Cholesteatoma of the ear and surgery to remove

What is cholesteatoma of the ear?

In the modern world as neoplasm cholesteatoma ear infrequently occurring disease. Ear cholesteatoma is a tumor that appeared in the middle ear. There are two types of diseases: congenital and about. The first symptoms is the dizziness, uncomfortable feelings in the ear, feeling of fullness in the middle ear.

At the first symptoms of the tumor exam.Most often, the tumor is removed surgically.

Understand the disease cholesteatoma of the middle ear

Commonly ear is cholesteatoma in the middle ear and represents a tumor. The composition of the tumors included epithelial cells, cholesterol, keratin.

Most often occurs after acute otitis media.

There are about and secondary education. But first please note the photo ear cholesteatoma:

About cholesteatoma ear

Very rarely, cholesteatoma of the middle ear is natural. However, this disease is real. As it is called a «pearly tumor».

Commonly formed due to pathological processes during the development of the fetus inside the womb of the mother.

Most often it is located in the temporal bones.

Secondary cholesteatoma of the ear

Closely monitor the condition after otitis media or trauma to the ear, as cholesteatoma appears after these diseases.

As due to chronic disease or acute otitis unity of the eardrum broken.

Cholesteatoma can also develop through the Eustachian tube. Due to the weakening of the drum area, it sinks into the auditory tube. So in the middle ear cavity is formed in which accumulate bacteria and keratin, causing the formation and inflammation of the disease.

Most often method of treatment colectomy ear surgery.

Unfortunately, this inflammation is malleable and capable of expanding in volume. During the development it is not concentrated only in the region of the middle ear, but the area in which it can germinate to predict is not possible.

It can grow in the walls of the channels of the facial nerve and to include the area of the mastoid bone. At this time the tumor comes out.

With long accumulation of cholesteatoma in the middle ear, it may form cysts containing harmful liquid.

This provokes conditions such as:

  • abscesses of the brain;
  • meningitis;
  • diffuse infiltration of brain tissue by fluid from the vascular space;
  • the total infestation of the body by pathogenic germs.

Usually at the beginning of the disease, the patient does not notice the symptoms because of pronounced symptoms of the disease does not exist. However, in the process of tumor development the patient may be hearing loss. In addition, there are the following symptoms:

  • bursting in ear;
  • severe headache;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • loss of health;
  • severe fatigue,

Noticing the symptoms, immediately consult a doctor-otolaryngologist.

Diagnosis of the disease

At the time of diagnosis of the tumor, doctors use the photograph of the internal structure of the ear with the help of x-rays. The survey can accurately determine the size of the inflammation and its location. There are other stages of the recognition of the disease:

  1. Application inspection of the external auditory canal, tympanic membrane, and in its destruction of the tympanic cavity with the use of special tools.
  2. With the help of computed tomography is determined by the exact diagnosis.
  3. The study of the external auditory canal and the tympanic membrane under a microscope.
  4. An MRI with contrast. MRI allows irradiating the patient. MRI allows to assess the size and shape of the tumor.
  5. With the help of audiometry the doctor, audiologist measures hearing acuity, determination of auditory sensitivity to sound waves of different frequencies.

To determine whether you need surgery, the doctor-the otolaryngologist decides with the help of neurologist and neurosurgeon.


A cholesteatoma, provided that it is located over the drum area, the operation is not required. In this case, it is sufficient only conservative treatment.

In such a method includes rinsing the ear with specialized solutions. If you noticed symptoms of the disease and successfully followed the prescribed course of treatment, the discomfort will pass quickly.

But in most cases, cholesteatoma gives serious complications, and are large in size. Therefore, without surgical intervention is necessary.

Remember that at the time of the culmination of various diseases of the surgical treatments throughout. Most often the patient is assigned a treatment by means of antibiotics and other drug therapy.

Surgery to remove the tumor is performed under General anesthesia.

During surgery, the surgeon first removes the changed education. The second step is removal of the inflammation. At the end of the operation recover ear bones with cartilage.

The final step is a comprehensive health intervention with the aim of restoring the damaged structures of the middle ear and improve hearing.

All this operation takes place under a microscope.

Remember that after surgery, the ear becomes sensitive to cold air or water.

Prevention of the disease

To avoid such disease like cholesteatoma should conduct a series of preventive measures.

First time to treat colds. Including it seemed a harmless cold can cause serious inflammation.

Do not abuse drops, which contain the vasoconstrictor elements. Similarly, do not use traditional medicines because they are detrimental to act on the overall health. The best treatment will be a visit and consultation with your doctor.

Special attention to health, pay after you or your child has been ill with otitis. His treatment of important complex therapy, including heat therapy and specialized drops. In particularly severe cases, antibiotics.

Don’t forget about tempering procedures. In a strong and healthy body is a disease like the common cold and other catarrhal diseases are treated quickly and effectively.

But if the tumor has arisen, in time remove it surgically and in the future, visit your doctor twice a year.

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