Throbbing headache: causes

Severe pain pulsating nature arising in the head, requires accurate diagnostics. It is very important not only to identify where it hurts and how, but what caused pain symptoms. Depending on the reasons to form a treatment plan for the patient with a pounding headache.

Typically, severe throbbing headache occurs suddenly but may also appear on the background of a long nagging headaches. Localization throbbing pain is often felt in the temples, the nape and frontal part. Throbbing pain in the head occurs in every age category, more often feel it women. This provoked a sharp drop in hormonal levels, especially during pregnancy.

As evidenced by the throbbing headache?

The appearance of a pulsating pain in the head reflects not only local problems, they arise as a symptom of more serious diseases. List, can talk about a headache with throbbing:

  • hypertensive crisis;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • neurological pathology;
  • intracranial hemorrhage;
  • neoplasm;
  • temporal arteritis.
  • Causes of pathology

    Consider the most common causes of a throbbing headache. Among them we can mention:

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  • Colds. The common cold in humans, it happens quite often, especially in autumn and winter. If the first time throbbing pain may not occur when a weakened immunity, frequent colds throbbing in the head becomes a constant companion of the patients. Often throbbing pain in the same place is the first distant symptom of inflammatory diseases of the nose and throat – sinusitis, sinusitis. Pain on the left side may indicate sinusitis. Usually this pain has a clear localization, which enables the physician to accurately diagnose. If throbbing pain is noted around the eyes, the culprit may be an acute glaucoma. Usually this disease but pain gives other characteristic symptoms are redness of the eyes, visual disturbances, nausea or vomiting.
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  • Wrong optics. Improper or poor quality optics also causes pulsating pain. If the first time wearing glasses may not cause obvious discomfort, then after some time the person feels the pain of the eye sockets and temples. Here the culprit of pain is the optic nerve, which sends impulses to the brain. Eye standing all the time in an unnatural tension, very tired. Usually the symptoms are intensified in the evening, added muscle soreness.
  • Hypothermia. The cold is very often not only provokes a pulsating pain in the head, but is the cause of more serious pathologies. It is very important in the cold season to wear a hat, to protect from drafts, not to SuperCool. Usually when drafts pulsating headache occurs on one side, for example, in the left temple or right temple, depending on which side is exposed to the cold. The consequence of this impact is not only the emergence of new diseases, and exacerbation of chronic infections.
  • Migraine. The concept of migraine in itself is identified with a headache, but the throbbing is just one of the components of this complex disease. The causes of migraine are still not identified, but scientists see one of the main reasons for the fluctuations in hormonal levels. Provoke migraine could abuse of alcohol or drugs, also noted that the disease may be inherited. It often happens that the disease affects women who have migraine immediately after waking up. Migraine symptoms manifest in different ways: from easy, but long-term headaches to short-term attacks, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and photophobia. Migraines are painful throbbing sensations can occur anywhere – in the back of my head to the left or right, in the temporal region, etc. Gradually, the pain fades away, becoming lethargic and sleepy the patient’s condition.
  • Of vascular pathology. Problems with blood vessels, the immediate cause of the throbbing pain. If for any reason the vessels no longer conduct blood, certain areas of the brain will suffer from lack of food and oxygen. The patient to easily determine the location of pain, for example, it can clearly indicate that pain in the left side of the head. In response, will turn on the autonomic nervous system, provoking a surge and signaling problems in this area.
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    Pain in the neck

    Throbbing pain in the back requires separate consideration due to the fact that she invoked a number of reasons. All the causes can be divided into four groups:

    • vascular causes, such as spasms of cerebral vessels, hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, a sharp increase of intracranial pressure;
    • neurologic causes, which include stress, migraine, pathology of the occipital nerve;
    • pathology of the cervical spine, among which often provoke pain in the neck, osteochondrosis, myositis, occupational disease, cervical spondylosis and migraine;
    • infectious processes or tumors localized in the occipital part of the head.

    The aforementioned reasons lead to chronic pain in the back, but a one-time discomfort can be caused by quitting Smoking and severe stress. For example, severe pain in the back of my head to the left can be caused by uncomfortable position during sleep, numb the back of the head in one position. When you change the position of the body, head and neck pains are.