Cervical erosion symptoms and treatment

One of the most common gynecological diseases is cervical erosion. It is the disease is diagnosed in approximately one of every three women who came for routine inspection to the gynecologist. This disease has no age limits – it with the same frequency is found among older women in menopause and in young, nulliparous women. Some of the consequences of cervical erosion for female body and what are the main symptoms of pathology?

Erosion is a pathological process of benign nature, characterized by local violation of the integrity of the epithelium covering the surface of the cervix. This pathology manifests itself in the form of a rounded ulcer formations affecting the mucous surface of the cervix that can be seen during gynecological examination with the naked eye. What is the essence of this pathological process? For erosion is characterized by the replacement of the normal mucous epithelium covering the surface of the cervix by columnar epithelium of the cervical canal.

Varieties and causes of cervical erosion

There are the following types of cervical erosion:

  • Congenital erosion – as is clear from its name, this form of the disease can occur in girls even in childhood and adolescence. Is a congenital displacement of the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal. A congenital form of disease, prone to samsuiluna and does not lead to the formation of malignant tumors. In this regard, usually congenital cervical erosion is not a serious cause for concern and requires no treatment.
  • True cervical erosion is a pathology of squamous epithelium of the cervix, which is often localized in the outer or back part of the throat. Usually the duration of this disease is not more than 14 days, after which the pathology moves into its next phase, which is called ectopia.
  • Ectopia – also referred to as a pseudo. The most common type of cervical erosion. The final is characterized by the replacement of normal squamous epithelium cylindrical. In the absence of required treatment duration of pseudo can be calculated over the years. The main danger of this form of pathology is high risk of development in place of erosive ulcers of cervical cancer.
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Causes of cervical erosion can be quite diverse. Stands a list of factors that can have a catalytic effect on the formation of pathology:

  1. Numerous abortions, difficult childbirth, curettage, diagnostic manipulations on the reproductive organs, rough sex acts that lead to mechanical injury of the cervix.
  2. Irregular sexual activity – for women’s reproductive health, same damage as the long absence of sexual contacts and frequent change of sexual partners.
  3. Inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs and sexually transmitted infections. The most common such infections are trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea, chlamydiosis, ureaplasmosis, human papilloma virus.
  4. Common causes of cervical erosion is too early, or conversely, later onset of sexual activity. Also, the negative impact on the female genitalia have an early labor, which was to reach the final of puberty.
  5. A hormonal imbalance in the female body.
  6. Disruption of normal vaginal flora subsequently, insufficient personal hygiene, or its excess.
  7. The decrease in the level of immunity in the body.
  8. The hereditary factor.

Regardless of what caused the development of cervical erosion, this gynecological disease requires very serious treatment. Many women are reluctant to seek medical help, believing that a benign process does not have serious consequences. Do not in any case impossible. At the first signs of illness must immediately visit your gynecologist to determine further tactics of treatment.

The symptoms of cervical erosion

In the majority of cases the initial stage of development of cervical erosion practically does not manifest itself and occur completely asymptomatic. Often the presence of pathology could be diagnosed only during routine gynaecological examination. But it is worth noting that in some cases erosion from the first days makes itself felt pronounced symptoms. Many women go to the doctor with complaints of lower abdominal pain or discharge with cervical erosion.

It is possible to allocate following signs of cervical erosion:

  • Spotting in the erosion that had nothing to do with normal menstrual cycle. Discharge is cervical erosion can be both abundant and scarce. What is blood-tinged or whitish – depends on the individual characteristics of the female body. A characteristic feature of this factor is that such discharge is cervical erosion disturbed woman between periods. Complicated or extensive erosion often result in bleeding. Can cause pain in the lower abdomen.
  • The woman may appear brown or bloody discharge immediately after sexual intercourse, characterized by pain and discomfort in the abdomen. Most often, these brown or spotting during cervical erosion are extremely alarming sign indicating that gynecological pathology moved to the running stage. Pain in the lower abdomen is a serious reason for urgent visit to the gynecologist.
  • Abdominal pain – the characteristic symptom of cervical erosion. Especially pain in the lower abdomen aggravated by sexual intercourse or immediately after it.
  • Can occur Muco-purulent, or brown discharge in cervical erosion in reproductive organ from the genital tract, which in some cases cause pain in the abdomen. At the same time, the pain can be aching and spazmogennoe.
  • Lower abdominal pain can occur during sports or any other kind of physical activity.
  • The menstrual cycle and, as a consequence, problems with conception – a natural result of the development of cervical erosion.
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Diagnosis of cervical erosion

Diagnostic pathology starts with a pelvic examination. As a rule, in most cases, to diagnose cervical erosion is possible at this stage. For confirmation of the diagnosis is bacteriological examination — must come from the uterus of the vaginal flora and Cytology and colposcopy is performed, providing the opportunity to fully assess the condition of the mucosal surface of the cervix.

The important stage of diagnosis of cervical erosion is the carrying out histological and cytological studies required for final approval of the diagnosis and prescription of the necessary treatment strategy.

Treatment of cervical erosion

The choice of optimal method of treatment of cervical erosion is solved only individually. Into consideration such factors as type of erosion, the place of its localization and size of lesions, the woman’s age, the presence of concomitant chronic or inflammatory diseases. Also mandatory to take into account the fact that a woman of her reproductive function. Simply speaking, nulliparous women are subjected to the most gentle and safe methods of treatment to help maintain reproductive health and subsequently successfully bear a child.

Modern medicine offers several options for removal of cervical erosion, among which are:

  • Removal through laser is considered to be one of the safest and most effective ways, and therefore in most cases it is used to treat nulliparous women. Laser removal of erosion does not affect the condition of the reproductive system.
  • Cryosurgery is the essence of this method is the impact on the diseased tissue with liquid nitrogen.
  • Surgical diathermy is a burning erosion by means of electric current. The technique has many drawbacks, as «burning» the leaves on the surface of the cervix rough, inelastic scarring. This procedure applies only in respect of the treatment of women who have given birth since undertaking diathermocoagulation question the possibility of pregnancy.
  • The technique of radio-wave treatment is an innovative method, the essence of which is the use of thermal properties of radio waves in the excision of the affected tissue.
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Surgical intervention is mandatory combined with conservative drug therapy, which can be assigned both before surgery and after, to expedite recovery. Depending on which factor provoked the erosion of the cervix, the woman may be administered a broad-spectrum antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial drugs. Abdominal pain definitely docked analgesic drugs.

Many experts advise women to take extra vitamin complexes and special immunomodulatory contributing to the increase of protective forces of an organism. But it should be remembered that the administration of any medicines must be agreed with your gynecologist, since self-treatment may cause great harm to women’s health and jeopardize the possibility of future pregnancy and successful childbearing.