Cinnabsin in the sinus, and instructions on how to take

How to take Cinnabsin in the sinus?

According to modern medical statistics, rhinitis is the most frequent symptom of respiratory inflammation. If the cold is not cured on time, then the patient in eighty percent of cases are produced by complications such as sinusitis. It is therefore important to take the necessary measures for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract in the first stage, when the symptoms of the disease have not differ in the acuteness and severity.

If the disease struck the upper respiratory tract and paranasal sinuses, the patient needs complex treatment. In case of complications of a cold or flu, the patient usually treatment of sinusitis Cannabinum. This homeopathic remedy helps to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and to restore function of the maxillary sinus, and to eliminate the risk of complications.

Does Cinnabsin to me

Cinnabsin is a homeopathic medicine that is necessary to reduce signs of inflammation in the sinus or rhinitis. It does not allow the transfer of cold to the more dangerous stage, and eliminates the inflammatory process in the more serious processes in the respiratory tract.

The drug is designed in such a way that, after comprehensive treatment, the patient noted significant improvement in the work of the maxillary sinuses. A positive effect of the drug can have an impact due to the content of the red sulphide of mercury and Goldenseal, as well as in terms of potassium, micromica and Echinacea.

The medication comes in the form of tablets that need to dissolve.

The drug is frequently prescribed for sinusitis, as its positive impact has been proven by scientists.

The main effect of medication aimed at reducing the allocation of pus, mild pain in the nose and superciliary arches.

In addition, the active component of the drug reduces swelling in the mucosa.

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The drug clears the sinuses. This process activates the natural functions of the nasal cavity and eliminates the nasal mucosa.

In conclusion, the drug acts on the immune system and speeds up the process of recovery. In addition, Cinnabsin can be applied in the preventive purposes.

How to apply Cinnabsin

When the diagnosis of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, it is necessary to clarify the question of how to take Cinnabsin with sinusitis, your doctor.

Instructions for use are identical in each case, however, it is important to know the exact dosing of the drug.

The medication relieves the pain and removes the swelling and inflammation in the lining of the cavity.

To completely restore the breathing and stop the signs of sinusitis need to take Cinnabsin as the primary drug for treatment.

Remember that the use of this medicine in one person will not help to eliminate the symptoms of sinusitis and to completely cure the inflammation. Cinnabsin must be taken comprehensively.

Only combined treatment of sinusitis will help to eliminate serious signs of inflammation of the sinuses and speed up recovery.

Indications for use

According to the annotation of the drug, take the drug is possible in acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and in the case of acute sinusitis in the chronic phase.

In addition, Cinnabsin can be used as prophylaxis in acute rhinitis or respiratory disease.

The treatment it is important to know what the pill must be kept in the mouth until it is completely dissolved. If this medication is prescribed for the treatment of children, dissolve the medicine in a teaspoon with a small amount of water.

Apply Cinnabsin after two hours before eating or one hour before eating. Not dissolve the drug together with food intake.

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Course of treatment should not exceed eight weeks, but usually doctors prescribe the use of medication for ten days. Every day you can use two tablets. In the case of acute sinusitis dosing can increase.

At the initial stage of treatment, some patients noted worsening of symptoms of the disease. Such a process is the norm, so do not throw the course of treatment and stop taking the medication.

If you miss a dose, do not take the next time a double dose. In this case, it is necessary to take the medicine according to the schedule.


Cinnabsin is considered a drug, which has virtually no contraindications.

To use the drug undesirable for particular sensitivity to the drug components, as well as diabetes.

You cannot take the medication for tuberculosis, collagenosis, or inflammation of viral chronic. Doctors may prescribe taking Cinnabsin in leukemia or multiple sclerosis, but to apply the medicine in such cases it is necessary with special care.

Negative instances related to the interaction of the drug and other medicines are not fixed. But in the formation of the pathological process it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Side effects

When treating sinusitis patients reported only positive properties of the drug. In very rare cases was fixed on the manifestation of allergic reaction as hives, as well as the formation of large amounts of allocation of the saliva.


Valeria Argiewe: «Treated Cinnabsin in the diagnosis of sinusitis. The doctor prescribed two tablets for every day. Was resorbed in the morning and evening. On the first day noted the increase in body temperature, profuse mucus from the nose, as well as the deterioration of health. But the doctor had warned about such a reaction of the body, so I continued treatment. Eight days later sinusitis passed at all.»

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Stanislav Guzeev: «When the child was diagnosed with sinusitis and the doctor prescribed Cinnabsin. He warned that after taking the baby may have a fever for a few days. Excluding this factor, noted that the drug had a quick effect. The child on the third day became as active as it was before the illness».

Anna Valenkov: «in acute sinusitis, the doctor prescribed Cinnabsin. Was resorbed, the drug three times a day, but on the third day the doctor increased the dosage to six tablets. The first time I had a fever, elevated blood pressure and severe pain in the area between the eyebrows. During the consultation the doctor said that this is the norm and the symptoms will go away the next day. Fully sinusitis passed eight days later».


Cinnabsin is considered one of the most effective drugs among the medicines for the treatment of sinusitis. Use the drug can be acute or chronic inflammation, but in each case it is important to consult a doctor.

Do not take the drug without a doctor’s prescription, and, if hypersensitivity to the active components.