Cervical erosion treatment, effective and modern methods

Most common gynecological disease in women is cervical erosion. When women put such a diagnosis, some of them are trying to forget about this problem, for others it’s a real stress. There are many issues, one of which is the most important: where did the disease and what already exists? Also women, especially nulliparous, interested in other questions: what is cervical erosion? what types of diseases are there? how to treat cervical erosion? what methods of treatment of cervical erosion are there? possible methods of treatment folk remedies? is it possible to completely cure the disease and how long is the treatment?

About half of all women who undergo examination by a gynecologist as a regular, and just in case of any unpleasant symptoms, get a diagnosis of «cervical erosion». Many women actually don’t know what is the disease discovered in them. Some run to other doctors, collect all sorts of tips, and some do try to forget about the existence of the problem in the mistaken belief that the disease will disappear by itself. It can cause scarring in the tissues of the cervix of the genitals, or the disease may develop into cancer.

Cervix: the features of the structure

The woman who has not yet experienced the joy of motherhood, the neck of the genitals in the form of a cone, parous – cylindrical shape of the lower part of the uterus. The area of the neck, hanging directly into the vagina, the doctor can see during a pelvic examination.

Cavity reproductive organ the vagina connects the cervical canal inside the cervix. The columnar cells line the inside wall of his wall secrete mucus bright red color. The outside of the cervix lined with squamous epithelial cells.

If a woman of reproductive age are healthy, the area where the squamous epithelium of the vaginal area of the cervix is changed to columnar epithelium of the cervical canal, it is located in the region of the hole, which ends the cervical canal in the centre of the cervix.

Erosion of the cervix reproductive organ: what is it?

Today, when diagnosed with «cervical erosion», actually refers to several diseases (dysplasia, true erosion, ectropion and ectopia), which differ not only by nature, origins, and treatment options.

Dysplasia is considered the most serious of all pathologies. Needs proper treatment. To cure this pathology completely in most cases only by surgery, although medical treatment gives good results.

Erosion may develop in the formation of gaps in the cervix, as a result of various mechanical interventions in the uterus (severe childbirth, abortion, curettage for diagnosis, etc.). Ectropion is formed in case of untimely or improper closure of the gaps. If the inflammatory process is left untreated, ectropion may develop into precancerous lesions and cancer of the cervix.

Pseudo or ectopia is formed when hormonal changes in the female body.

Under the true understand the erosion area of the cervix (vaginal) where there is no normal squamous epithelium, which is caused by damage of the mucosa. Pathology has the appearance of sores on the cervix. Among the reasons one can distinguish the following: inflammation, chemical or physical effects. When Troubleshooting reasons for the formation of true erosion it exists to weeks, and then heals itself. If appropriate treatment is not for a long time, true erosion can turn into dysplasia.

Modern diagnostic methods

Gynecologist for diagnostic pathology uses such methods:

  • Complaints. As a rule, the pathology does not manifest itself. There are cases that the woman complains of vaginal discharge bloody nature after use of a tampon or sexual intercourse. If the erosion caused by inflammation, then there are different vaginal discharge. They may have unusual color, have a smell to be much more abundant than always and irritate the vulva.
  • Examination with the mirror. With a mirror you can see a plot of the characteristic red color that is clearly visible against the background of unchanged epithelium pink. If this site is found is assigned to colposcopy.
  • Colposcopy. Is considered the primary diagnostic method for cervical disease in women. For examination uses a colposcope (an increase of about 30 times). During the inspection also treatment sections which have aroused suspicion, special solutions, which allows to determine the reaction of the affected area to correctly diagnose. When diagnosing a woman won’t hurt. During diagnosis the doctor will take a scraping from the cervix to hold a cytological diagnosis, and in some cases a biopsy.
  • Other diagnostic methods. Conducting a pelvic exam, the doctor can already surmise what the reasons provoked the appearance of cervical erosion genitals in women. This can be inflammation of the genitals or failure of hormonal balance. To pinpoint the cause is microscopic examination of smears from the vagina. If necessary, can be assigned to conduct laboratory diagnosis and study of the hormonal profile.

