Chinese nasal spray from sinusitis and rhinitis

What are Chinese nasal sprays help by sinusitis and runny nose?

Prolonged rhinitis often flows into acute sinusitis. These diseases cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms that are hard to break. Often patients complain of constant sinus congestion in the nasal passages, the abundance of mucous secretions, which in the course of development of inflammation become purulent admixture. In addition, patients have shooting sensations in the head and temples, a feeling of pressure in nose, pain in the paranasal sinuses and swelling of the nasal mucosa.

To get rid of the symptoms of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses is possible with comprehensive treatment. But not always modern pharmaceutical market could offer really effective means, so the countrymen are more likely to choose Chinese nasal sprays from sinusitis. In this article we will examine the most popular nasal money and will help you choose the best medicine.

Symptoms and causes of the disease

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa. If you ignore the inflammation, runny nose is often the root cause of more serious processes of the paranasal ways. It is often mucus provoke dysfunction of the paranasal sinuses, causing sinusitis.

Sinusitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, in which the patient appears pain between the eyebrows and in the head, nasal congestion, inability to maintain breathing through the nose.

In both cases, patients reported the formation of copious amounts of mucous secretion. The appearance of pus, the inflammation becomes bacterial in nature. To cure this type of sinusitis is much more difficult, so it is important to begin therapy at the initial stage.

How to cure a bacterial inflammation of the paranasal sinuses to clarify here.

The reason for the formation rhinitis lies in a weak immune system, colds and wrong treatment of inflammations in the ENT organs. In addition, rhinitis has become the most common cause of the formation of inflammation of the paranasal ways. However, sinusitis can also occur due to viral and bacterial respiratory.

Additional causes include allergic reactions, trauma to the nasal passages, incorrect drug therapy with long-term rhinitis. Often inflammation of the maxillary sinus formed on the background of a fungal infection when a patient received the wrong treatment with antibiotics.

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Chinese nasal sprays with pictures

Sinusitis on the background of long-lasting rhinitis can be cured in various ways. Increasingly patients choose treatment with the use of certain drugs from China. They are available for residents of Russia. As a rule, they are not expensive, but most effective.

For reference! It is impossible to assign the treatment of acute or chronic sinusitis on their own. Therefore, before purchasing Chinese medicines, please consult with an experienced and qualified doctor.


One of the most famous Chinese nasal funds in recent years has become the drug «Bilitong». The tool is completely natural as it is based on mint, chrysanthemum, crystal, borneol and honeysuckle.

Apply «Bilitong» can in acute sinusitis or rhinitis long. Patients should not worry about any adverse reactions, however, with hypersensitivity to components of drug treatment should be reconsidered.

The tool provides effective results in the initial stages of sinusitis when the symptoms of the disease is not acquired consistency. Apply «Belitong» in the case of rhinitis in the case of complications of respiratory catarrh or catarrhal inflammation and to infections of the upper respiratory tract.

For reference! «Biltong» is considered the most available drug in Russia. Its price is less than one hundred rubles.

In addition to anti-inflammatory action, «Bilitong» reduces swelling of the mucosa and exerts a vasoconstrictor effect. The tool can be used with frequent bleeding or in the case of the bacterial nature of the inflammation, when there is a risk of proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Nasal remedy is not recommended more than four times per day. Before using «Bilitong» should be to rinse any saline sea water («Phrase», «Aqua Maris», «Marimer», «no-Sol» and others).

The duration of treatment should not exceed seven days.

Spray with propolis «BeeGun»

Famous Chinese spray nasal propolis – «BeeGun». This tool is widely used in Russia, as the drug has a pronounced effect in the treatment of rhinitis.

The composition of the drops, in addition to propolis, chamomile. So before applying verify the lack of allergic reactions. Other contraindications include children’s age and pregnancy and lactation.

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«BeeGun» can be used not only with long-term rhinitis. Its beneficial properties help to get rid of the symptoms in allergic sinusitis. The unique composition has a strong antibacterial effect and eliminates the symptoms almost immediately after application.

Effective for acute or chronic sinusitis and sinusitis, allergic reactions on the background of improper treatment of nasal decongestants & long-term nasal congestion.

For reference! The drug «BeeGun» should be stored in dark and dry place, but not more than three months after opening.

Apply the medication should be for five days, using two inject three times a day.


Nasal spray «Zishuobiyanshuning» is another drug for the treatment of acute or chronic rhinitis. Chinese drug is effectively used in the case of allergic rhinitis and chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose.

In addition, effective in the treatment of sinusitis, sinusitis in the initial stage and at a constant blocked nose, on the background of colds.

Be careful if you have an allergic reaction to Magnolia, Japanese honeysuckle and essential oils. These ingredients included in the composition of the drug and can cause the formation of undesirable processes. In addition, the vehicle is prohibited to treat pregnant women. It is necessary to abandon drops, and when feeding the baby’s chest.

In the absence of special sensitivity to the active ingredients means that «Zishuobiyanshuning» can be used four times more than three times a day. The treatment lasts about five days, but if the inflammation is found clearly expressed symptoms, the duration increases to seven days.

For reference! Store the drug in a dark place. The expiration date after opening within two months.

Spray from inflammation «Kouyanshuning»

Another tool for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx – «Kouyanshuning». Chinese spray designed for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases in the region of the respiratory tract.

The composition includes natural ingredients, namely, propolis, mint essential oil, Cicada.

It can be used not only for medical practice, but also to prevent in-season activation of acute respiratory illnesses or in the cooler months, when the patient’s immune system greatly reduced.

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«Kouyanshuning» designed to reduce swelling of mucous membranes, and also to reduce the symptoms of inflammation in rhinitis and sinusitis. In addition, the tool has safety features the whole of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and throat.

To apply the remedy from one to six times a day, Spryskova once in each nostril.


With prolonged inflammation in the nasopharynx and oral cavity, you can use healing spray «Yanning». This medication reduces the symptoms of prolonged rhinitis and sinusitis resolves, however, only at the initial stage. Spray use in acute inflammation of the paranasal ways inefficient.

In the preparation includes mint essential oil, Japanese honeysuckle, polyphenols, and the product of beekeeping. This combination may provoke an allergic reaction, so the use of funds should be discussed with your doctor.

In the absence of hypersensitivity to components, the tool can be used in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • pharyngolaryngeal;
  • sinusitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • Linguini;
  • periodontitis.

To apply the remedy can be no more than five days, introducing into the nasal cavity via two inject morning and evening.


Chinese nasal drops and sprays have gained wide popularity in Russia due to the rapid effect and natural ingredients. However, most medications have pronounced side effects and contraindications. Do not use tools, not being confident in the absence of allergic reactions to the medicine.