Cerumen in the ear: what to do if formed

What to do if your ear tube?

In the ear of every man is the realization of complex functions, by which a person can detect sounds of very different frequencies. It is not surprising that the body has adapted to protect the organ of hearing. Every day in the cartilaginous tissue of the outer ear produces earwax, the main function in protecting the ear canal from pathogenic organisms, including bacteria, viruses, certain types of insects and foreign objects.

It is important to know that sulfur moisturizes the ear and does not let dust and dirt in the middle and inner ear. If you violate the rules of hygiene or excessive cleaning of external ear canal, and when injury and dysfunction develop sulfur glands can form cerumen. Let us examine the question of what to do if a traffic jam in the ear, read more.

Signs and symptoms

Every day in the organ of hearing people have produced sulfur. The main function of this secret is the cleaning of passages of the external and middle ear. Sulfur glands act as a barrier between the walls of the ear viruses infections.

It prevents the penetration of harmful elements into to a drum region and other organs of the ear. The second important task of the secret is hydration.


Symptoms that cause wax build-up, signalling the beginning of the inflammatory process.

Do not ignore these symptoms and start treating and getting rid of excess sulfur.

Symptoms, the manifestation tubes in the ear the following:

  • pain;
  • congestion;
  • the feeling of a foreign item in the ears;
  • disruption of the vestibular apparatus.

In order to indicate the presence of a tube in the ear, it is important to inspect the outer part. Otoscopy will help to determine the location of the tube, if it is located deep in the aisle.

If the tube was localized in the depth of the passage and found a dark color, it is important not to procrastinate and to ensure removal of the tube in the near future. If the tube is soft and loose structure of the tube, you can print it yourself at home.

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Additional characteristics

Ignore the blockage is strictly prohibited as it may cause severe consequences. In some cases, patients lose hearing as well as experiencing congestion and ear pain when swallowing, communication. In addition, at night a person is strong pressure on the thin and fragile wall of the ear canal.

Unpleasant symptoms and discomfort increases after the adoption of water treatments. Moisture entering the ear, which formed a tube, produces swelling sulfur. It can be pretty hard on the wall and cause swelling.

Additional features of the formation of tubes is considered to be dry air in the living room, as well as disease of external, middle or inner ear. Flu and colds can cause complications such as otitis media, which. in turn, disrupts the work of sulfuric glands.

In this case, can not do without medical care because of self-removal can lead to injury of the eardrum and auditory canal. So if you have any question of what to do if ear plug, read the following paragraph.

What to do when you plug in the ear

Many wonder if the ear of sulphuric cork, what to do in the first place, and what procedures are prohibited?

Remember that the wealthy removal of the tube is not prohibited, however, you have to be confident in their actions. If the sulphur deposits of bright colors and soft design, buy in a drugstore special tools for removing tubes. The most popular ear drops include «Remo-Vaks», «HHonors», «cerumen And».

Ear drops

Preparations for maintaining hygiene provides a mild sulfur removal and cleansing of the entire ear canal.

Before removing tubes they soften the wax and then withdrawn the tube from the ear.

Therefore, ear drops can be used for prophylaxis or in case of higher separation of sulphur.

Ear drops are prescribed for people whose professional activity is associated with dust, dirt or chemicals. In addition, bury the ears in the case of frequent use of headphones, earplugs or hearing AIDS.

Drops of purification necessary for people living in a place with high humidity or dust.

Part of the «Remo-wax» or «cerumen And» includes substances which contribute to effective separation of dead cells, as well as elements that increase the separation of the tube from the passage.

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Among the ingredients, no antibiotics or other harsh elements. As a result, these funds can be used in the treatment of even the smallest patients.

Don’t bury in the ears of the described drugs in the case of individual intolerance of the components included in the medication and inflammation in your ears or if you experience pain in the ear canal.

Contraindications include:

  • purulent or mucous discharge from the ear;
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane;
  • bypass.

Before the introduction of drops in the ears, heat a jar of drops in your hand or hold it over a steam bath. After that, bend your head or lie down on one side and pull the earlobe down. Thus, you will open the ear canal and heated to body temperature drops faster will penetrate to the place of formation of cerumen.

In each ear, you must enter the ten to twenty drops, depending on the seal cerumen. However, in each case, the dosage individually, so consult your doctor.

After the introduction in the ear, turundas or need to keep the supine position for one hour. After sixty minutes, the patient should lean over the sink or turn on the other side, allowing the vehicle to flow independently. After that, the ear should be washed with warm water and towel dry.

In the case of dense tube procedure must be repeated the next day.

To prevent use of these drugs once every two to three weeks.


In the case of old tube dark brown or black, you must perform the wash procedure.

This operation should be entrusted to a doctor, but if blockage appears in the ears quite often, ask the service technician to learn to conduct it yourself and at home.

Remember that this operation should be carried out in sterile gloves and the tools every time must be new.

Before washing the ears of sulfur need to soften with crepresents hydrogen peroxide or ear drops. To achieve these objectives, suitable vegetable or olive oil, and vaseline.

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Enter a small amount of any funds in his ears, pre-heating to body temperature, and then close the ear with a gauze harness. Forty minutes later sulfur to soften, and you will be able to start wash procedure.

In advance at the pharmacy, get a solution for ear cleaning. This procedure can be carried out using urea, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin or ear drops specialized. Enter the drug into the syringe and put your patient’s head to one side. Before the procedure the ear should be postponed.

Enter the syringe without a needle in the ear canal and pour the liquid medicine into the ears. Repeat the movements until complete removal of the tube. Commonly, the whole procedure takes about ten minutes. After a patient experiences significant relief of the General condition begins to hear better, is congestion.

After some amount of time after flushing, the patient may feel dizzy.


Sulfur deposits are not dangerous inflammation, however, in their education it is crucial to consult a doctor. There are times when the sulfur is drying and causes serious consequences, the deterioration of the audibility of sounds and noises, the constant sensation of having a foreign object in the ear.

In addition, when excess sulphur and high pressure Nauchniy passage, there can be a perforation of the tympanic membrane and the ear injury of the body. For these reasons it is important to have timely treatment.