The syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles of the heart: what is it, what is dangerous?

The syndrome of early repolarization of the ventricles of the heart — a concept describing the results of electrocardiography, it is not a disease and not a pathology. A similar feature found in almost every tenth patient cardiology Department. Until now, doctors have not concluded whether this is a physiological norm or a deviation.

What is it?

It has been said that it is primarily a term of specialists in the ECG, but in what cases is it used? The results of the ECG look at the curve with several teeth. Early ventricular repolarization downward knee tooth, called R, zasobiralsya, and the ST segment rises. When comparing the performance of conventional complex with this syndrome it is easy to see a noticeable difference.

The phenomenon of early repolarization characteristic for the cases when the excitation subepicardial recorded before a normal variant. This usually occurs in athletes, trained people, however, never identified, is the early repolarization method of adaptation or pathology.


At the moment the exact cause of the syndrome is not found. Some experts attribute the changes in cardiac electrophysiology with a history of earlier hypothermia, others taking a number of medications. Noted that there were some violations, which often are accompanied by early repolarization of the ventricles. These include:

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  • family hyperlipidemia — a condition where the person has a tendency to increased accumulation of cholesterol and it’s hereditary;
  • hypercalcaemia;
  • dysplasia of the connective tissue — systemic pathology, which disrupts the development of this tissue in the process of finding the child in the womb and immediately after birth;
  • pathology of the autonomic nervous system;
  • hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a genetic disorder in which one of the ventricles (usually the left) has a thicker wall.
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What is dangerous syndrome?

The main danger of this feature is that it is not fully understood. Early repolarization can be detected in healthy people by accident when the preventive EKG. Similarly, there are also cases of syndrome in people with these or other violations cardiovascular activity.

However, does it state on the activity of the heart? It is believed that the violation of repolarization in the myocardium may be the cause of irregular heart rate. There is also information about the impact of the syndrome on the occurrence of systolic and diastolic dysfunctions. In children these changes are more dangerous because they are accompanied by growth of the heart muscle and the entire body.

Additional diagnostics

The syndrome of early repolarization traditionally considered electrocardiographic changes. «» It does not find a specific clinical picture is also no. In order to identify possible reasons for these results it is possible to resort to additional methods of diagnostics. Heart ultrasound will assess the size of the heart, determine the presence of structural abnormalities of the body and other pathological changes.
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Holter study is ECG, only carried out permanently during the day and more (up to three days). This method will reveal the link between early repolarization of the heart and the time of day when this occurs, the amount of physical activity, stress, etc.

Electrophysiological study is used to detect arrhythmias and problems with cardiac conduction. The survey is conducted on an outpatient basis. The method is quite serious, it is accompanied by a stimulation of certain areas of the heart. It is therefore necessary to take seriously the question of the choice of the clinic where the patient will carry out the electrophysiological study.

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All of these methods aim to understand the patient really syndrome early ventricular repolarization or other cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, Brugada syndrome — genetic disease with high risk of sudden cardiac arrest, pericarditis and others).


The specific mechanism of the treatment of the syndrome not. There are two possible options:

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  • when early repolarization is a simple phenomenon when the absolute health of the patient;
  • when the change is due to other violations cardiovascular activity.

In the first embodiment, the treatment is not necessary, as it is not related to any known diseases. You only need to lead a healthy lifestyle, to follow moderation physical exertion, eat right and regularly visit a cardiologist. This will help prevent or timely detect pathological changes in the heart, if they still occur.

The second option involves treating the cause of the syndrome, that is associated disease. In this case, the therapy is selected individually based on the specific diagnosis, age and individual peculiarities of the patient.

Do not self-medicate. Remember that only timely and systematic consultation from the cardiologist will be able to prevent the development of certain cardiovascular diseases associated with early repolarization of the ventricles.