Treatment of atherosclerosis: pharmacological and folk

Under atherosclerosis understand the disease that affects large and medium arteries due to the deposition on their walls of cholesterol, resulting in impaired blood circulation. Atherosclerosis affects the blood vessels of any organs: lungs, heart, brain, kidney, muscles. When the advanced form of the disease and complications often require surgical intervention.



To the treatment of atherosclerosis to be effective, requires a comprehensive approach to it. It is recommended to follow a diet, drinking, medicines and use folk remedies. However, you cannot self-medicate, all funds must appoint a physician.

Principles of treatment of atherosclerosis are:

  • The cessation of the flow of animal fat in the body.
  • Acceleration of metabolism and excretion of excess cholesterol.
  • Constant physical activity.
  • The treatment of diabetes, hypertension and other risk factors of atherosclerosis.

A therapeutic diet

Upon detection of atherosclerosis patients exclude foods that contain a high concentration of cholesterol. It is prohibited to eat fatty fish and meat dishes, liver, egg yolks, high fat milk, sour cream. It is impossible to use in food meat broths, canned food, sausages, coffee and mushrooms. Limit salt intake to four grams a day.

Лечение атеросклероза: медикаментозное и народное

Resolved the following products:

  • fish and seafood;
  • chicken, meat, Turkey, rabbit;
  • lean beef, veal;
  • cereals, especially buckwheat, millet;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • dried fruits;
  • greens.

Daily diet of a person suffering from atherosclerosis, there should be a few cloves of garlic, Apple, cheese, orange and lemon. Drinks — weak tea, with milk or with lemon, vegetable juices.

Excess weight adversely affects the patient’s condition is atherosclerosis. Waist circumference in men should not exceed 102 cm and in women 88 cm to eliminate the extra pounds, selected a diet with restriction of total calories.


For the treatment of atherosclerosis therapy drugs intended to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. Early symptoms of the disease you can try to eliminate the diet. However, before that you need to pass the examination and consult with your doctor.

Drug treatment of atherosclerosis reduce the risk of complications of this condition: heart attack, stroke, gangrene of limbs. Schema therapy is prescribed by a doctor individually, depending on the health status of the patient, the presence of risk factors for cardiovascular complications, age and sex, Smoking.

The aim of atherosclerosis treatment is to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, therefore cholesterol-lowering drugs are assigned. This group includes:

  • The bile acid resins (Cholestyramine, Colestipol). Cholestyramine — a medicine is effective but has an unpleasant taste, it can interfere with other drugs. Therefore it is not recommended to mix it with medicines. Used for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis. Do not take the remedy for sensitivity to any of its components, obstruction biliary tract, phenylketonuria, pregnancy and lactation. The principle of operation is based on the binding of intestinal bile acids and cholesterol and accelerated excretion from the body.
  • Nicotinic acid drugs lower the total cholesterol, but to achieve results, they must be taken in large doses. Have downloads the following drugs: Enduracin, Acipimox. Like all drugs, there are side effects, particularly hyperemia (redness) of the skin, dizziness, allergic reactions. It is not recommended to use in case of hypersensitivity to nicotinic acid, peptic ulcer.
  • Fibrates are well absorbed by the body and lower cholesterol. There are the following drugs: Clofibrate, Gemfibrozil, Bezafibrat, Ciprofibrate, Fenofibrate. Drugs affect lipoproteinlipase enzyme that breaks down lipoproteins, including cholesterol. With caution need to accept older patients, people suffering from kidney stones, liver failure. In case of intolerance of components, renal failure, pregnancy and lactation administration of drugs is prohibited.
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    Лечение атеросклероза: медикаментозное и народное

    Of particular importance in the treatment are statins. They are divided into two types:

  • (Natural), which is obtained by fermentation of fungi (Lovastatin, Simvastatin).
  • Synthetic (Fluvastatin).
  • Taken inside, usually at night, the dosage depends on the severity of the disease and the patient’s condition. Not recommended in acute diseases and disorders liver function, during pregnancy and lactation, hypersensitivity to the active substance. The benefit of statins in treating atherosclerosis is that they reduce the penetration of cholesterol into blood vessels, blood viscosity and improves microcirculation. Recommended to take a long time, their use must be regularly checked liver function. Modern drugs are safer for muscle and liver than the first generation of statins, however their cost is much higher.

    If drug treatment of atherosclerosis is ineffective, the doctor may decide on the surgery. It is, however, thrombotic complications associated with rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque or occlusion of the vessel.

    Folk remedies

    At the initial stage of atherosclerosis to alleviate the condition through traditional medicine, but only after consulting a doctor.

    For the prevention and treatment of the disease people over the age of 40 need to drink the juice of raw potatoes before meals. You can also take in the morning in 3 tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil, which helps to cleanse the blood vessels and getting rid of excess cholesterol.

