The symptoms of dystonia in women

Autonomic dysfunction occur at any age and irrespective of sex. There are some differences in symptoms in children and adolescents, men and women, but the main feature of this pathology is the absence of visible organic causes of these symptoms. That is what doctors rely on when diagnosing. Because of their emotional characteristics of women are autonomic disorders of the nervous system a little differently than men.

The most common symptoms of dystonia in women

Panic attacks. More women than men go to the doctor complaining of sudden, involuntary bouts of fear, anxiety, anxiety, which are accompanied by various symptoms. Precede these symptoms is bound to be some stressful situation, the experience of conflict or anxiety before an exam, an important meeting, presentation. This will be a distinctive feature of panic symptoms on the background of complete physical health of the body. To symptoms of panic attacks in women include:

  • Headache and dizziness, which could result in loss of consciousness. Head usually hurts on the type of tinea ring or compression of the helmet.
  • Palpitations, pain in the heart or behind the breastbone, the feeling that the «heart will overflow» or «crack». In this case the woman may experience a rapid pulse or higher blood pressure numbers, but the drugs nitroglycerin not helping her, and when an ECG or Ajax (ultrasound of the heart), no pathological changes are detected.
  • The increase in body temperature to subfebrile figures (not above 38 degrees) or chills. Sometimes the sensation of heat quickly replaced by a sensation of cold, a woman can dramatically throw in the pot.
  • Rapid breathing, shortness of breath, inability to carry out a deep breath. These symptoms are also not associated with lung pathology and are the result of a pathological reaction of the autonomic nervous system to a stressful situation.
  • Changes in the psyche, the lack of perception of what is happening around you, the patient thinks that «all this is happening with him.»
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Sometimes a panic attack in women can happen for no apparent reason. These women are in need of more serious treatment, sometimes psychotherapeutic.
Симптомы вегето-сосудистой дистонии у женщин

Other symptoms of VSD in women

  • Inperceptable pain in the heart. Sometimes very difficult to distinguish the pain of myocardial infarction from vegetative pain. The only difference in favor of VSD is the therapeutic effect of taking sedatives. Pain also occurs on the left of the sternum, radiates to back, between the shoulder blades, left arm and left half of neck.
  • Increase in blood pressure, which may be accompanied by tremor of the limbs, and cold sweating of palms and feet, nausea. The pressure quickly returns to normal after sedative drugs.
  • Violations of the chair in the form of diarrhea, bloating, mucus or foam at Calais. Diarrhea may precede or accompany episodes of exciting situations in a patient’s life.
  • Fatigue, fatigue, reduced stress women. The patient also notes a decrease in appetite and interest in life, she needs more time for sleep. But sleep is superficial, a woman can often Wake up during the night, have restless or disturbing dreams. These symptoms will match asthenic appearance of autonomic dysfunction.
  • Voiding in difficulty of urinating in a public restroom, frequent urination in the absence of inflammatory or infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Women with such symptoms after visiting a neurologist out with a diagnosis of «healthy.»
  • Autonomic dysfunction in women during menopause

    The symptoms of dystonia in women often first appear or increase during menopause. Problems may arise from instability of blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, headache type migraine, disorders of the chair or the menstrual cycle. Women begin to feel depressed, fatigue, decreased performance, periods of sudden changes in body temperature, when, after the sensation of heat can occur chills, and excessive sweating.

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    A distinctive feature of the VSD from the climax is the appearance of symptoms by reason of disorders of the autonomic system and not hormonal failure in the body of a woman. Relief of symptoms will be achieved by receiving sedative drugs.