Chlorophyllipt in oil sinusitis: treatment and how to apply

How to apply Help with sinusitis?

International statistics says that acute sinusitis and other forms of sinusitis each year occur in 10% of the population. And every year the number of patients is increasing by 1-2%. But what is sinusitis and how is it so dangerous? It is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary cavity. The disease occurs as a complication on a background of infections such as measles, influenza and even the common cold.

The symptoms of acute sinusitis is increasing temperature, runny nose, difficulty breathing and discomfort in the nasal sinuses. If the disease is subacute or chronic, the patient manifested the same signs, but in a less vivid form. To facilitate and improve breathing for people suffering from sinusitis, using various drugs. One such product is Chlorophyllin. But how effective is it and how to apply it in the sinus?

Help: General information

The basis of this medication are natural ingredients that provide antiseptic action. The main ingredient contained in the product extract chlorophyll and eucalyptus. The drug is realized in the form of alcohol, less oil, mortar, spray and pill. Alcohol solution containing 1% of active substance and oil – 2%.

Extract from the eucalyptus contained in the Drug, in addition to antiseptic effect, has a number of other medical actions:

  • causal;
  • bacteriostatic;
  • bactericidal.

The drug used in the fight against staphylococci that do not respond to antibiotics. The drug often used to treat sinusitis, with bacterial infections. It also activates the body’s defenses and increases the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Attention! During treatment, the Drug is not recommended alcohol consumption.

After using, especially in excessive quantities, and can develop side effects such as swelling of lips or oral mucosa and various allergic reactions. If you experience such reactions, discontinue treatment sinusitis the Drug and consult with your doctor about further use of the drug. During pregnancy and lactation the Drug is not used.

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Before using the product it is recommended to test for its portability. First, drink 25 drops of extract diluted in 1 tbsp water. After 6 or 8 hours of validated test results. If no allergic reactions (swelling of the throat, lips, nasal mucosa), the drug can be used in the future.

How to use the Drug in the sinus

Consider the most effective methods.

Turundy and burying the nose

The drug from sinusitis often lay buried either in the form of turundae in the nose. Used for this purpose is oil, which dipped a cotton turundy. After they put in the nostrils for 3 minutes. Regular holding of this procedure has the following positive effects:

  • pulling pus;
  • good ventilation of the sinuses;
  • the liquefaction of mucus;
  • antimicrobial and antiviral effect;
  • elimination of swelling and inflammation;
  • ensuring better drainage of secretions.

Important! Children up to three years are not allowed to lay in the nose turundy.

Oil Chlorophyllipt in the sinus instilled into the nose in 3-4 drops in the individual nostril up to 3 times a day.

To improve the effectiveness of the procedure before you start, you need to clean the nasal passages using saline solution.

Next, you dial the medication into the dropper, tilt your head back and make an instillation.

Introduction to nose Help facilitate and speed up the healing process of sinusitis. After all, it will help to release the breath and improve the condition of the maxillary sinuses. But this procedure has a significant drawback – oil solution is a strong irritant to mucous membranes. Therefore, code the tool gets to it there is a burning sensation and mouth there is a bitter taste.

Attention! When sinusitis in children solution Hlorofillipta before burying diluted with vegetable oil in equal proportions.


If you include inhalation treatment in complex therapy of sinusitis, it is possible to quickly achieve the desired clinical effect.

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For the procedure used (regular inhalation of medicinal vapors from the tank, filled with warm solution) and a more modern method (use the nebulizer).

In any case to the inhalation to prepare. This alcohol solution of eucalyptus is mixed with saline (1:10). To spend one procedure will be enough 4 ml of the mixture. The resulting solution fill the nebulizer. The procedure is done twice a day. Duration of one session – up to 10 minutes.

Nasal rinses and oral

Another effective procedure, accelerates the healing process by leaching from the nasal cavity of pathogenic microflora, is the flushing.

This procedure is rather unpleasant, so for children it is not used.

Initially, the Drug alcohol (1 tsp) diluted with saline (1 Cup).

Then the mixture was washed each of the nasal passages, using about 2 ml for each nostril. Washing should be done three times a day.

For the introduction of a solution into the nasal cavity is convenient to use a syringe without a needle, where gaining the required amount of medication and then injected him in the nose so that the solution subsequently flowing from the other nostril. It is noteworthy that nasal rinses are especially effective in bacterial sinusitis, and streptococcal infection, because it can help significantly to ease breathing.

Attention! When sinusitis divorced Chlorophyllin also gargle that will help to remove the infection from the nasopharynx and prevent further spread of the disease.

Another way to enhance the therapeutic action in the treatment of sinusitis is internally applying Hlorofillipta.

So, the oil solution is take 1 tsp four times per day. Such treatment should last at least 10 days.

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Now you know how to use the Drug in the sinus.

Recommendations for its use are particularly useful, as the remedy on the basis of chlorophyll and eucalyptus is one of the few drugs that can fight infectious agents, when even antibiotics are powerless.

In particular, the drug kills staph is a bacteria that often causes chronic sinusitis. Moreover, treatment Often soothes the mucous and makes breathing easier, allowing easier breathing, headache leaves and improves the General health of the patient.