Cauterization of cervical erosion: the process

Cervical erosion is a very common gynecological disease. This pathology of the mucous membrane of the internal female sex organs, affecting the mucous epithelium of the cervix and cervical canal. It is a benign tumor that requires medical attention, and when ignored a patient may develop into malignant, that is, will develop cancer. Most often, erosion has no properties to be ill, it is difficult to detect without a medical examination.

Symptoms may be:

  • pale pink or bright red vaginal discharge;
  • itching and redness around the female sex organs;
  • cutting pains in the abdomen;
  • painful bleeding of the genital organs, independent of the menstrual cycle.

The causes of inflammation in the uterus:

  • infections that cause discomfort in the body;
  • the consequences of childbirth, surgery, surgery;
  • previously undertreated illness, residual symptoms of diseases;
  • weak immunity, hormonal imbalance and so on;
  • the results of abortion, mechanical damage;
  • endocrine diseases.

This diagnosis is increasingly being patients of the younger generation (from Teens). The danger of the erosion that its not detected immediately: it is likely to start the disease and thereby acquire complications. In addition to malignant tumors, a woman may acquire a deformity of the cervix, and even worse – infertility. All forms of erosion threat, they should know.

  1. True erosion is an area of the cervix in the vagina with a damaged mucosa, resulting in epithelial organs is disturbed. To detect it without inspection difficult. Become causes as external factors, chemical and physiological processes in the body.
  2. Ectropion – this deformation occurs because of abortions, difficult births and their consequences, scraping, dusting, medical intervention in the body of the patient. In this case violated the integrity of the shell of the cervical canal.
  3. Ectopia (pseudo) – a change in the location of cells of cylindrical epithelium, it is usually located outside the external OS of the cervix. May occur due to hormonal changes.

In all cases of the disease should be diagnosed by means of colposcopy, which usually puts a correct diagnosis of erosion in the uterus. This examination of the optical way of the vagina and uterus is painless.

Methods of treatment of uterine erosion

Conservative treatment is with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, traditional medicine. The inflammation goes away, scars do not remain, hurt, and disturb the cervix in the future will not. Allowed nulliparous women. This technique can give a positive result, but in more advanced situations, you need a serious surgery.

To prevent the development of cervical erosion is possible by applying some surgical methods. Often in medical practice use methods of cauterization of cervical erosion. It gives a fairly effective result of healing, especially when you have a radical treatment for benign tumors. Does it hurt to cauterize cervical erosion and what it tools are used? How cauterizing a cervical erosion, it is possible to learn, having some types of medical procedures.

