The vessels of the brain: symptoms, treatment, folk remedies

The vessels of the brain constitute a complex system, which provides blood supply and nutrition of tissues and structures of the brain. They can be of different diameter from small capillaries to the wider arteries. Their tone depends on various factors: one and the same vessel can shrink and expand depending on external and internal stimuli. Among the pathological conditions of this coherent system is often found late spasm of blood vessels, which impairs blood flow to the brain and causes painful symptoms in the patient. To expand and strengthen their wall, you can use medicines or traditional medicines.

Causes of violations of brain blood supply

There are over a dozen different causes of this condition. Let us consider the most frequent of them:

  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The narrowing of the holes through which the vertebral artery, carrying blood to the brain.
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia. Impaired regulation of vascular tone.
  • Atherosclerotic process and hypertension.
  • Aneurysms and brain tumors.
  • Contribute to the development of spasm of stress, emotional overload, violation of sleep, unbalanced nutrition and Smoking. In addition, great importance is the patient’s age, because with age the arteries gradually lose their elasticity and become harder to perform its functions.

    The clinical picture of the pathology

    At infringement of normal work of blood vessels worsens blood flow to the tissues of the brain. The patient may experience the following symptoms:

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  • Painful headaches. Pain syndrome can occur in type of migraine, or they could appear dull aching pain. Often patients suffering from problems with blood vessels, sensitive to the change of weather conditions (weather dependent).
  • Memory impairment, confusion, problems with concentration and attention.
  • Sleep problems and poor mood.
  • Noise and ringing in the ears. Usually, these feelings are one-sided and bother typically the nights.
  • Nausea, rarely – vomiting.
  • Flies flashing before the eyes, loss of individual fields of view etc.
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    Such symptomatology is not specific and can occur in other pathological conditions. Therefore, before treatment should be examined and conduct a thorough diagnosis.

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    Treatment approaches

    Treatment of vessels under the supervision of the attending physician. The expansion and strengthening of blood vessels is carried out by the following groups of medicines:

  • Sedative and anti-anxiety medications. Often spasm of the arteries can occur on the basis of emotional experiences in these situations, the patient is recommended to undergo a course of soothing therapies (Valerian, hawthorn, etc.).
  • Vasodilators (Trental, Pentoxifylline, Vinpocetine). Under the action of these agents improves blood flow to the arteries of the brain, improves microcirculation and absorption of oxygen by the tissues of the brain.
  • Herbal remedies for vessels. Preparations based on Ginkgo biloba (Tanakan, Monoplant, etc.) have antioxidant properties and are used not only for therapeutic but also for preventive purposes.
  • Drugs to control blood pressure. This group includes several major groups of drugs: angiotensin-converting enzyme, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, diuretics etc.
  • Nicotinic acid and its analogues.
  • Treatment, improves the nutrition of the brain (Cinnarizine, etc.).
  • Statins and fibrates. These medications are used to reduce the level of cholesterol in atherosclerotic processes.
  • Depending on the condition of the patient is chosen for him individual treatment. It should take into account the condition of the blood vessels of the brain at the moment, the cause of the problem and the presence of comorbidity.

    How to strengthen blood vessels folk remedies?

    Alternative medicine offers numerous recipes for the treatment of spasm of the arterial walls. Folk remedies to expand the vessels can be used as a measure of emergency or for long-term treatment. Very popular are the following methods:

    • compresses on the forehead from decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, string);
    • a decoction of thyme, rosehip tea help to normalize blood pressure and help to extend the walls of the arteries;
    • aromatherapy; essential oil of lavender, peppermint, pine, and Myrtle have a calming effect and beneficial effect on the circulatory system;
    • decoctions of viburnum, agrimony, periwinkle possess a vasodilator effect and eliminate spasmodic effects.
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    In addition, you can master the techniques of self-massage and the appearance of headaches to massage of biologically active points (reflex zones at the temple, in the forehead and nape). Such treatment must be regular, but in this case it is possible to achieve a positive result.

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    In order for the cleansing vessels folk remedies passed as efficiently as possible, you must adhere to the rules of a balanced diet, reduce excess weight and get rid of bad habits. National treatment must be combined with taking drugs, otherwise such treatment is use can bring harm.

    The vessels of the brain are responsible for blood flow to critical organs. In violation of their work begin to disturb the painful symptoms that significantly complicate the life of the patient. For treatment using numerous medicines, as well as proven means of traditional medicine.