How to treat pathology? Modern methods

All cervix pathology of the female reproductive organ, with the exception of the cancer process, begin treatment with conservative methods. The goal of treatment is eliminating the causes that caused pathological changes. The drug appoint a doctor. It can be drug treatment of inflammatory processes of the genital organs in women, correction of hormonal failure, antiviral therapy (viral infection) with simultaneous correction of failures in the immune system.

What methods of treatment of cervical erosion are there? As a rule, well-chosen drug treatment allows complete cure of the pathology, unless of course cervical erosion has not been started. The exception is ectropion, when the treatment is only by surgical intervention. If conservative treatment does not help, surgery will be scheduled, which is mandatory treatment inflammation. Otherwise, the operation will not give the expected results, but we can expect more serious complications.

Talking about the surgical methods of treatment of cervical erosion of reproductive organ in women, can be identified such:

  • Treatment with liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery). This method consists in the induction of cell necrosis of pathologically changed the plot. Heals in 2-3 months. In this case, relapse of the disease due to a lack of profound impact on the pathological area.
  • Deuteroacetone and surgical diathermy. These methods can be called the most useful in the treatment of cervical erosion of the genitals. The first method consists in cauterization of the area of the cervix that has undergone pathological changes. The second method is when performed excision of the affected area electronium. Surgical diathermy is indicated for mild forms of disease and is before menstruation. Complete healing takes up to three months. Deuteroacetone with dysplasia and ectropion.
  • The use of carbon dioxide laser. It can be as cauterization of the area of the cervix that is affected, and excision of the abnormal area. This method can be used for any abnormal changes on the cervix genitals. The only exception is Oncology.
  • Radiovolny. This method of treatment is that the pathologically altered areas of the cervix in women are destroyed by radio waves. The wound is healing for about two months, and complications are less common. Scar treatment is formed, which is very important if the woman has never given birth or plans to become a mother.

If the deformity of the cervix are highly expressed due to injuries, improper healing or suturing, scarring, or ectropion, then reconstructive surgery. When it comes to severe dysplasia or process in the cervix reproductive organ malignant — it requires amputation.

It is very important that after surgery refers to treatment of pathological changes of the cervix, has been sustained pause in sexual activity before the moment of complete healing, especially in nulliparous women.

Folk remedies for the treatment of cervical erosion

It is important to understand that none of the folk remedies, in the same way as self-administered tablets and other drugs, can not guarantee the cure of erosion. The same funds may not be suitable for all, even if symptoms are similar. The most effective folk remedy treatment of cervical erosion of childbearing on women is sea buckthorn oil. But if the cause of the disease is an infectious disease or hormonal imbalances to cope with the problem is beyond him.

Other traditional remedies used for the treatment of cervical erosion in women is such:

  • douching with a solution of tincture of calendula.
  • tampons with sea buckthorn oil.
  • tampons with mummy.
  • douching with a solution of tincture of eucalyptus.
  • douching with tincture of chamomile and calendula.

Before deciding to use any folk remedies, like pills, and other drugs, be sure to consult with your doctor about how to treat cervical erosion, and to be diagnosed.

Preventive measures

If you follow all doctor’s recommendations, take prescribed medications, the likelihood of erosion is much lower:

  • as more products with calcium (comprising beans, cabbage, spinach, almonds);
  • antioxidant ingredients (tomato, blueberry, pumpkin, zucchini, cherry);
  • vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower);
  • low-fat meat, lean sea fish, soya, beans;
  • crude vegetable oil;
  • a day to drink at least half liter of water;
  • drinking green tea;
  • less cakes, pastries, fried potatoes, chips, donuts, cookies;
  • less refined foods (sugar, pasta, white bread);
  • best to eliminate alcohol, Smoking, coffee;
  • physical exercises should be done at least 5 times a week. How long they should last? If we talk about duration, then duration must be at least half an hour.

You need to understand that in the treatment of cervical erosion it is important to choose the direction of the treatment, but this will depend on its effectiveness, as well as prevention of possible complications. Only a doctor can determine the direction of the treatment and how long will the period of full recovery individually in each case. However, he necessarily takes into account the results of tests and inspection, the woman’s condition and its age and the presence of other diseases. To expect a complete recovery is possible only in the case if they followed the advice of a doctor and to conduct regular gynecological examinations. But the independent treatment of folk remedies can only aggravate the process.

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