When pregnancy swollen feet: what to do?

Waiting for a baby is a special period in every woman’s life. This time of anticipation of the birth of the new man, of pleasant trouble in the preparation of the children’s area and a dowry. However, this hour the responsibility of women for their health.

Causes of edema of the lower extremities in pregnant women

The woman in the situation should be closely monitored for health. About any ailment, even the most minor, must be reported watching a gynecologist. It will help to identify early signs of trouble and will not allow threats to the life and health of mother and child.

Many pregnant women complain of swelling of the feet. Swelling bothers, usually in the second half of pregnancy. After 20 weeks the fetus is growing very rapidly, and with it increases in size and the uterus. She oppresses the abdominal organs, including blood vessels. Behind the uterus are the large venous trunks that carry blood from the legs upward to the heart. In a partially compressed vessels, the blood flows worse «stagnant» below the level of the uterus. That’s why the women in the situation often appears varicose veins of the legs, the perineum, pelvis, hemorrhoids. Excess fluid in the lower half of the body leads to swelling in the legs.

Another cause of swelling feet are considered to be hormonal changes in a woman’s body. During pregnancy the whole body of the expectant mother is subject to the action of progesterone. One of its effects – the expansion of all blood vessels and increased permeability of their walls, which provided adequate food and oxygen supply to the fetus. Arteries, veins and capillaries of the lower extremities is also exposed to progesterone. Worse, they hold the liquid part of blood, from which water «leaks» into the surrounding tissue.

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How to notice swelling?

The majority of pregnant swollen feet to the evening, and after a night’s sleep, the swelling is not noticeable as the excess water is evenly distributed throughout the body. By the end of the day the fluid is at the level of the feet and ankles. Becomes tight shoes, there are traces of gum, socks and buckle shoes. Women complain of the feeling of «heavy legs». If finger pressure on the ankle joint from the front or side, there will be a hole and will remain for a few minutes. Most of the right leg swells stronger than your left because of the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the bloodstream. About the swelling first appeared it is necessary to inform your gynecologist.
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If you experience swelling of the feet, pay attention to other areas. Not if swollen hands? There are so-called «sign of the ring» – because of the excess accumulation of fluid becomes difficult to remove wedding ring. To pregnant women recommend to give up wearing rings for the entire period of waiting for a baby, as swelling may occur suddenly, in one night.

Carefully inspect the face – swelling may appear around the eyes, upper eyelids are becoming heavier, a little more than usual to cover the eyes, the skin appears more transparent and thinner. In severe cases not only swollen hands and feet. Fluid accumulates in the lower abdomen, and then throughout the body. This condition is called anasarca.

In addition to overt (i.e. visible to the eye) edema occur and hidden. Then the liquid does not accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue and adipose tissue surrounding internal organs. To detect this form of edema, should be regularly weighed. Too large and sudden increase of body weight speaks of hidden edema. If you suspect them, get a special diary. In the left half sheet mark all liquid drunk per day, including soups. Burn eaten vegetables and fruits – they contain a lot of moisture. In the right half note the exact number of urine. These data will help your doctor to judge the fact and degree of fluid retention.

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Why it is important to notice swelling?

Swelling can be a sign of preeclampsia – a serious illness in pregnant women, threatening the life and health of mother and fetus. When preeclampsia protein in the urine (this is why late-term appoint the General analysis of urine almost every week, even if the pregnancy is proceeding well), increased blood pressure. In severe cases (eclampsia) occur convulsions, possible coma. Changes the state of the walls of all blood vessels of the body. Disturbed blood supply to the uterus, placenta and fetus. Without adequate nutrition the child will be delayed in growth and development, and possible death.

What to do if the swelling appeared suddenly, and in a few areas? It is better not to wait for an appointment in the antenatal clinic, and immediately call an ambulance. For the proper treatment required hospitalization. Late-term (38 weeks or more) the issue of delivery.
При беременности отекают ноги: что делать?
Swelling can also be a sign of trouble in the heart, especially if heart problems were before pregnancy. In this case, the question on hospitalisation and treatment will be addressed by the gynecologist and the therapist or the cardiologist.

How to deal with leg swelling?

To remove swelling in the legs, observe the following guidelines.

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  • Follow the day regimen, avoid high physical and mental stress. Needed a full night’s sleep and «quiet hours» during the day.
  • Eat right: diet should be enough plant foods and dairy products. Drink as much as you like – swelling in pregnancy do not require restriction of fluid and salt. It is recommended once a week to arrange fasting days – 500 g of cottage cheese and 1.5 kg of apples.
  • After consultation with a doctor may use a mild herbal diuretic (kidney tea, bearberry).
  • Some doctors prescribe vitamins – ascorbic acid and rutin.
  • Try not to spend much time in the sitting position – it is difficult outflow of venous blood from the legs. Possibly more walk in the fresh air.
  • When you lie down to rest, place the foot under the pillow so that they were above the level of the heart. During the day several times lying down with raised legs for at least 15 minutes.
  • Refrain from tight and uncomfortable shoes.
  • Discuss with your doctor the need to wear special tights or stockings – compression hosiery. He keeps the tone of the leg veins and improves blood circulation in small capillaries.
  • In certain cases, it may help ointment or cream for swelling of legs. These funds will not only improve the condition of small blood vessels, but also removes the feeling of gravity due to the menthol additives.
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    Remember that not all drugs are allowed to receive during the period of waiting for a baby. Do not take any medicines without consulting with a specialist. Don’t refuse hospital treatment if the doctor considers it necessary. Timely hospitalization will help to preserve health of mother and baby.

    A common phenomenon as swelling of the feet during pregnancy is not harmless. Be attentive to your body during the period of waiting for a baby.