Cerumen and ear drops — how much it costs, instructions for use

How to apply ear drops cerumen And?

Human ears represent a complex mechanism, the purpose of which is to ensure normal hearing and perception of sounds. It is therefore very important to ensure that the organ of hearing proper care and keep it clean. Disregard for the rules of basic hygiene is fraught with unpleasant consequences, for example, the formation of cerumen in the ears. To get rid of them is not easy. For this we have to resort to special methods, which first tube in the ear to soften, and then deleted.

It is worth noting that this problem may involve both adult and child. And the first thing recommended to do in this case is to contact the audiologist, since self-treatment may not lead to the desired result. Most likely the specialist will be appointed special drops for softening plugs, with the help of which you can get out of the situation. A very well established drops from cerumen in the ears — cerumen And.

Characteristics of the drug

The main purpose of the drug cerumen And is a cleansing action on the organs of hearing with the purpose of getting rid of the cerumen and preventing their formation.

In the composition of the drug includes the active components, able to exert a complex effect on the auditory apparatus as a whole.

Among them are:

  • TEM–cocoalkylamine collagen;
  • peg 120-methylglucoside;
  • karabetian;
  • additional components.

Part ear drops includes active substances that have surface exposure and are involved in the dissolution of sulphur groups — surfactants. Instillation does not cause absorption of the components of the drug.

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Indications for use

Like any other drug, ear drops cerumen And has its indications and contraindications. To use drops aims to eliminate sulfur from the ears, and cleansing the ear canal, which is achieved by loosening the substance with its subsequent elimination.

Cerumen and is quite simple to use and can be successfully applied as preventive measures to prevent the formation of cerumen, obstructing the ear canal.

According to statistics, some categories of people have a tendency to accelerate the formation of sulfur in the ears. They are ideal data drops for preventive measures, which aim to clean the hearing aid and prevent sulfur.

Cerumen and can be recommended for the following categories of people:

  • patients with reduced auditory perception;
  • children;
  • individuals who has an artificial hearing device;
  • older patients who have reduced hearing due to age-related changes;
  • people, regardless of age and gender, which often use headphones and a headset, resulting in the production of sulfur in the ears;
  • athletes involved in professional swimming, as well as people who are forced to be in rooms with high dust content;
  • individuals to maintain the hygiene of the ears.


Despite the numerous positive characteristics, it is worth considering that, cerumen And is a medicine containing the active ingredients. This stems from the fact that it has contraindications and limitations to use.

The drug is contraindicated in the patient in case he observed:

  • active inflammatory or infectious inflammation of the ear caused by a specific disease, regardless of its shape and the nature of the flow (acute, chronic);
  • pronounced pain;
  • discharge from the ear;
  • the tendency of the body to sensitization or idiosyncrasy to the components of the solution cerumen And;
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane or the presence of a shunt in it.
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Ear drops cerumen And: instructions for use

Cerumen and are allowed to use adults and children older than two and a half years. Drops at the time of use should not be cold: it is desirable that their temperature was the same as the normal temperature of the human body.

Prevention of the ear canal with the help of this tool involves the use of drops twice a week. In the case where waxy build-up has already formed, then drip cerumen And recommended twice a day, morning and evening.

The course of treatment is 3 days and if necessary may be extended.

Attention! Oral consumption of solution is not allowed, you cannot allow drugs in the eye.

The treatment regimen described in the instructions for use of the drug: the contents of the vial should be divided into two parts:

  1. One part pour in his ear, tentatively tilting his head, and hold in this position for 1 minute. After that, the head can be tilted in the other direction, to the drug and the dissolved sulfur to drain from the ear canal out. This part of procedure must end with the ear lavage with saline 0.9% that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of treatment.
  2. The second half of the bottle is intended for the ear canal of the other ear. The procedure should be to repeat exactly.

As for side effects, they are observed only in patients with hypersensitivity to specific components of this drug. Cerumen and allowed breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women.

Help. In medical practice there has been no drug overdose, and in addition, the drug is well combined with other.

In many patients, the question arises: what is the cost drops ear cerumen And where to buy them? Buy medications in pharmacies and specialized stores. It can also be ordered through online pharmacies.

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Commodity prices are quite reasonable: packaging of five vials-droppers is an average of 300-450 rubles, and the cost of shipping it home would cost with about 100-200 rubles.

Thus, the cerumen And is one of the most effective drugs, allowing you to quickly and painlessly remove cerumen from the ears. The use of ear drops cerumen And also due to the need to maintain healthy ears.

Therefore, the drug belongs to the category of pharmacy products that are in high demand.