What to do if your heart aches?

Heart — with this phrase begins with the most calls in an ambulance. Heart pain, regardless of their nature (stabbing, aching, crushing), always make people fear for their lives. Everyone knows that in heart pain you need to take Nitroglycerin. However, sometimes a painful condition has absolutely nothing to do with the heart, and drugs from the group of nitrates is completely ineffective.

Why your heart aches?

From the cause of the pain in the heart, affects the treatment tactics and measures to aid. Cardiovascular disease, provoking attacks of cardiac pain:

  • The increase in a/d in hypertensive patients or in cases of spontaneous increase in pressure is often marked tenderness in the region of the heart.
  • Angina — paroxysmal pressing pain behind the breastbone, most commonly, it occurs after an emotional outburst or physical exertion.
  • A heart attack is often manifested by intense pain, radiating to the neck, the arms, the jaw with the left hand, and interscapular region. Thus there is pallor, sweating and panic, the patient hard to breathe. If you suspect a heart attack is an urgent call «emergency»!
  • Inflammatory heart diseases are characterized by localized/diffuse acute heart pain that begins after a viral infection or a sore throat. Always accompanied by fever.

Causes of pain in the heart area, caused by pathology of other organs:

  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract — esophagitis, gastritis and even gallstone can give clinical picture similar to that of angina. However, pain is always associated with meals. In such cases, the pain symptoms are eliminated by taking antacids (gaviscon, Almagel) or antispasmodics (no-Spa).
  • Pleurisy inflammation of the pleura often have localized pain in the chest, including the left side which holds the heart. The pain increases on inspiration and is accompanied by dry cough, shortness of breath.
  • Embolism major pulmonary embolism — blood clots leading to blockage of blood flow to the heart. Recorded a sharp sudden heart pain, aggravated by deep breathing. Quickly there is loss of consciousness. Condition threatening the patient’s life and requires immediate medical attention.
  • Intercostal neuralgia — occurs after a stay in the draft. Sharp pain occurs during breathing.
  • Cardiac neurosis and autonomic dystonia is usually associated with prolonged emotional overload, often diagnosed in adolescence. Heart pain not accompanied by organic changes in the myocardium. The teenager observed the mood swings, overreacting even to small stimuli, sweating palms, periodically increasing heartbeat. Regular use of sedatives (Valerian, motherwort, etc.) will help to calm the nervous system and prevent the recurrence of attacks of cardiac pain.
  • Pathology of locomotor apparatus — scoliosis and cervical/thoracic degenerative disc disease is often mimic angina. Characterized by pain aggravated by turning the trunk and head, moving hands. Painful symptoms are offset by taking pain medications and NSAIDs (Ketoprofen, Ketorolac, Diclofenac).
  • Shingles — a herpetic rash on the trunk, often accompanied by pains in the chest.
  • Panic attack — provoke clinic, similar to the attack of angina and even a heart attack. However, to the fore here with pain in the heart due to a mental disorder, out irritating effect (riding in the Elevator, stay in the crowd, etc.).
  • Hormonal changes in women — pregnancy and menopause may be accompanied by increased heart rate and cardiac pain.
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Hypertension in the past now?

Cardiologists risk to remain without work — hypertension now curable!

Other causes of heart pain

  • Weather dependent

Often the pain in heart patients is associated with weather extremes. However, this symptom may indicate low current cardiac pathology.

  • Alcohol intoxication

Pain in the heart arising from a hangover due to dehydration and thickening of blood under the action of the poisons of alcohol. In this case, you must drink plenty of fluids, eat fatty broths. Drinking glass of beer or hard liquor hangover will easily replace sour cream. Its effective in removing the hangover is very high, without inflicting harm to the body. Relief comes after a contrast shower, administration of activated charcoal (to 10 tab. at the same time), Aspirin (0.5 g) Vit. With (100 – 200 mg).

  • Emotional turmoil

A quarrel at work or at home, the news of the death, a storm of joy over the happy event can cause sharp pain in the heart area. This reaction is caused by spasm of blood vessels and is quickly lost to Nitroglycerin.
Find out the real cause of heart pain often doctor can. Therefore, when symptoms, especially accompanied by shortness of breath and excessive sweating, in need of urgent medical consultation. Address to the cardiologist is mandatory and repetitive pain attacks.

What to do when the pain in your heart?

If you experience any pain in the heart do not panic: excessive anxiety will only aggravate the painful symptoms. At home should observe the following rules:

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  • To exclude exercise, sit in a comfortable position (don’t lie!). To open Windows, to undo the collar of his shirt.
  • If you are home alone, and there was pain in the heart, should call the neighbor. Sometimes, there may be fainting.
  • To give any of the sedative drugs — infusion of Valerian, motherwort, drops or Valokardin Korvalola.
  • To measure the pressure and take a hypotensive agent in high numbers.
  • Put under the tongue 1 tab. Nitroglycerin. After 5 min. after resorption with continued pain you should repeat the reception (up to 5 tab.). Nitrosorbid and other nitrates act more slowly, so Nitroglycerin is the drug of choice for cardiac pain. Related to taking Nitroglycerin headache can be reduced by taking the drug drops. Validol is not a substitute for the nitrates! Its action on the myocardium just a reflex and only outwardly relieves symptoms of angina, improving blood circulation in the myocardium.
  • In cases of high blood clotting and if you suspect a heart attack are advised to take 1 tab. Aspirin for the prevention of thrombosis.

An emergency ambulance is needed in cases where the above measures do not bring relief, at a pressure of 180 – 200/90 – 100 and later, the pulse is over 200 beats/min and severe shortness of breath if the patient lost consciousness. If your heart aches for quite a long time – with a visit to the clinic should not be delayed. Deterioration can occur at any time, and the treatment if delayed seeking medical care will be more complex and lengthy.