Ceftriaxone in the sinus: how many days stabbing, reviews

How to treat sinusitis Ceftriaxone?

Sinusitis in itself is a complex infectious disease. Usually when the treatment the doctor prescribes the means of penicillins or macrolides. But in some cases these medicines are ineffective, then therapy is based on taking other antibiotics. One of the strong and effective advocates Ceftriaxone.

Treatment of sinusitis Ceftriaxone aimed at blocking inflammation to disease-causing microbes could not go in gajmorovyh sinuses of the skull. Therapy can only be successful with proper selection of doses, as the new generation product has a number of contraindications.

About the drug

Ceftriaxone acts as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It belongs to the category of bacteriostatic substances. Its mechanism of action is the destruction of the synthesis of cell structures of bacteria, a violation of the life cycle, stops further reproduction.

Some snot in the sinus, find out here.

It can be prescribed for most different infections in adults, children and even pregnant women. The tool blocks the entire spectrum of sensitivity among the flora typical of sinusitis. The medicine can not cope only with the chlamydiae and mycoplasmas.

Since treatment of these antibiotic brings a good performance against a variety of microorganisms, localized in different organs, it cure not only sinusitis, but also a bunch of other pathologies.

If you don’t know how to distinguish sinusitis from the common cold here.

Prescribing Ceftriaxone in the sinus, it is important not only dosage, but also the specific sensitivity of the microorganism to the antibiotic. So what definition do not always have the time, the doctor when prescribing the drug take into account the specific susceptibility of the microorganisms to the substance.

Ceftriaxone is available in powder form. Injected intramuscularly or intravenously. In the form of pills don’t produce it, because the active substance which in contact with the tissues causes severe irritation. Diluted powdered medium in 1% Lidocaine or injecting water.

Due to the fact that Ceftriaxone the introduction is accompanied by a pain effect, prefer to use Lidocaine, which makes injections less sensitive.

The drug is prescribed with caution for Allergy sufferers, patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and renal and hepatic insufficiency.

Dosages and characteristics of treatment

Antibiotics for sinusitis – this means the first line. Typically, injections are assigned from sinusitis along with mucolytic, vasoconstrictor drugs. When Ceftriaxon enters the bloodstream, some amount of active substance is delayed for a location of the inflammatory process.

The result from the held of antibiotics can be observed in 2 days after starting the treatment. Usually the patient becomes easier, it is noticeably on the mend, complaints go away. When there are no changes, stop treatment and move on to another drug.

Ceftriaxone with sinusitis is administered 0.5-1 g 2 times per day with interval of 12 hours. How many days to inject is dependent on the extent of the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses. Usually, the average course of treatment is from 7 to 14 days.

How to inject drug

The drug mixture is prepared directly before use. Diluted Lidocaine an antibiotic is allowed to store no more than 6 hours. After this time, the tool will simply lose their therapeutic properties and will be useless.

Independently the use of antibiotics requires a medical education. The substance is diluted so: 3, 5 ml lidocaine does 1 gram of medication. Solution vzbaltyvayut and vylivaetsya in the upper square buttocks. Dosage for children per kilogram of body weight can be determined only specialist.

Exceed the amount of the injected solution is not necessary, since you can get severe complications by injection infiltration. After such complications to improve the situation of drug will fail, so it’s all over surgery.

To avoid this, you need to listen to the recommendations of the doctor and follow them exactly to the instructions. When sinusitis the body is already weakened, and the impact of antibiotics, but rather their infiltration, it is unknown how it may affect. Treatment needs to be changed if people tend to allergies to some component of Ceftriaxone.

How to do prevention of sinusitis at home see here.

If the antibiotic is not helping

If antibiotics do not give the desired result, then the treatment regimen was a mistake. Happen it may, for several reasons. So, when sinusitis Ceftriaxone is not effective if the pathogens are resistant to it. Here you can see how to carry out treatment of sinusitis at home.

It can also occur because of sinusitis took a running stage and a week of treatment to improve the condition fails. Then it is necessary to identify the nature of the sinusitis and find a more powerful tool, to which the pathogen is sensitive. Want to learn how to carry out a puncture of the nose in the sinus read here.

Reviews Ceftriaxone relieve sinusitis and other diseases of ENT-organs of different, someone the drug helped during the week, and someone was useless. Will give some reviews about this drug.

The perfect drug

Elena. The tool I cured a serious sinus infection with sinusitis and otitis media child. About the antibiotic, I heard from friends, began to use independently. Then he turned to the doctor and told them about the unauthorized treatment was doing it right. Since I have the skill, for serious diseases shoot it at home myself.


Arzy. My one year old child had SARS of moderate severity. The disease is accompanied by fever. We were admitted to the infectious diseases Department and was immediately assigned Ceftriaxone 600 ml/1R. D. When injected, the injections, the child cried very much, and after the puncture site had a hematoma.

On the 3rd day of treatment we had aphthous stomatitis, conjunctivitis and acute bronchitis. On the advice of a doctor treatment is not canceled, and everyone was waiting for improvements that never came. After that, the doctors threw up their hands, and I wrote a refusal of treatment.

Then began a new course of antibiotics Amikacin, Institute of children’s infections. Don’t know what helped, new treatments, or the body to handle himself. Opinion about this drug I have developed a negative, in our case, the antibiotic only harm.

A little painful, but tolerable with the Lidocaine

Eugene. Once I called for bilateral sinusitis. After the diagnosis has appointed the tool. Treated 7 days, the inflammation was gone. I drug happy. Now I think that Ceftriaxone is also effective in other diseases.


As can be seen in the opinion about the drug ambiguous. Despite its high efficiency, Ceftriaxone is not always the first choice, because its use can not affect the body especially when child bearing.

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