Tingling in the region of the heart: causes

The sensation of piercing pain in the heart – a condition which signals not only about the possible cardiac pathologies, but also about a whole range of abuses by other agencies. This condition is called «cardialgia». Don’t worry about pain in left side sternum – most of them are not associated with the heart, besides, this kind of pain are easily eliminated after the establishment of their causes.

The concern should only cause pain or compressive pressing nature, arising as a consequence of emotional stress or physical stress that are associated with the feeling of frequent palpitations. In this case, we can suspect angina – a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels of the heart and cessation of oxygen and nutrients. Pathology threatens the development of acute myocardial infarction and possible death.

Signs of cardialgia

The occurrence of tingling in the heart area masked by the symptoms of different diseases. Consider the most common symptoms of cardialgia:

  • Feeling pain in left side of sternum, sometimes these sensations can occur in the chest, to give to the armpit. Very often the pain increases with the breath, raising his hands up and leaning forward.
  • The character of the pain can be quite varied – piercing, aching, cutting. In cardialgia the pain is although rare but can be a pressure or compressive, which is most characteristic of angina. In case of combined pathology on the background of angina symptoms there is a sharp lumbago, lasting a few seconds, or prolonged aching pain.
  • The characteristic symptom of cardialgia – the feeling of fear at what is happening. Because the patient does not understand why there was such a state, it connects the pain in the left side of the sternum with the indispensable heart disorders, which pumps panic and anxiety. Thus quickens the pulse, performs a cold sweat, felt the lack of air.
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    Causes of pain in left side sternum

    All causes of discomfort in left side sternum can be divided into two categories – cardiac and cardiac is not.

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    Cardiac causes

  • The first is to think about the pathologies of the myocardium – myocarditis, dishormonal cardiomyopathy and myocardial hypertrophy.
  • The cause of the pain in the heart may be hitting other cardiac membranes endocardium or pericardium, most often manifested in the inflammation of these muscles.
  • Mitral valve prolapse – a sagging of the valve and its partial closure. Usually, this pathology is diagnosed in children, but in the period of puberty and active growth of the prolapse resolved itself on its own. However, in children during exercise it is this reason provokes pain in the heart.
  • Покалывания в области сердца: причины

    Other reasons

  • Neurocirculatory dystonia, which is a consequence of the imbalance of the parts of the nervous system. For this reason, the nature of pain changes significantly, patients experience prolonged discomfort in the heart, colic, feeling moments of heart-stopping (false), shortness of breath, spasms of the throat. As a rule, this diagnosis is most often found in young people.
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic and hernia can also induce pain in the heart. They are not associated with physical activity, but appear during the change of position of the head and neck. Could worsen after sleep, if the patient is uncomfortable settled in bed.
  • Cervical-shoulder syndrome is the result of compression of arteries and nerves of the brachial plexus. There is such a condition when working with your hands, wearing heavy things on his shoulders. As a rule, heart pain combined with numbness of the hands, discomfort in the affected side, decrease in blood pressure in the arm.
  • herpes zoster accompanied by pathology of the intercostal nerves also can trigger intense pain in the sternum, which is not always removed with analgesics. Often after an illness virus aktiviziruyutsya conserved and any adverse factors – cold, stress, infections, which entails the cardialgia. It lasts, usually short-lived, about two to three days.
  • Depression, stress, neurosis is a common cause of pain in the heart. Appears when changes in the cerebral cortex. Patients reported that tingle in the heart, and other unpleasant sensations (goose bumps, tremors, backache in the extremities).
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    Покалывания в области сердца: причины

  • Gastrointestinal diseases such as colitis or pancreatitis can also cause pain in the left side, especially, if these pathologies are too high aperture. Pain can occur with swelling of the stomach, the intestinal dysbiosis and diaphragmatic hernia. As a rule, when you change the position of the body the pain goes away.
  • Peptic ulcer often produces spasms, irradiiruet to the left side of the sternum. It is their patients and confused with cardiac pain. The distinctive feature of such pain – and linking them to food intake.
  • The appearance of heart pain may be caused by diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as Tietze’s syndrome, trauma to ribs, etc.
  • One of the most common causes of heart pain – of lung diseases. Lung tissue with weak innervation, as a rule, does not give pain in diseases of the lungs, so this feature adopt into major nerve branch, located near the heart. Unknowingly pulmonary patients confuse the pain with heart. Having discomfort as a result of bronchitis, tracheitis, pleurisy, pulmonary hypertension, cancer, or pulmonary infarction.
  • Diagnosis of the disease

    In order to accurately establish the cause of pain in the left side of the sternum, is a comprehensive examination of the patient. It includes:

    • history:
    • analysis of the available patient somatic diseases and pathologies in his family;
    • visual and physical examination;
    • analysis of urine and blood;
    • immunological and biochemical analysis of blood;
    • the analysis on hormones;
    • x-ray;
    • echocardiography of the heart;
    • radiography of the mediastinum.

    In some cases, you may need an examination by a gastroenterologist, neurologist or pulmonologist, who will appoint their own specific tests.

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    The treatment of the disease

    Treatment of illness is based on what pathology caused pain in the heart, or rather in the left side of the sternum. Only after a clear diagnosis, you can figure out what to do next, and how to build the right tactics treatment. Specialist may prescribe basic guidelines for the patient: lifestyle changes, psychotherapy, topical treatment of pathology. In some cases, will require the appointment of drugs (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, diuretics, drugs to normalize blood pressure), depending on what pathology is found and how it is treated. In some cases, you may need surgical intervention, for example, with the diaphragmatic hernia or peptic ulcer.