  1. Surgical diathermy. This technique is well known in medicine. It is connected with the application of electric current of high frequency, thus causing disintegration of the tissues of the cervix due to the large amount of heat. In a short period of time there is evaporation of interstitial fluid, affected cells die off. The technique is simple, affordable and ensures recovery. Rehabilitation lasts up to two months. A disadvantage may be bleeding during and after surgery, a large percentage of relapses. But the diathermocoagulation can’t 100% prevent the occurrence of scars on the mucosa and does not guarantee the pains of rehabilitation. If you carry this procedure in the first phase of the menstrual cycle, the healing will be faster. Nulliparous this method is not recommended.
  2. Cryotherapy. Cauterization of erosion also make liquid nitrogen. The infected cells are frozen, while there is a sharp spasm of blood vessels, and then their extension. This can help to prevent the destruction of healthy cells. To cauterize nitrogen does not hurt, bleeding does not occur. Complete healing of the uterus occurs within four to five weeks. Scars heal quickly, leaving no trace. Furthermore, this procedure activates the immune system of the body, skin receives vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, improving the health. However, it is difficult to trace the depth of the impact of the procedure, which is complicated by observation of the patient after surgery. Desirable after carrying out cryotherapy baths, going to saunas. We need to abandon physical activity and sex life for a few weeks.
  3. Laser cauterization of the cervix is the preferred treatment. Affected cells prizhivayutsya contactless by a laser beam of the minimum power. The treatment is preferably carried out on the fifth – seventh day from the first day of the cycle. Apparatus CO2 acts in the affected areas without affecting healthy. The procedure lasts 20 to 30 minutes. Is performed by using a colposcope, which helps to control burning, without affecting the cells of the vagina. This method controls the depth of treatment. Is considered safe and painless. The elasticity of the tissues is not disturbed. Conduct laser cauterization is allowed nulliparous women. Scars do not remain, bleeding does not occur. Healing is fast enough. Laser therapy reduces inflammation, normalizes blood circulation and restores tissue in the genitals after the surgery. But, most importantly, minimal risk of complications during rehabilitation. It is not recommended to go to the pool to bathe after surgery. For a while you need to abandon sexual activity and physical exertion.
  4. Laser therapy is rather an expensive procedure, and can afford it, not everyone can.
  5. Method of chemical coagulation may be applied only when the inflammation is small. «Sick» place is processed by special chemicals that affect the diseased areas in the uterus, the cells die. To complete the treatment procedure should be carried out several times.
  6. Radiowave surgery is a method of cutting and coagulation of soft tissue without touching the healthy tissues under the action of high current. Radiowave destruction of infected epithelial cells is painless. This completely eliminates thermal tissue damage, postoperative inflammation. The procedure lasts about twenty minutes, no bleeding takes place. Rehabilitation is fast enough. This method is not recommended in inflammatory processes in the pelvis and in patients with poor vorachivaetsya blood, as well as during pregnancy or if the patient has a pacemaker. Most often radiowave surgery is used when erosion or ectopia of the cervix, the deformation of the cervix, due to gaps after birth, with the diagnosis «dysplasia» first or second degree. After the procedure it is not recommended to carry weights, swimming pools and sauna baths, swim in pools. So, the advantage of this therapy is to quickly carry it out. Radiowave surgery is virtually painless. Bleeding as complications it causes, the scars heal quickly and are virtually invisible on the mucosa. This method of treatment of erosion damage healthy fate of the cervix. Allowed nulliparous and parous patients. The risk of recurrent disease when such treatment is markedly reduced.
  7. Argon plasma ablation (coagulation). This method differs from others in that cauterization of cervical erosion is conducted through the ionized gas. In this surrender all the necessary tests. In identifying any infections first cure, and then proceed to the procedure. Cauterization with argon gas is conducted in from 5 to 10-day cycle. Procedure lasts not for long, depending on the context of erosion. Immediately after argon plasma ablation there is no pain and discharge. After some time dragging sensation in the abdomen. This procedure also allowed nulliparous, as it leaves no scars, elasticity of the uterus is not broken. There is a rapid and painless healing. This type of moxibustion guarantees the safety of the operation, may exclude any infection, and recurrence of inflammation. After argon photocoagulation is not recommended sexually active for one month. You should implement all recommendations of previous possible types of procedures.
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Treatment of cervical erosion can be carried out with traditional methods, but always after consultation with the doctor. If the degree of complications of inflammation of the small, recommended the use of various herbal preparations, vaginal washing special plant solutions. For example, the component melted honey is used in endovaginal candles, which can assign the patient. Treatment sea buckthorn, aloe Vera preserves the integrity of the mucous membrane, relieves painful sensations in the vagina. However, we should not blindly self-medicate, it can lead to irreversible consequences.

Contraindications to moxibustion erosion

There are a number of factors in which the cauterization of cervical erosion to apply is prohibited. These include:

  • any bleeding that occurs in patients;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • malignancy;
  • the presence of any diseases of the genital organs, undertreated disease;
  • if the woman is postpartum or after abortion;
  • psychological disorders, predisposition to seizures, hysteria;
  • if the patient is manifested by the human papillomavirus;
  • if the patient wears a pacemaker (for certain treatments).

After treatment of erosion by cauterization the body recovers fast enough, you can resume sexual intercourse after a short period of time to get pregnant.

Almost all methods of moxibustion are based on new medical technology, using quality medicines. The main is that side effects are virtually no ill effects too. The attending physician will prescribe the necessary antibiotics or eubiotics for a quick recovery. Visit to the gynecologist in the postoperative period is necessary. Avoid hypothermia and stay in the sun, do not immediately after the surgery is vaginal douching, to be examined by means of ultrasonography.

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It is extremely important not to bring manifestations of benign tumors to drastic medical interventions.