What not to eat with high cholesterol?

Hypercholesterolemia – increased cholesterol levels in the blood. Its harm is known to all: gradually putting off the vessel walls, it narrows their lumen. This not only speeds up the blood flow, but may contribute to vascular thrombosis. It cholesterol plaques are the cause of such serious diseases as heart attacks and strokes. So what not to eat with high cholesterol?

Why compromise?

It should be quite an unexpected answer: the same thing that normal numbers of cholesterol. Only at high levels of the substance goals diet will prevent further deterioration of hemodynamics and stabilization of the risk of heart attacks and strokes. When a normal concentration of this substance in your blood the objective of such diet will be the implementation of tasks to maintain a healthy blood vessels to old age, providing them with active longevity. Therefore, when reducing the cholesterol levels in the blood plasma decreases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and risk of sudden cardiac death.

Menu: remove unnecessary

To reduce cholesterol, you need to abandon one product and to give preference to others. Here is the list of cholesterol rich foods, from which to refuse in the first place:

  • Margarine, all types of hydrofat, shortenings and cooking fats as well as puff pastry.
  • Sausage and pork meat, pork fat.
  • The yolk of a chicken egg. Even healthy people are advised not to eat more than one egg a day, and suffering from atherosclerosis should be limited to one egg a week. Don’t forget that pies with onions and eggs are also rich in cholesterol.
  • Fish caviar. Cholesterol is found even in small eggs (e.g. caviar, capelin and Pollock). In addition, the caviar causes retention of salt and water in the body, causing swelling and making it difficult for the heart.
  • The by-products. These include organ meats, liver, brains and kidneys. Of course, not all love such an exotic dish like brains in breadcrumbs. But, nevertheless, do not eat liver sausage, liver pate and fried in butter pies with the liver.
  • Canned fish in oil, canned meat, and in General, canned fish, birds and animals meat (canned meat pork, beef, lamb).
  • Aged varieties are solid and gourmet cheeses (Parmesan, Swiss cheese).
  • Fast food: chips, fries, burgers, chicken hot wings and other edibles.
  • Melted butter, fat varieties of sour cream (25 – 30%).
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Что нельзя есть при повышенном холестерине?
The above products are not recommended to be used not only for people suffering from high cholesterol, but patients with overweight, diabetes mellitus, chronic venous insufficiency of vessels of lower extremities, hypertension, chronic pancreatic insufficiency. Because the pancreas is simply unable to digest a heavy meal.

Hypertension no longer a death sentence?

The cardiologist said that there is finally a cure for hypertension …

What is useful to eat

To lower cholesterol is not enough rich limit the use of its products. This will lead to its stabilization and a small, slow shift in the direction of decreasing concentration. To speed up this process, you need to eat the following products:

  • Bran (e.g., oat). They can be used to create a feeling of fullness as they swell in the stomach.
  • Fibrous foods, such as natural Apple marmalade and citrus.
  • Fresh carrot and products thereof, for example, carrot cakes.
  • Green tea. It contained tannin has a beneficial effect on the vascular wall and cholesterol.
  • Red pepper and all kinds of peppers, eaten fresh.
  • Pumpkin – zucchini, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins. They are beneficial to the blood vessels, their tissue has the ability to bind cholesterol in the intestinal lumen and print it out, not allowing me to absorb.
  • Mushrooms. Although fungi are a separate the amazing Kingdom that much closer to animals than to plants, they reduce the level of cholesterol. Fruit bodies themselves are composed of chitin, the same material as the shells of insects. People do not have the enzyme chitinase, so the mushrooms absorbed the water and salt, and the fiber binds cholesterol and removes it from the body.
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In addition to the above products, there are many neutral which are useful in small quantities. So sunflower seeds are very useful: they contain large amounts of vitamins, fiber, and cholesterol free, but they are very high in calories (as a source of vegetable oil) and can affect weight.

In any case, before to start to influence cholesterol metabolism through nutrition, you need to consult the experts – your doctor or nutritionist.