Circumcision of the cervix with erosion: the process

Cervical erosion is a defect of the mucous membrane of the vaginal part of the cervix and this abnormal process characterized by the fact that a healthy layer of epithelium under the negative influence of negative factors in the process is replaced by unhealthy tissue. In practice, the phenomenon is quite unpleasant and requires treatment. One of the methods of treatment of cervical erosion is the circumcision, or rather a cone biopsy.

Contace of the cervix in the diagnosis of erosion is a surgical procedure in which there is excision of the affected tissue. The affected area of the tissues of the truncate-cone, hence the name surgical intervention.

The goal of surgery

The procedure itself circumcision of cervical erosion is carried out both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, and he received in this case the material is sent for histological analysis and research. It is the cancer detection in early stages allows you to successfully cure it – statistics show that in 97 cases out of 100 such a disease as cancer can be overcome.

In some cases, shows the conization

Circumcision of the cervix of the uterus shown in the case:

  • when the diagnosis of erosion and polyps, hypertrophy of the cervix and cysts, mastitis and cancer, i.e. when the pathological changes in the mucosa of the cervical canal.
  • if there is a positive result of studies on the Cytology, in particular when identifying atypical cells and correspondingly, the predisposition to cancers.
  • cervical dysplasia at 2 – 4 stages of development. In this case it is necessary to understand that in contrast to erosion and other lesions of the endometrium, which may manifest itself in varying symptoms, it’s a precancerous condition often occurs bessimptomnom and does not bother the patient. And in the absence of timely detection and treatment can cause cancer of the cervix.
  • breaks after childbirth and deformity of the cervix, especially if the formation is large and rough scars, which subsequently can lead to infertility, inability to conceive and give birth.
  • ectropion cervical pathological condition, which, as well as erosion, affects the lining, but in this case it expresses itself in the fact that the mucosa is inverted into the cavity of the vagina.
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Contraindications to surgery

Protivopokazanie to conduct such surgical intervention are:

  • infectious diseases and inflammatory processes of the female reproductive system. In this case it is necessary in the beginning to cure itself of disease, whether infectious or inflammatory origin and after proceed to the operation behavior, circumcision of the cervix.
  • there is a confirmation by histological studies of invasive cancer shake the uterus. In this case, the course of treatment appoints himself the doctor based on diagnosis.

Methods of confiserie cervical

If there is a lesion of the cervix, when erosion and other pathological changes in the mucosa, the doctors used one of the ways conization. Among those there are:

  1. The knife, which is carried out with a scalpel, but at the moment this method is deprecated and not used, but earlier in erosion and other mucosal lesions of the cervix it is often practiced. At the moment it is replaced by the more progressive and innovative methods of excision of the cervix. Modern methods are more painless and all risk of bleeding is minimized, and the recovery period is limited to a couple of days.
  2. Laser, which is carried out by a medical laser and is considered the most popular and progressive method. And the fact that it is considered to be bloodless and allows to minimize all risks of cervical lesion while eliminating erosion and scars, papillomas, and cysts.
  3. Loop when surgical intervention is by means apparatus emitting radio waves. It is he who has the most effective bloodless and painless treatment and removal of many lesions on the mucosa of the cervix, such as erosion and scarring, polyps, and much more.

Speaking specifically about the last radiowave method of treatment of the cervix, in this case, it is necessary to highlight the following advantages:

  • removal of all tumors and lesions of the tissues of the mucous membrane of the cervix in the apparatus has an electrode in the form of a loop and it helps to not only cut and remove the desired section of the cloth, and not to affect the healthy tissue. However, he helps to Polish the damaged treatment the mucosa and significantly reduce the risk of bleeding after surgery, aiding a quicker recovery.
  • radio shows circumcision as a way to remove the affected tumors of the mucosa of the cervix, erosion or papilloma, in nulliparous women, this method does not allow the formation of scarring tissues and as a result helps to preserve the reproductive function of the body.
  • surgery is considered the 1st day-this surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and accordingly the rehabilitation period is very short, limited to a couple of days and there is no need to hold them in the hospital.
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Preparation for surgery

In the beginning, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate tests – a blood smear and a smear on flora, a biopsy and other by purpose and situation. The operation is carried out 2-3 days after menstruation, and further, the patient may be under the control and supervision of a physician. With preventive measures and avoid complications doctors prescribed after surgery antibiotics and a course of tonic treatment.

Effects from the surgery

After the surgery, the excision procedure of the cervix, the patient may experience spotting from the genital organs and little power of pain attacks in the area of the lower abdomen. If the discharge from the genitals accompanied by severe pain and a fever should see a doctor. At the same time, period after surgery, usually very rich and intense, long lasting in nature.

After the procedure, the doctor conducts a visual inspection after 14 days – this allows you to confirm the absence of complications. Also at the control examination the doctor takes the analysis – smear on the study, plus is colposcopy and for 5 years the patient herself obliged every 3 months to undergo medical examination.

Recommendations after surgery recovery of the patient

After the operation the patient should avoid any heavy load on the physical level and also, do not lift loads weighing more than 5 kg, to replace the use of tampons on pads and take a shower only to exclude the admission of the bath, in order to prevent the penetration of the vagina infection. Also not recommended the use of the pool and saunas, and do not practice douching and time, for a month and a half, to exclude intimacy. Not recommended of drugs to take aspirin – taking it increases bleeding.

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Possible complications after surgery

Among the complications that can be the patient after the operation, then there is the following:

  • bleeding the patient – but this symptom occurs for no more than 2% of women.
  • the appearance of infectious processes in the cervix, but such negative symptoms are also very rare – it occurs in no more than 2% of patients.
  • stenosis, in which there is a sharp narrowing of the cervical canal and the outer entrance she has such a negative symptom found in 1.5–3.5% of women.
  • long and heavy of bleeding, often with clots of blood.