Stroke treatment folk remedies and methods

Stroke is a disease caused by a sudden interruption of the blood supply of the brain. This disease can be due to blockage of arteries of the brain (ischemic stroke) or rupture, causing bleeding into brain tissue (hemorrhagic stroke). Every stroke leads to dysfunction of the affected area of the Central nervous system.

Interestingly, the development of stroke is not so difficult to prevent, and not hard to treat it. However, few people know that the treatment of stroke folk remedies and methods used in the home, can accelerate recovery of lost functions of the brain. Many patients are afraid to leave the hospital, because I believe that it is dangerous for their life. But they must remember that certain tips will help them cope with the disease and the house. All the methods are natural, so no need to worry about side effects.

Plants used for the treatment and prevention of stroke

There are many remedies based on folk medicine and aimed at treatment of ischemic stroke. Most of them are aimed at improvement of blood circulation in damaged after a stroke, areas of the brain. Some plants are known to possess neuroprotective action. This means that they can protect brain cells from further damage.

Common natural plant used in stroke is red sage. It helps to stimulate and enhance blood circulation. During the recovery period after a stroke it helps to resume brain function. However, research could not definitively confirm or refute the properties of the red sage.

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Another plant that is used in the treatment of a stroke is Siberian ginseng. It is used to protect the brain cells and has a specific activity to improve the condition of blood vessels not only in the Central nervous system, but throughout the body.

Gingko Biloba is used for prevention of circulatory disorders of the brain and their treatment. It helps to prevent the development of blood clots and improves the blood flow in the brain. This plant also inhibits the formation of free radicals. It is widely used to treat complications of stroke, including memory problems and balance, disorders of thinking. Ginkgo also helps reduce fragility of the capillaries. This can prevent the development of hemorrhagic stroke. Doctors often prescribe Gingko Biloba extract for the stroke patients.

Garlic helps prevent ischemic stroke by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing blood clotting. However, patients with bleeding in the brain you need to refrain from its use.
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Ginger improves circulation and reduces cholesterol levels and prevents excessive blood clotting.

Grapes and raisins useful in patients with high blood pressure because they contain high levels of potassium, possessing antihypertensive and diuretic action.

Consumption of apples in any way healthy. They contain large amounts of potassium promotes the excretion of sodium from the body. This helps the patient to maintain their blood pressure normal.

Tomatoes – one of the best ways to prevent and treat stroke at home. They are rich in vitamins C and d, their regular use helps to reduce the pressure, reduce the development of atherosclerosis of the vessels of the brain and heart. In addition, vitamin a and lycopene, contained in tomatoes help to prevent prostate, lung and stomach.

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According to scientists, the treatment of pine cones can reduce the brain damage caused by stroke. They contain chemicals called tannins that can reduce the death of nerve cells after circulatory disorders.

The place of traditional medicine in stroke rehabilitation

Folk remedies should not be used as a replacement for conventional medical treatment and recovery after a stroke. This is due to the fact that research in this area was unable to confirm their effectiveness. Some patients experience improvement after their use, others not. But if you use folk remedies in conjunction with traditional rehabilitation, their use may speed up the recovery of abilities lost after circulatory disorders of the brain.

Deserves attention that restore the function of the dead nerve cells can not even with the help of drugs or with the help of folk remedies. Therefore, the development of symptoms of stroke rely on non-traditional treatment is impossible, it is urgent to seek medical help.

To use folk remedies in the acute period circulatory disorders – dangerous to life and health of the patient!