membranes and skin. With a lack of omega-9 increases the risk of heart attacks. 100 g balls of this acid contains a 4.3 g.
  • In polyunsaturated fatty acids. In the quail eggs contain omega-3 and omega-6. These substances affect the level of cholesterol by reducing the concentration of low density lipoprotein. Strengthen bone, improving digestibility of calcium, making it more elastic vascular walls. Consumption of these acids reduces the likelihood of developing arthritis, improves mobility of the joints. With a lack of omega-3 and omega-6 is related to the following condition: disorders of the nervous system, mental disorders and even an increased likelihood of developing cancer. 100 g product contains 1,3 g.
  • In saturated fatty acids. Linoleic and linolenic acid are considered essential. Their deficiency causes negative consequences such as brittle nails, hair loss, wrinkles. Other: oleic, stearic, palmitic, and others — are produced by the body independently. 100 g quail eggs — 3,6 g.
  • Перепелиные яйца и холестерин: полезные свойства и вред

    Also in the yolk of quail egg contains 12 vitamins and 50 minerals, including phosphorus, zinc, selenium, sodium, calcium and others.

    The set of amino acids is about the same in any egg. Because its main objective is to provide the chick the necessary nutrients, the amino acids are in the proportions required for specific species. Quail eggs have an advantage over others that contain a large number of scarce amino acids. Such as methionine, lysine and tryptophan are essential, they are not synthesized by the body and are found in greater numbers than in chicken eggs.

    The digestibility of quail eggs

    An increased level of cholesterol in the body affects not only characteristics such as the content of his products. Cholesterol in the body performs a protective function for preventing the destruction of membranes and disorders of the fortress vessels. Any difficult-to-digest food requires more resources of the organism that causes production of increased amounts of cholesterol in the liver. Thus, it is necessary to understand how well absorbed the eggs of quails.

    This parameter mainly depends on a number of factors, among them: freshness, cooking method, combination with other products. Quail eggs have a thicker shell than chicken that allows them a lot longer to preserve freshness. Due to their small size when cooking they are much better warmed up, which significantly reduces the cooking time.

    When consuming quail eggs can be combined with herbs and vegetables. Then their health will be at its maximum, but their meat is not recommended.

    The quality of the eggs.

    Due to the conditions under which contain quails, their eggs have little harmful substances. Quail is not too tough, so if care is broken, they die, unlike other species of birds. The requirements for their stern high enough, but vaccination and antibiotics they do not do so because they have a higher resistance to infections.

    Cholesterol and eggs

    The cholesterol in quail eggs is present in increased amounts. One quail egg contains 70% of the daily norm of consumption of cholesterol and 100 g of egg yolks it contains almost 1000 mg. Energy value per 100 g of product is 158 calories. But the content of cholesterol in blood and food are two different things. That consumption it has on the levels of lipids in the blood are insignificant impact. In addition, the cholesterol is able to be processed in both good and bad.

    Depending on what products in combination with food, in the body it forms of LDL or HDL cholesterol. LDL is formed, if you eat eggs fried egg with butter or lard. But the scrambled eggs in vegetable oil or soft-boiled egg is, the cholesterol will go in the PAP.

    Перепелиные яйца и холестерин: полезные свойства и вред

    Nutritionists say that for people who do not suffer an excess of lipids in the blood or lipid disorders, two quail eggs for Breakfast you can eat. This somewhat contradicts the fact that for many years their use was considered the main enemy of the people concerned with the problem of reducing the level of cholesterol.

    Quail eggs are used in the fight against other diseases: recently, scientists have discovered that the amino acids which it contains, are effective in the fight against AIDS. Used in cosmetics and dentistry and the shell. Base material, which includes in its composition a carbonate of calcium. They can strengthen tooth enamel, reduce the brittleness of hair and nails.

    The unique composition of the albumen and yolk used in the fight against iron deficiency anemia, vitamin deficiency in women during pregnancy, in particular, is very essential for the health of the fetus folic acid and others.

    They can be used in the prevention and treatment of such diseases:

    • disorders pressure, hypertension and hypotension;
    • migraines and chronic headaches;
    • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • diabetes.

    Harm and contraindications

    Are there diseases in which it is better to do without them or restrict their use? Yes, and this applies not only to quail, but also any other food. It is worth remembering that they are usually part of not only the classic egg dishes, but are found in mayonnaise, baked goods, and other regularly consumed dishes. So how many can they have, and to whom?

    First and foremost, abstain from eggs should people with impaired liver function. There are also the hereditary characteristics of metabolism in which the body produces bad cholesterol more than good. You can’t eat them and people with kidney stones, as well as serious diseases of the cardiovascular system at a young age. If you still want to use them, the recommendation is this — stick to the protein. It is useful and safe, harmful substances, allergens and cholesterol it contains much less.

    People who do not have such diseases, you still need to know the measure. Eggs — allergen, although allergies to chicken eggs more likely, it is not excluded, the reaction and the consumption of eggs of quails.

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