Cervical erosion: psychosomatic disease

Pathology affecting the reproductive system and, in particular, the cervix, is called female. This Association of diseases with the floor due to the fact that one of the main causes of illness is psychosomatic. We are talking about the relationship of women’s health to how sexy we feel about ourselves, how to relate to proximity and the constraints imposed on the relations between the sexes.

What is the basis of women’s psychosomatic diseases

According to psychologists, if a woman is diagnosed disease of the cervix or other reproductive organs, you need to study the problem as deeply as possible, revealing hidden from prying eyes emotional reason. Most often, the disorders of the tissues and organs becomes a consequence of firmly entrenched beliefs, resentment or rejection manifestation of femininity.

The main provoking cervical pathology factor may be the rejection of your appearance or a certain pattern of behaviour, lack of confidence in the feelings of the man she loved and a sense that a woman desired. The result is the unconscious suppression of the feminine, the rejection of any manifestations of femininity.

Statistics show that quite often, women’s diseases are diagnosed among feminists, the feature of Outlook which is the desire to take the male energy, breaking provided the nature of balance and energy balance. In addition, a pathological condition can occur if a woman is avoiding relationships with men or are not experiencing satisfaction from the vicinity. Also professionals who are involved in the metaphysical side of the disease, emphasizing that the quality of sexual energy is directly reflected on the condition of the organs of the reproductive system.

The psychologists

Psychosomatics is the many connoisseurs of human souls. What do they say is known to psychologists?

Liz Burbo

It focuses on the emotional blockage. According to Canadians, the uterus begins the life of a child who uses it as a first home. If for any reason a woman’s body is not able to bear children, begins an internal struggle and desire to have a baby only intensified. As a result of this process, fear takes precedence over the desire to become a mother that manifests as pathologies of the uterus.

Another cause of such diseases as cervical erosion, may be the women most anger at herself for what she was not able to become a good mother or create a cozy family nest for native people. There is also a number of disease provoking factors include a permanent extension of new ideas and the desire to implement them without creating a Mature holistic concept.

According to psychologist, to solve the situation helps the mental lock, the essence of which is to require maximum open to new ideas and the desire for active change in their lives. It is important to eliminate the guilt of permitting the life of man and the associated feelings, getting rid of obsessive fears.

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Valery Sinelnikov

According to his belief, the uterus should be regarded as a symbolic reflection of the creativity of women. In other words, how well a woman could realize myself as a wife and mother, finds manifestation in the form of health or adverse changes of the tissues of the uterus.

Oleg Torsunov

According to psychologist, psychosomatic is that the normal function of the uterus is possible only when you have women of such qualities of character as meekness, gentleness, humility. If the fairer sex is different melodious speech and not prone to rudeness, she observed normal blood circulation and proper metabolism. The propensity for cruelty as vessels in which blood flows to the uterus is disturbed, which provokes violation.

Negative impact on organ function and the need to indulge someone’s whims, unremitting flattery. The result is reduced activity of the uterus. But the increased tone may provoke a challenge to society, an attempt to do things against conventional wisdom. The reason for the surge of muscle tissue becomes and arrogance.

Sergey Konovalov

The author of the book Foundation of energy medicine and healing emotions suggests that the pathological state of the uterus, including erosion, due to the fact that the woman was long remembered, like «nurturing» in itself caused by the man’s insult. To change the situation helps forgiveness and erasing the event from memory, otherwise the situation may worsen with the development of the tumor, which symbolizes the accumulated resentment.

In addition, you should teach yourself to look at the world with hostility, get rid of the remorse.

Louise Hay

According to the American psychosomatic pathologies of the reproductive system in women is associated with a lack of inner harmony, so it is important to learn to get along with his own body, giving the installation that in our body we feel like home.

Luule Viilma

Speaking about the psychological reasons for women’s diseases, the focus is on irritation and anger towards the offenders, who in the opinion of women, do not let it become an ideal mother. It is the mother’s failure becomes the primary factor of uterine pathologies.

