Treatment of atherosclerosis of brain vessels folk remedies

Atherosclerosis is a disease of elderly — is difficult to treat. The pathological process in the best case you can pause, notice the development of dangerous complications. In addition, the treatment of atherosclerosis for a long time, financially costly, and often has a negative effect on the organs. That is why at the forefront in eliminating this disease out therapy medicinal herbs and folk remedies.

Popular treatment of atherosclerosis: eliminate the cause of the disease and prevent complications

A large part of assigned drugs provides only symptomatic effects. First atherosclerosis affects the blood vessels of the brain, hence the specific symptoms of malaise (headaches, various vision disorders, tinnitus, dizziness). However, this does not mean that the rest of the extensive system of arteries and veins is in good condition. Consequences of atherosclerosis:

  • stroke;
  • Coronary artery disease, heart attack;
  • cardiac aneurysm, abdominal aortic;
  • gangrene on the feet;
  • renal hypertension.

Before treatment and choice of means to understand the causes of the disease and act on them. In atherosclerosis should deal with the following pathological changes:

  • the slow metabolism of fats and high cholesterol;
  • the narrowing of blood vessels of atherosclerotic plaques;
  • vasospasm;
  • oxygen starvation of tissues (particularly the brain);
  • decreased tone of the heart muscle;
  • blood clotting (increased prothrombin).

In this case, and drug therapy, and folk remedies from atherosclerosis should include calming the nervous system components and to provide sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

Hypertension is no longer a disease?

Doctors are shocked by the statement, the chief cardiac surgeon in the country Leo Beaucaire.

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Rules of treatment of folk remedies

  • It is pointless to rely on healing using only one component. Treatment must be comprehensive. The greatest effect gives a multi-component recipes.
  • Лечение атеросклероза сосудов головного мозга народными средствами

  • Sudden «miracle healing» does not occur. Therapy medicinal herbs is long, though it gives a more lasting effect than most drugs. Please be patient.
  • One course usually lasts 3 months. After that it is recommended to change the recipe and use other components.
  • Should take into account comorbidities. Herbs, like medications, have contraindications. However, the first have a significant advantage — the least amount of side effects.
  • For alcohol tinctures, in most cases, does rubbing alcohol, diluted to 50 – 60º.
  • For drivers alcohol tincture is recommended to replace the water infusions and decoctions.
  • Treatment at home was approved by the attending physician.
  • Phytotherapy with the use of folk remedies is performed under regular control of blood parameters (prothrombin, cholesterol).
  • Homemade recipes from atherosclerosis do not replace medical therapy, and only reinforce the effect.
  • Therapy of atherosclerotic lesions of blood vessels folk remedies as a primary method of treatment is suitable only for minor damage to the vascular wall. With massive atherosclerotic lesions and severe symptoms, main role for drug treatment (gives faster results).
  • Treatment of atherosclerosis effectively only when lifestyle changes: nutrition, exercise regimen, mental and emotional reactions to stress.

Treatment of atherosclerosis of brain vessels folk remedies

  • Tibetan recipe
    Tincture of garlic — a great tool recovery vessels. Instead of using the sprouted garlic (preferably home grown without chemicals) in an amount of 300 g Crushed with chesnokodavilku or a meat grinder, pour 300 ml of rubbing alcohol. Infuse it in a dark bottle in a cupboard (no light) 10 days, occasionally shaking. Eat three times a day with 1 drop, each receiving an increasing dose of tincture 1 drop. When he reached 15 drops, gradually reduce the dosage to 1 drop, then take 25 drops for a single admission. Better to dilute with milk (enough 50 ml), to drink before eating. Garlic tincture is considered to be the elixir of youth, which is recommended to take no more than 1 course of 5 years. It is worth considering that Tibetan recipe greatly reduces the pressure.
  • Honey recipe
    Med — «best friend» of the nervous system and the guarantor of healthy vessels. Eating 1 spoon of honey at night, you will not only calm your nerves, and receive a good night’s sleep, but also prevent the development of atherosclerosis. When existing signs of vascular disease of honey in equal parts, mix with lemon juice and high quality oil. Admission rules are simple: 1 scoop in the morning before Breakfast. The man who decided to use honey as medicine, must be sure of no allergies to it.
    To honey in equal parts you can add onion juice and plantain.
  • Лечение атеросклероза сосудов головного мозга народными средствами

  • Tincture of Sophora japonica
    Sophora japonica is one of the most effective herbs against atherosclerosis. Is part of drugs Boluses Huato, successfully eliminating even the residual effects of stroke. Home preparation of tincture of Sophora: Cup chopped raw pour 50 ml of vodka and insist 3 weeks in a cool place. Technique — three times a day for 1 tablespoon before eating.
  • Alcohol tincture made from Golden mustache
    House plant Golden mustache is a great anti-oxidant and effectively strengthens the vascular wall. 35 disrupted sustavchikov pour 1.5 liters of vodka, drink 1 des. L. after 2 weeks of infusion. Reception before meals three times a day. A 10-day course may be repeated up to 3 times in 10 days interval.
  • Melissa tea
    An excellent remedy for tinnitus and vertigo. It is possible to prepare aqueous infusion or adding herbs to the tea leaves. Daily use a few times.
  • Herbal
    In the home effective use of herbal complex including hawthorn (strengthens the heart); rose (large amount of contained therein vitamin C irritates the kidneys); field horsetail (diuretic effect with prolonged use thickens the blood); St. John’s wort («grass of the 100 diseases»); Valerian root; clover; nettle; dandelion root.
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What would the recipe for the treatment of atherosclerosis you choose, be sure to discuss it with your doctor!