Cheap and effective nasal drops in the nose: cheap tools

What are cheap and effective nasal drops?

This inflammation like rhinitis poses a serious inconvenience, so every patient wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Effectively to cure the common cold in several ways, but it is best to trust the choice of professional otolaryngologist. Experts advise instill vasoconstrictor nose drops, but to choose the best one isn’t always easy. In addition, patient care is a natural question, what is the difference between domestic drops in the nose from foreign and better than they are?

By and large, the difference from the more expensive drops available is irrelevant. Cheap and effective nasal drops in the nose is no worse than imported, and most importantly, cope with the secretions from the nose for several days. Unlike drugs in most part lies only in the support components, so today we will share the list of the cheapest nose drops.

Why do I get runny nose

A runny nose becomes a companion of many viral and bacterial inflammation occurring in the nasal cavity. It often appears together with fever, nasal congestion, loss of smell, headaches, feeling of pressure in the nasal cavity, and other symptoms.

Moreover, rhinitis is the most common and a depressing factor in the cold when the human body is prone to hypothermia. Other reasons for its occurrence include:

  • allergic factor;
  • penetration into the nasal cavity viruses or bacteria;
  • hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty;
  • effects after long-term treatment with medicines;
  • anatomical features;
  • pathological processes of the mucous membrane of the nose.

A runny nose can also occur in patients with a deviated septum and in the event of a prolonged stay under the air conditioner or the sun.

In some cases, rhinitis is caused due to latent pathological phenomena, which can determine only an experienced medical audiologist.

Changes on the mucosa of the nasal passage is gradual, and the clinical picture of inflammation depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the immune system of the patient.

Sometimes rhinitis can pass on their own. However, in most cases, rhinitis requires medical intervention.

Therefore, if the mucus is accompanied by undesirable symptoms, choose a good cure for the common cold. When buying nasal drug, pay attention to the price of medication, as well as the annotation.

What can cure rhinitis

When choosing a drug don’t be afraid to buy cheap nose drops. It’s much scarier to leave a rhinitis without attention. In such cases, the patient may form acute otitis media, sinusitis and tonsillitis. To get rid of this kind of inflammation is much more difficult and expensive.

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One of the most effective drugs for treatment of rhinitis – «Xylometazoline». He has a vasoconstrictor effect and eliminates the signs of inflammation after a few applications.

The effect of the drug is directed to alpha-agonists, so the «Xylometazoline» almost never causes side effects .

However, before buying this drug one must study the instruction manual. «Xylometazoline» has some contraindications.

After the introduction of «Xylometazoline» the patient feels reduce swelling in the mucous parts as well as the improvement of nasal breathing. This effect lasts up to five hours.

To use the tool from the age of six. When you use «Xylometazoline» talk to your doctor about the dosage. Most experts advise to bury no more than two drops in each nasal passage. Repeat procedure three times a day.

The cost of this drug is about 67 rubles.


Cheap cure for the common cold «Galazolin». They eliminate the swelling of mucous and effectively reduce the amount of liquid secretion almost immediately after injection into the nose. Their effect is quite long and under proper use of the drug lasts up to eight hours.

Apply «Galazolin» over twelve days.

During the period of treatment is recommended to inject three drops into each nostril.

The sinuses are advised to clear with lavage. In violation of dosing indicated the formation of drug rhinitis.

The product can be used for treating children from three months. When treating children, the rate of application is reduced to five days.

Do not use «Galazolin» in the case of atrophic rhinitis, diabetes, as well as with severe atherosclerosis. To apply the medicine in case of pregnancy is not contraindicated, but should consult a doctor.

The cost of the medication is 35 rubles.


Another famous cheap drug «ksimelin».

He is a member of vasoconstrictor drugs, so before use, read the annotation on the subject of contraindications and side effects.

The tool starts working after ten minutes after injection.

Keep in mind that the composition of the drug is Xylometazoline. In case of allergic reactions to this component, the use is prohibited.

Apply «ksimelin» it’s ten years. Children under 18 should be buried two or three drops, depending on the severity of the illness and severity of symptoms. Adults allowed the introduction of four drops three times a day.

The price of the drug – about 120 roubles.


In the medical environment, the most well-known drug is considered «not effective». He is in the group of vasoconstrictive drugs, so the treatment data drops shall not exceed five days. Otherwise there is a risk of addiction.

It is believed that «Naphazoline» the cheapest, but available drug. Its price does not exceed 30 rubles.

To apply the «Nose» must be carefully and not breaking the dosages. Allowed the introduction of one or two drops three times a day. The last meal should occur immediately before sleep.

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If the treatment of rhinitis requires a deeper treatment, doctors can prescribe antibacterial spray «Izofra».

Its price is 230 rubles.

To inject the drug into the nose once a day for one week.

To apply the remedy often is not recommended, as the drug includes a local antibiotic. Do not use tool without a doctor’s prescription as it has serious contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to the active components;
  • allergic reactions;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Apply this drug, in acute rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, as well as in the case of infection in the respiratory tract.


Among the powerful but relatively cheap drugs, there are still some drops with antibacterial effect. «Polideksa» known positive reviews in acute and long-term rhinitis, as well as in case of sinusitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis.

Before the introduction of this spray is recommended reorganization of the nasal passages. To enter the nasal cavity are required once with a break in five hours. Do not use the drug for the treatment of children and in the case of glaucoma, kidney or liver, as well as during pregnancy.

The cost of the drug is about 280 rubles.


For treatment of rhinitis can be bought the drug in capsules – «Interferon». Before use, dilute the contents in purified water. To enter a tool into the nasal cavity it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions.

Usually doctors advise not to bury more than five drops at a time. The day you can enter up to four times.

Results after treatment «Interferonom» you can see on the third day, but if you felt no change, replace the tool more effective.

The price of the «Interferon» varies from 70 to 130 roubles.


Among the strong and cheap nose drops for kids can distinguish antiviral agent, «Grippferon». It costs about 150 rubles.

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The drug is aimed at maintaining the immune system and destroy viruses in the nasal cavity.

To apply the remedy can be no more than five days. During this period, it is recommended to enter up to three drops every three hours.

That is remarkable, «Grippferon» can be used to treat infants, without fear of side effects. This means they are practically absent.


Encloses a list of cheap drops in the nose «Hemomicin-Teva». This medicine contains hydrocortisone and neomycin, which effectively help in acute rhinitis. In addition, the tool can be used in case of allergic reactions, as well as strong anti-inflammatory medication.

The combined effect is able to destroy the source of inflammation and to normalize nasal breathing of the patient. In addition, the tool can bring bacteria and viruses from the nasal cavity to the second application.

Enter the necessary three drops four times a day. To take such a course of treatment to seven days.

The cost of the drug is about 250 rubles.


The treatment of rhinitis should take place without delay. Only in this case you can use inexpensive means. If the inflammation is found clearly expressed symptoms and takes quite painful, it is important to receive comprehensive treatment, which is usually much more expensive.

Keep in mind that wondering how much are nose drops, you must consider the region of your residence. All given sums extend over the Central regions of Russia.