Why my head hurts on the right or left side?

Headache is a particular syndrome, the cause and treatment of which is written thick books. Surprisingly, the substance of the brain – a subtle matter in the nature of knowing itself, created the civilization, unable to perceive pain. In the surgical treatment of epilepsy to a person in full consciousness, the doctor introduces in the brain electrodes and the patient reported the results, not feeling anything. What can cause unilateral pain in the head?

The head except the brain, contains a large number of tissues and formations belonging to different systems. Well, except the mind, contains in itself an ordinary head, and that can be a source of pain?

It contains the head?

For example, in the head, there are:

  • the initial part of the digestive tract: the oral cavity into oropharynx, the tongue, the dental system;
  • nasal cavity, nasal septum, the paranasal sinuses – frontal, maxillary;
  • sense organs and pathways of the Central nervous system;
  • membranes of the brain – solid with the sinuses (as on the right side and left side), soft, arachnoid and cerebrospinal liquor;
  • vessels – large, small arteries, arterioles, the capillary network of the system of the external carotid artery supplying the exterior of the head, and the internal carotid artery supplying the cranial cavity;
  • finally, the bones of the skull and the richly innervated periosteum.

All these structures, including the skin, can become the reason of headache is felt in varying degrees.

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Cephalalgia, born out of the head

Sometimes pain felt in the head, arise beyond, but in the head they just «passed on» (radiating). Why is this happening? Because pain are sensory nerves, which lie in the occipital region. They are forced to penetrate through the muscle spasms which were due to edema. This is when aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease. Often a headache when there are irregularities with the neck. And the pain can spread from the neck up, giving in the temple. Also often such complaints, which are referred to as cervicogenic cause headache on the type of «helmet» or «helmet».

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The most common cause: migraine

The vessels is the source of throbbing headaches located on one side. This disease is known since antiquity, in the ancient world it was called «hemicrania». Literally, the name translates as «polovinchatost». From historical Chronicles it is known that she suffered Procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate condemned Christ. In our time the disease is widely known as a migraine.

Perhaps no other disease which so often patients indicate a sharp pain in the head with one hand. The pain of migraine is of a specific nature: it is pulsing through, «tearing» apart the head and eyes. It is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting, which coincides with the most severe headache («height») suffering. After that, the attack is on the wane. Migraine is an amazing disease. Those symptoms which her characteristic, not found in such combinations, more than for any disease. So, the «classic» signs are:

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  • tight headband eases the pain, or the patient think the pain is the same, but I want to kind of tie head;
  • there is an overwhelming desire to be in a quiet, cool, dark room and try to sleep; these symptoms are directly related to the fear of loud noises, bright light (photo — and phonophobia);
  • before beginning headaches are often the harbingers, called aura. Sometimes there are «gnats» before eyes, numbness or tingling in the fingers and on the tip of my tongue.

A clear difference in the localization of the pain there: may be sore as the right side of the head, and left. The cause of migraine is a rapid change in vascular tone that occurs in two phases.

What is a hemicrania? First is sufficiently rapid vascular spasm, and that person almost does not feel only a slight deficiency of blood circulation stimulates various sensations, which are referred to as aura. But in the second phase of compensatory reactions: spasm vessels dilate, and «brute force», and their clearance is increased to large values, than it was before the spasm. This hyperextension of the vessels causes a throbbing pain, nausea and vomiting.
Nature itself has provided a compensatory mechanism that prevents bilateral development of migraine. If such an attack is rare, the head is already throbbing in the left side and the right side. Such an attack may go into status migraine, which can result in ischemic stroke or edema – swelling of the brain.

Risk factors for development of migraine

The most interesting is the fact that migraine is closely related to the hormonal and eat certain foods containing tyramine: chocolate, nuts, aged cheeses and red wine. Often the use of hormonal contraceptives or abuse of drugs from headaches lead to the provocation of a migraine attack.

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How to remove attack?

It’s very easy: you only need not to allow the vessels to expand or to give them the opportunity again to shrink. As a rule, then they expand slowly and painlessly. Sometimes with mild migraine attack is very good for black coffee and brandy with a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect. Of the modern medicines are very good for emergency triptan (Imigran). Enough to spray in the nostril on the side of the headache the dose and the migraine very quickly. These drugs cannot be used for prevention, you can only use them when a headache, with a specific unilateral, throbbing in nature.