Spasm of cerebral vessels: symptoms, treatment, pills

Headaches are often triggered by vascular spasm, and only occasionally — severe cerebral pathology. In most cases, people remove the pain with analgesics or antispasmodics. However, frequent, prolonged use can lead to habituation (the effect is gradually reduced), and headaches are becoming more painful. When spasm of cerebral vessels, it is important to know: how to relieve headaches and other painful symptoms, how to completely get rid of it.

Vascular spasm in the brain: what and why?

Spasm of cerebral vessels is often sudden reduction of the lumen of blood vessels in the brain due to the intense contractions of their walls. In the end, disturbed cerebral blood flow, causing frightening symptoms from severe headaches to vomiting and disturbance of orientation. Vascular spasm in the brain especially dangerous in hypertension, increased blood clotting and atherosclerosis. Concomitant pathology often ends stroke (hemorrhagic or ischemic). The most common cause spasm of cerebral vessels are:

  • old age (physiological aging is accompanied by a set of disease — atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, etc.);
  • fatigue;
  • prolonged work at the computer or watching TV;
  • lack of sleep;
  • Smoking;
  • the lack of oxygen (work in stuffy, not ventilated);
  • the alcohol (minimum dose have a vasodilator effect, but when drinking sufficient amounts of alcohol and if hangover occurs vascular spasm);
  • stay in the cold without a hat, changes in atmospheric pressure (weather dependent);
  • a stressful situation, excessive positive or negative emotional reaction (vasospasm — response of the autonomic nervous system to a stimulus).

The above factors often lead to a temporary narrowing of the vascular lumen. However, their lasting impact (frequent repetition) as well as following organic disease, causing persistent spasm of the blood vessels of the brain (stenosis). Serious causes, triggers vascular spasm:

  • heart disease, hypertension, stenocardia;
  • the malfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands;
  • severe kidney disease;
  • benign/malignant tumors in the brain (mechanical compression of the vessels by the tumor);
  • low back pain (compression of the cervical vertebral arteries);
  • the immaturity of the brain in newborns (often is a cause of constant crying).
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The clinical picture of a spasm of cerebral vessels is observed in the encephalopathy, diabetes and increased blood clotting. The elucidation of the true causes of the deviations determines the treatment tactics.

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Vascular spasm in the brain often happens suddenly and cause a variety of symptoms. Man makes the following complaints:

  • headache — diffuse or limited (temples, forehead, nape of the neck, one half of the head), prolonged or paroxysmal;
  • dizziness, frequent loss of consciousness;
  • increase/decrease a/d;
  • pain of the eye sockets and flickering in the eyes «floaters»;
  • nausea, sometimes vomiting;
  • noise in the ears;
  • lethargy, confusion speech, loss of coordination;
  • sometimes a failure in the memory;
  • a sharp decline in health.


Sudden vascular spasms in the brain (vasospasm) are not supported by any diagnostic tests, if only the instrumental diagnostics is not performed during a headache attack. Organic pathology causing persistent contraction of cerebral vessels diagnosed in conducting the following studies:

  • blood tests — elevated prothrombin, cholesterol;
  • x — ray- increased intracranial pressure manifested as «impressions» on the temples;
  • ultrasound Doppler of the brain reveals cerebral vascular pathology in newborns (blood vessels are investigated through the open large Fontanelle);
  • angiography of the brain CT/MRI — to determine the narrowing of the blood vessels and cause them to cerebral pathology.

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How to remove a spasm of cerebral vessels of the house?

Quickly get rid of a headache caused by vascular spasm, will help:

  • vasodilator medications — Aminophylline, Atomax, Astromicin;
  • drugs, relieving vascular spasm — Papaverine, and Strong;
  • sedative drops Valerian and motherwort (helps both);
  • massage the area of pain — the soft circular rubbing relieves muscle tension and relaxes the blood vessels;
  • essential oils — lavender, Jasmine;
  • hot foot bath;
  • if the spasm provoked by the chill — taking a hot shower.
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It is understood that this is only a temporary measure and does not eliminate the cause of painful symptoms. Prolonged and frequent administration of drugs to relieve spasm (more than 10 tablets per month) considerably reduces their effectiveness.

Treatment of spasm

Therapeutic strategy aimed at addressing the causes of disease, strengthening vascular walls and correction of blood parameters (prothrombin and cholesterol). Effective elimination of a spasm of cerebral vessels is achieved by using the effective cure spasms (antispasmodics, vasodilators) and long reception:

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  • soothing botanicals (not less than 2 weeks);
  • statins for the normalization of cholesterol index (Vasostatin, Simvastatin);
  • fibrates — a tendency to vascular spasm (Atromid, Clofibrate);
  • improves cerebral blood circulation means — nootropics (Piracetam, Nootropil, Cinnarizine, Cerebrolysin) and calcium antagonists (Isoptin, Phenoptin), herbal drug Boluses Huato (contains Sophora japonica, is effective but has side effects);
  • antiplatelet agents (Aspirin) to decrease the viscosity of the blood;
  • home remedies — a decoction of St. John’s wort, the infusion of rose hips, nettle (in small doses, clots blood); a mixture of honey (0.5 kg), lemon (5 PCs) and garlic (5 heads).

Additional measures:

  • auditory training — education stress;
  • nutrition the exception of fried/fatty, coffee, mayonnaise, chocolate;
  • limit sugar;
  • the inclusion in the menu of apples, raisins, dried apricots, fish, carrots and beets;
  • drinking regime — at least 1.5 – 2 liters per day;
  • saying no to cigarettes and alcohol;
  • hardening contrast shower, regular walks, playing sports.

To treat vascular spasm in the brain should be according to the following rules:

  • The self is the frequent spasms of cerebral vessels are not welcome. Only a qualified neurologist can diagnose the cause of the disease and prescribe proper treatment.
  • Not worth it without a doctor’s approval to treat people’s means. Herbs have contraindications.
  • Vasodilator and antispasmodic pills from spasm of the vessels are temporary.
  • With infrequent attacks of headache and the absence of a concomitant organic pathology is usually enough correction lifestyle.
  • Persistent therapeutic effect is achieved with an integrated approach to the treatment of vascular spasm in the brain and caused the disease.