Chamomile during pregnancy: pulmonary and rinse with cold

Can I wash with chamomile nose during pregnancy?

While waiting for the baby every expectant mother is doubly worried about their health. Because any changes in her body can affect the state of the baby. Many drugs banned in this period and need to find an alternative.

Chamomile during pregnancy will help to get rid of many problems without hurting the health of the baby and the mother, because at the time of gargling, nasal irrigation and instillation it almost does not fit in the body and not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Inhalation with chamomile

Inhalation is the most safe method for the treatment of colds and SARS, which allows you to get rid of many symptoms.

During the procedure, it is best to use a nebulizer or inhaler. If such funds are not available, you can use a pot of cooked broth. In this case you need to get some over the broth, covered with a towel. You can also use ceramic teapots for conducting inhalation at home. This made the cone, they served the teapot and the edge of the cone is inserted into the nose.

If the mother-to-cough during the procedure, you must breathe through the mouth, if runny — nose. In addition, chamomile reduces swelling of the mucous tissue of the nasopharynx. Breathe for 10 minutes. After the procedure shall stay in a warm room at least an hour.

To get rid of cough with chamomile to use other herbs, such as sage, lime, eucalyptus, etc. Before using you want to skip the broth through cheesecloth to small particles of herbs did not get into the respiratory tract.

Also important is the fact that the use of chamomile in the first trimester as inhalation is possible, and it will not affect the health of the child.

Important! For the best effect of the inhalation it is necessary to carry out immediately after the first symptoms of the disease. However, we should not forget that the procedure can be carried out at elevated temperature.

Nasal lavage

Expectant mothers at the onset of a cold think it is possible to wash chamomile nose during pregnancy. During the procedure, the decoction acts on the mucous tissue in the body can be in the minimum amount. In this case no risk to mom and baby not.

When flushing the nose with chamomile during the cold reduces inflammation, clears nasal passages, humidified mucous and eases breathing.

The duration of the procedures the patient chooses itself, because of the harm they inflict.

However, you should stop washing after complete disappearance of symptoms of rhinitis.

During the disease the mucous membrane of the nose start to breed a lot of bacteria, so it is important to remove the accumulated mucus.

However, to wash the nose chamomile is only if not allergic to wheat.

If the patient has an allergic reaction, the procedure should be stopped and replaced with a Daisy on saline purchased at a pharmacy or prepared independently.

The important thing about washing is that the nose needs at least a little to breathe, or broth can get into the Eustachian tube and cause complication of otitis media. It is also worth to remember when using the medical bag for rinsing, as the required control pressure when pressed.

The nose is washed as for the prevention and the fight against other diseases:

  • sinusitis;
  • rhinitis of a different nature;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • the polyps and adenoids in the nose.

When washing, you can use the palm of your hand, a pipette, a syringe or a large syringe without a needle.

The best result will be achieved with deep washing. To do this, pinch one nostril and the other dipped in the prepared chamomile infusion. Then you need to start drawing in the liquid. Mouth during the procedure must be opened in order to spill out. After this procedure, the nasal passages and nasopharynx are cleared from the resulting mucus more effectively.

It is not necessary to wash the nose before going to sleep, because after the procedure the nose is still some amount of liquid. If the day can be vismarkt, she can get into the larynx, and it is for the mother desirable.

Important! It is forbidden to swallow the broth that was in the throat. It is necessary to cough. If the decoction with mucus begins to drain into the throat, then irrigation is done properly and the germs remain, and are not washed out from the nasal passages.

Burying his nose in the

In the treatment of rhinitis traditional medicine plays an important role, especially during pregnancy. Chamomile for colds is very effective in combating the common cold, as it has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to get rid of bacteria.

Prepared drops will be effective if a runny nose caused by colds or SARS, not hormonal changes.

Burying his nose in the decoction of chamomile pharmacy is allowed only in those cases when runny nose not caused by Allergy, or the situation could get worse.

Before digging it is necessary to clear the nasal Airways of mucus, and for greater effect, better before the procedure to wash the nose.

To prepare the broth should brew chamomile according to the instructions and drip the resulting broth into each nasal passage 4 drops 4-7 times a day.

Gargling and mouth chamomile

Chamomile is a versatile tool that helps to get rid of many disease symptoms. When the first signs of sore throat and sore you must immediately start rinsing to prevent the development of angina.

Rinse the throat as often as possible — every half hour or hour. The procedure is done after a meal. After some time, it is not recommended to eat and drink. After 5-7 gargles sore throat is markedly reduced, moisten the mucosa and pathogenic bacteria in the throat will be much less.

Important! For rinsing it is necessary to take a decoction a comfortable temperature. Hot liquids can hurt the already sore throat and oral cavity.

Chamomile decoction is effective not only for colds, it is used in the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, toothache, inflamed gums.

Precautions when using chamomile

Despite all the beneficial properties of chamomile during pregnancy should be used cautiously. If you do not observe the dosage, instead of the expected effect may manifest side effects, most often it is an allergic reaction.

You cannot perform a rinsing with chamomile, if there are any tumors in the nose or predisposition to bleeding from the nose.

It is important to find out whether allergies to chamomile. For this rinse, rinse or instill the fewest amount of broth. Upon the occurrence of allergic reactions application should stop immediately.

To use chamomile during pregnancy is recommended only with a doctor’s permission. Failure to comply with basic rules could have a miscarriage because chamomile contains substances that reduce the uterus. Getting a large amount of broth in the mother’s body can harm the baby.

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