Ultrasound of the heart to a child: when prescribed procedure?

Ultrasound baby heart — informative study, whose results allow to assess the condition of the valves, chambers, structures, and myocardial contractility. The procedure has no contraindications, it can be done from the first days of baby’s life, with no preparation required.


When the desired ultrasound?

Ultrasound baby heart shown in such cases:

  • The boy was unconscious, the cause is unknown.
  • The child quickly gets tired.
  • The refusal of the breast.
  • Low-grade fever in the absence of external signs of SARS.
  • The child has shortness of breath.
  • Toddler complains of pain in the chest, the skin in the region of nasolabial triangle acquired a blue tint.
  • The child had suffered from pneumonia in a row.
  • Ultrasound of the heart the child is carried out to Refine the data obtained through echocardiogram.
  • There is a lag in physical development.
  • The pediatrician found a redness of the throat and a dry cough with no other symptoms of infectious (viral) disorders.
  • Audible noise during auscultation of the heart. Such phenomena may indicate the presence of a congenital defect.
  • To make ultrasonic diagnostics of the myocardium is necessary if the child does not tolerate physical exercise, the intensity of which corresponds to his age. So when, during training or in another type of activity the baby is sweating heavily, presumably he has problems in the cardiac region.
  • Indications for ultrasonography is the decline in immune function: a child often sick, and the end of SARS pneumonia.

Ultrasound of the heart hold the baby in one month if during the pregnancy his mother fell ill with rubella. A mandatory procedure is for children in whose family there were cases of congenital anomalies of development (e.g., diagnosed heart disease).

The study helps to identify:

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  • Blood clots (intracavitary or mural).
  • The inflammatory process in the heart muscle.
  • The contraction (expansion) chambers.
  • Increased (decreased) volume of the myocardium.
  • The presence of fluid in the pericardium.
  • Heart defects (violation of the structure of the septa, valves, extra chords, etc.).
  • Endocarditis.

About the procedure

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No special preparation for the ultrasound study of the heart of a child is not required. Kids, aged less than 1 year, shows the food intake shortly before the survey: children fall asleep and do not interfere with the specialist to carry out the necessary manipulations.

The procedure is painless and safe:

  • child stripped to the waist, lay back on the couch;
  • analog handles hypoallergenic solution the child’s chest and places a tag on it that will move in the research process;
  • the monitor screen displays an image of the heart and blood vessels; based on the analysis seen the doctor makes a conclusion about the state of the myocardium and the presence (absence) of any abnormalities.

Routine echocardiography must be done monthly and year-old child. It is important to be screened in adolescence (13-14 years) or in the period of intensive growth of children. It was under such circumstances can form cardiac pathology that it is important to identify the early stages of development and treat.


A description of the results of research carried out in the first place, the doctor conducting the ultrasound diagnosis: he has a table with standard values. Specialist compares data obtained in the survey, with the characteristics of the healthy heart, the results of captures in the conclusion.

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The physician should evaluate blood flow through the valves: sufficient amount of blood is pumped into large vessels and does not flow whether the liquid back (the first phenomenon is called the «ejection fraction», the second «regurgitation»).

Further, the results of ultrasound investigation of the heart of the baby evaluated by the pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist. They conclude on the presence (absence) of pathological changes in the myocardium and, if necessary, select corrective therapy.

Ultrasound of the heart ‘ will be held in the district hospital and private medical center. How the quality of the interpretation and description of the results of the procedure depends on the skill of the doctor, not from the study.

So, ultrasound of the heart child — informative type of diagnostics that evaluate the functions of this body as a whole and identify different pathologies (endocarditis, coronary artery disease, malformations, etc.) in particular. The procedure is safe, requires no special preparation and has no contraindications. Heart ultrasound can be done to the children from the first days of life.

Procedure have shown the child at the age of 1 month, then 1 year, and teenagers of 13-14 years. In other cases, ultrasound of the myocardium can be carried out as a preventive measure or if there are indications (for diagnosis).

Doctors of high qualification conduct ultrasound children still in the womb, allowing time to identify fetal heart defects.