Alexander Astrogor

According to the psychologist, in the uterus accumulated power of women, therefore this organ is the most sensitive and delicate, taking on prepodnosimye destiny strikes. Our soul has the ability to step back from life’s troubles, and the uterus is constantly «absorbs» all the negativity. In the example of the Association of the expression «to cut a plain truth» followed by cutting pain in the abdomen.

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Astrogor finds the explanation and prolapse of the uterus, saying that his cause is failing to maintain the dignity of women. According to Alexander, the sinews by which the reproductive organ is attached to the hips, you can compare with the reins in a horse harness. If self-control is completely absent (the woman is unable to «keep yourself in check»), ligaments cease to perform their function, which leads to the prolapse or uterine prolapse. To prevent such condition it is possible, abandoning the discussion and insults people.

Separately positioned verbal desecration female to male, with whom she has a child together. Instead of joy and feelings of motherly love to the fore the unpleasant thoughts that leads to the unsustainability of the uterus.

The main aspects of psychosomatics of cervical erosion

If we talk about the statistics of the addresses, it can be stated that cervical erosion is comparable to the thrush or vaginal candidiasis. Explains how the deformation of the tissue psychosomatics?

First of all, the emotional basis for the development of erosion is the presence of a strong resentment of men. When this happens, pierced, women’s self-esteem, the result is not only spiritual, but also bodily unhealed wound in the form erosive ulcers on the neck. As psychologists say, the offense starts the mechanism of «corrosion» of the feminine within.

According to Dr. Volkova, the author of books about popular psychokinesiology, the current our country new stereotype of women erosion is considered as a violation of the tissues that require treatment in the form of moxibustion. But such actions, from the point of view of psychology, is not justified. After all, we burned the nose due to a cold and do not treat so the flu.

As explained specialist, cervical erosion is only a symptom, indicating the adverse condition of the ovaries, but in any case not an independent disease. It is also noted that every second patient with a diagnosis of «uterine fibroids» for a couple of years to identify education made cauterization of erosion, indicating further development of the process due to persistence of underlying causes, which may be an insult to the representatives of the strong half – father, brother, husband.

Basically we are talking about the unjustified expectations from life, so you need to create for themselves positive attitudes, forgetting about such usual words as «must», «must». In the end, will be able to slightly lower the high benchmark and get rid of resentment. As a result, stronger relationships, based on mutual understanding, promote better health, normalization of ovarian function and the complete elimination of cervical erosion after a maximum of 3 of the menstrual cycle.

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Almost in the same way explains the development of the erosive process and Valery Sinelnikov, according to which women should stop feeling inferior, having learned to exercise their feminine, to be sexy.

As suggested by psychologists, treatment of cervical erosion cautery not only provides a complete cure, but drives the disease deeper, as therapy is aimed at the investigation of the disease with psychological underpinnings. To correct the situation can only changed positive thoughts in relation to itself and in relation to men. If in the past present traumatic sexual experience, you need to let go of these emotions, giving expression of self-anger only once, not constantly focusing on what happened. Only a radical change of worldview gives a chance to return to normal life and speedy deliverance from erosion.

How important is the role of the partner in the treatment

Not always a woman manages to find their own psychological problems and, most importantly, to determine the cause that actually triggers the negative mechanisms in the body. In such situations, requires mandatory consultation of a qualified psychologist, can open eyes to what is happening from the position of metaphysics.

Not the last place in the course of therapy is given and working with a partner. Such a need arises, if psychosomatic erosion associated with sexual dissatisfaction, which gives rise to the reluctance to be intimate. Also the need for family consultation may be due to the lack of women’s confidence in the fact that she is a good mother.

Think about psychosomatics the process follows with the development of any disease. It is always better to start with non-invasive therapy. After all, if thoughts and feelings are in order, any further therapeutic measures give fast and effective result, with a positive attitude, awareness of the existing problems, and erosion of the cervix is no exception.