Causes of sinusitis in adults: a psychosomatic

What causes sinusitis in adults?

Often, the first symptoms of a cold or rhinitis, people do not pay much attention. Moreover, the main causes of sinusitis in adults, and consist of untreated diseases, which flow into more complex forms.

If you do not get timely treatment of sinusitis, it can not only greatly complicate the patient’s life, but also give different side effects, which will lead to other serious ailments and consequences.

Information on the disease

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. It develops due goes untreated or poorly treated rhinitis or the common cold. Also the problem may lie in the poor state of the upper jaw. First, the patient lays his nose, and then pus.

Read in this article how dangerous is sinusitis, if not treated.

Classic symptoms are:

  • the increase in body temperature to 38 degrees;
  • memory impairment;
  • pain in bridge of nose;
  • loss of smell;
  • General fatigue;
  • pain in temples;
  • decreased performance;
  • heaviness in the head.

If you do not treat this disease at an early stage, then it will go into a more serious stage – purulent, with all the attendant side effects. During the acute course of the disease, is inflammation of the thin mucous membrane.

Connective tissue with blood vessels, are also affected. In chronic course, is the defeat of the walls of the sinuses. Sinusitis can occur at any age. The peak of development of this disease occurred during the fall and winter.

The Foundation of the psychosomatic diseases

In addition to the objective causes of the disease, there are also psychosomatic causes of sinusitis in adults. Each person is different emotionally. Some can cry for no reason, others are able to deter even the most strong offense.

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If you often keep your emotions in check, sooner or later, you may develop sinusitis. This is because with a natural weeping, the flushing tear ducts, and then the tears come through them, and some are mixed with enzymes, becomes with mucus and comes out through the nose in the form of snot.

That’s why people are restraining their emotions, are more prone to psychosomatic sinusitis. Containment of tears, there is stagnation in the area of the maxillary sinuses, which over time, may cause the development of inflammatory processes.

When sinusitis can lay the ear, read the article below to know what action to take.

Frequent sinusitis

If the disease occurs regularly, it causes frequent sinusitis in adults, can be the following:

  1. Polyps.
  2. Tumor.
  3. Physical injuries.
  4. Anatomical changes of the nasal septum.
  5. Adenoids.
  6. Infectious diseases and colds.

Among other things, to provoke frequent outbreaks of diseases can Smoking and even engage in scuba diving (diving).

Cause of outbreaks of disease may be poor oral care mouth. It is recommended as often as possible to visit the dentist. Because running caries or other diseases, infection may spread to the maxillary sinus.

The main problem with sinusitis is that there is a swelling of the mucous membrane, which impairs circulation in the sinuses. Because of this, therapy is primarily directed to the removal of puffiness.

During therapy of recurrent sinusitis, there is little use antibiotics, as they do not give the desired effect. Only apply the complex methods. Often use drug therapy, together with surgical interventions.

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Sinusitis is a very insidious and dangerous disease, which can the first stages occur almost asymptomatic, gradually moving into another stage. Very important to monitor their health, engage in sports, to give up bad habits and spend more time on the medical examination.