Swollen feet ankles: cause

Swelling of any part of the body the human body is associated with the accumulation of water in intercellular space and delay its removal from there. Very often you can hear that the swelling provoke severe and even fatal. For example, the most threatened of human life, brain edema and pulmonary edema. And if this pathology is rare, it is much more common to observe a swelling of the lower extremities – namely, the area of the ankle.

Swollen feet at the ankles in humans for a reason. This follows a number of precipitating factors. Among the most common are:

  • poor circulation – major blood vessels and capillaries;
  • problems with the lymphatic drainage;
  • pathology of the kidneys, removing the liquid from the body.
  • Signs of edema

    Each of these factors can cause swelling of parts of the body and promote the stagnation of water in different places. The problem of swelling of the ankles the most common, it is logical because water is going down. While edema can be seen by the naked eye. The first signal of oedema is pasty. The so-called increase in the looseness of the tissues due to the accumulated water there. Externally, the ankle looks pale and soft, touching her feel like a pressure on the dough.

    For a more accurate diagnosis swelling the doctors can do the test of the Aldrich, which consists in the introduction of physiological solution in place of the swelling. If you do have swelling, the swelling from the saline will decrease faster due to the increased hydrophilicity of tissue. The second symptom of edema, the appearance of holes at the ankle. When pressed in place swelling appears the deepening of the from the fingers which disappears immediately.

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    Types of edema

    Depending on what the underlying pathology contributed to the occurrence of edema, there are two forms: lymphatic swelling and edema on the background of venous insufficiency. When lymph edema swelling is more dense, and the pain is moderate or absent altogether. The leather is so inflated that to take her into the fold is not obtained. Swelling due to venous insufficiency caused by penetration of water into the smallest vessels. The valves in your veins do not work at full power, so there is additional capacity for liquid, which is filled with water. While extracellular fluid becomes so viscous that the function of natural drainage impossible. If you raise the legs to the upper position (placing the cushion), the swelling is somewhat reduced. Such oedema occur more frequently than lymph.

    Causes of swelling of the ankles

    Swelling of the ankles occurs both healthy and ill patient. Typically, in healthy people swelling are immediate reaction is one of the reasons, removal of which is and swelling. For example, swelling in the legs caused by eating too much salty or fatty foods. Also with swollen legs can Wake up those who likes to drink a lot of liquids in the evenings. Swelling also occur because of the wearing of improper shoes – low neckline, tight fit or high heels. Provokes edema in healthy people and long to sit in one position, crossing her legs.
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    People with chronic illnesses appear to be swelling rapidly, and gradually, but to get rid of them much harder. Within two to three days the swelling of the legs may occur when deep vein thrombosis, fractures, inflammation of the lymph nodes, disease of the knee joint. Such swelling may be single, for example, if a patient is diagnosed the swelling ankle of the left leg, and right – all right. Swelling may affect both legs due to decompensation of renal or cardiac diseases, pulmonary arterial hypertension, venous insufficiency or hepatocellular disease.
    Among renal pathologies most insidious glomerulonephritis and interstitial nephritis. Liver pathology is cirrhosis or cancer localized to the organ.

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    Consider the causes of swelling ankles in more detail. Swelling when deep vein thrombosis is a complication of varicose veins. The reason for this swelling is easily installed because the varicose veins visible to the naked eye. Also ankle swelling due to prolonged bed rest or immobilization of the limb for any reason. It happens when the man broke his leg. Swelling of the limbs and occurs when exposed to anticancer therapy in patients with cancer. These pathologies cause a sharp increase in ankle volume, bluish discoloration of the skin, pain in extremities, inability to fully use his legs for movement, cold feeling in the foot, moaning, muscles.

    In some injuries of the lower limbs can also occur edema. This occurs when the departing head of the gastrocnemius muscle, rupture of Baker’s cyst and compartment syndrome. Chronic edema due to venous disorders are associated not only with abnormalities of the vessels, but with the adaptation of the organism to a new environment. For example, swelling can occur because of pregnancy (eclampsia, preeclampsia), flights, increase abdominal pressure, constipation, excessive physical exertion.

    Swelling of the feet in the ankle – a constant companion of those who suffer from obesity. Due to excess fat, the liquid can not normally excreted from the body and remains in the lower extremities. Any Cup of tea can lead to a significant increase of the feet.

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    Another form of edema – swelling of the drug. As a rule, they arise from allergies are a response to the receipt of a drug. But not all drugs cause allergies. The swelling may occur even when the patient has no allergies to these medications. For example, swelling provoked by Prednisone, Dexamethasone, Triamcinolone, Nifedipine, Verapamil, Amlodipine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, some contraceptives, drugs for the treatment of diabetes. Usually the packaging of these drugs indicated the possibility of edema, so when the medication you need to be ready for the emergence of such problems.

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