    For purification of small and large arteries suitable tincture of garlic. 50 grams of garlic pound in a mortar or squeeze through chesnokodavku, pour a glass of vodka. The mixture was stored in containers with tight-fitting lid in a dark place for a week, stirring occasionally. Take 10 drops at a time, first mixing with a teaspoon of water, three times a day before meals. Taking in until the mixture is finished, then it is recommended to take a break for 60 days and repeat the course. The reviews of this recipe it is possible to hear only positive, in addition to addressing manifestations of atherosclerosis, headache, there is courage.

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    Good help in the treatment of vascular disease herbs:

    • rose hips, red ash strengthen blood vessels;
    • motherwort has a calming effect, regulates the work of the heart;
    • hawthorn helps with ischemia, dilates blood vessels;
    • possessing diuretic and choleretic effect leaves, cranberries, immortelle.

    Fees herbs help in the treatment of early stage of atherosclerosis. You want to take equal proportions of the following components:

    • the leaves and buds of birch;
    • herb sweet clover, oregano, sage;
    • licorice root, flax seed;
    • leaves mother and stepmother, plantain;
    • leaves and fennel seeds.

    Pour the mixture 500 ml of boiling water and drink half a glass 15 minutes before a meal.

    • Collect for the purification of vessels. You need to prepare a strawberry, hawthorn and chokeberry. 2 tablespoons dried fruit pour 0, 5 liters of boiling water, bring to boil and allow to cool. Drink 100 ml about 4 times a day before meals. You can use fresh and frozen berries. This collection has a positive effect on the heart, restores the immune system and alleviate symptoms of atherosclerosis.
    • Means of seasoning cloves. If atherosclerosis dizziness occurs, is the pain in the heart area, use the following recipe. 500 grams of vodka to pour in a jar with a volume of 3 l, add 25 grams of cloves (spice) and 500 grams of sugar, 4 lemons grated with the peel. Mix everything carefully so that the sugar is dissolved, and add the volume of warm water. Let the mixture stand for 15 days in a dark place and drink 25 grams three times before meals, while the Bank will not end. Then take a break for a week, then repeat the course. To get a positive result in the treatment of atherosclerosis by means of clove, you should drink three cans.
    • Therapeutic tea to reduce cholesterol in the blood. Take rose hips, birch leaves, burdock root, carrot root, mint, herbs kidney tea and cudweed, root of Siberian ginseng in equal quantities. Mix and separate out 2 tablespoons, pour a glass of hot water and warm on water bath for half an hour. Allow to cool at room temperature and strain. The broth is diluted with water to 200 grams and drink in atherosclerosis as a tea.
    • Tea from lemon balm. The specified plant has a positive effect on the brain vessels, heart, helps relieve dizziness, soothes and improves sleep that accompany atherosclerosis. Brew it as a tea.
    • Nettle bath. If atherosclerosis have violated the vessels of the lower extremities, to help bath with nettles. The treatment is carried out with leaves of the fresh plant. To do this, take the nettle, put in a tub and pour hot water, wait until water has cooled. Then get in the tub, the procedure is done in a day. Recently popular treatment with leeches — hirudotherapy. They can reduce symptoms and improve health. Leeches secrete hirudin substance that strengthens the walls of blood vessels, dissolves parietal blood clots, normalizes blood circulation, which is a good complement to traditional methods of treatment.
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    Лечение атеросклероза: медикаментозное и народное

    The positive effects of this procedure:

    • is a muscle spasm;
    • decrease pain;
    • capillary circulation is improved;
    • normal blood pressure;
    • improves function of the immune system;
    • improves blood composition.

    Like all drugs, there are contraindications:

    • severe anemia;
    • poor blood clotting;
    • low pressure;
    • pregnancy;
    • the tendency to allergies;
    • Oncology.

    Helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis dry grape wine. It contained flavonoids and catechins break down excess cholesterol. It is recommended to take wine 50 ml once a day for 14 days.

    Treatment of atherosclerosis with folk remedies must be under the supervision of a physician. Do not self medicate. None of the traditional medicine has not proven effective in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, so they can be only a Supplement to the recognized international standards of drug therapy.


    To atherosclerosis has not progressed and to prevent its complications follow the guidelines:

    • conduct routine monitoring of cholesterol and blood sugar (at least once a year);
    • to give up cigarettes, alcohol, drugs;
    • needed exercise;
    • eliminate the stress;
    • regularly measure blood pressure;
    • to follow a diet with restriction of animal fats.

    For secondary prevention, i.e., prevention of complications, required medications, such as statins and antiplatelet agents, fighting blood clots, Acetylsalicylic acid. Treatment of atherosclerosis in the initial stage can be carried out with the help of folk remedies, diet, exercise.