REG blood vessels of the brain: what is it?

Reoentsefalografii of cerebral vessels is called non-invasive method of examination of the vascular system. It is based on the evaluation of strength changes in the electrical resistance of certain tissues at carrying out through a weak high-frequency current. This files most often assigned to determine the causes of headaches and other symptoms, their possible occurrence of circulatory problems in the brain.

REG blood vessels of the brain: what is it?

Despite the fact that the method connected with examination of the brain and uses an electrical current, it is absolutely harmless and safe. This is facilitated by noninvasive methods, and therefore the full painless procedure. Appoint reoentsefalografii even for small children, including infants. The study is conducted with the help of rheograph having 2 to 6 or more channels. It allows one time to register the features of the circulation in several areas.

Patient put in medical chair or lay down on the couch. For diagnosis is mounted on the surface of the head is a small (0,5 – 3 cm and more, up to 20 cm in diameter) round electrodes and secured them with rubber bands. When you need the best contact with the skin using a special paste.

For analysis results, it is important to consider features of vessels and use of digital options that most effectively characterize the condition of arteries and veins. Be sure to evaluate the results with age-appropriate and previously conducted functional tests. It can be test with Nitroglycerin, which is given to the patient to take small doses under the tongue. There are also functional tests with Caffeine, Papaverine; when turning the head, when moving from a seated position to standing, etc. All of these actions are reflected by changes in blood pressure, and REG — irregular tone and degree of the pulse blood. It is also necessary, documented and taken into account in the decoding curves.

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Rheoencephalography is widely used in the diagnosis of nervous and cardiovascular pathologies. Most often this method of diagnosis is used when:

  • Adenoma (tumor) of the pituitary gland — endocrine gland located near the brain and is responsible for the growth and development of man.
  • Encephalopathy — a set of pathologies resulting from necrosis of brain neurons and leads to pronounced inhibition of the functions of this authority.
  • Dystonia.
  • Cerebral ischemia (insufficient blood supply).
  • Acute circulatory disorders in the brain (stroke).
  • Vertebrobasilar insufficiency (depression of brain function due to insufficient supply of blood to the brain).
  • Concussion or brain injury.
  • Frequent fainting.
  • A decrease in vision.
  • Atherosclerotic formations, tendency to blood clot formation.
  • The complaints of the patient frequent headaches, feel dizzy, tinnitus, insomnia, meteopathy and memory problems.

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If to speak not about the indications for the procedure, and about the use in the diagnosis, it is worth mentioning about the effectiveness of reoentsefalografii in determining the severity of hypertensive syndrome. In addition, the method shows the functionality of the circulatory workarounds, additional vessels (in medicine referred to as collateral reoentsefalografii). Rheoencephalography is often used to control cerebral circulation after recent surgery or traumatic brain injury.

Preparations for the diagnosis

Overall, rheoencephalography not require special training. However, there are a number of recommendations that should be followed for greater accuracy of results. First and foremost, try to avoid hard physical exertion before the procedure. Similarly, should keep themselves from emotional stresses — they can «smear» the picture.

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In no case can not drink alcohol, both directly and in a day or two before the diagnosis. This can seriously affect the results! In addition, will keep for 2 – 3 hours before the procedure Smoking or drinking certain medicines that can affect the level of blood circulation in the brain. Before reoentsefalografii sit for 10 to 15 minutes near the office, try not to worry and to relax.

Decoding results

As rheoencephalography — head examination, the results of the survey should be taken very seriously. During the procedure, the specialist records the specifications of the circulation of blood on special paper. It looks like the curves. The lines themselves are the vibrations of the waves generated due to the difference of electrical resistance. They characterize the reaction vessels filling with blood and also the blood circulation in certain parts of the brain.

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To assess the circulation, the doctor analyzes the similarity of the curves, the regularity of the waves. In addition, important features are themselves curves, the peaks and rounding of the line going up and down lines, the presence of other, not typical for a healthy person lines, etc. Rheoencephalography is a very informative method of diagnostics, however, have the result it will only be the case if the procedure will be conducted by a qualified doctor.