Clear discharge before menstruation: causes, treatment

Often before the onset of menstruation, a woman can detect on trunks clear discharge. Is this the norm or need to sound the alarm?

Need to say that if a woman is healthy, such allocation, if any, are humidifier the vagina, as well as protecting the urinary system from infections. These include exfoliated epithelial cells and the mucus that the cervix produces the genitals. The consistency and amount of discharge from the vagina depend on the hormone levels, phase of the menstrual cycle, as well as the nature of sexual life in women.

If a woman is healthy, it a colorless vaginal discharge should not create discomfort in the groin area, particularly itching, burning, pain after sexual intercourse. Clear discharge does not have a sharp odor. If any of the symptoms there, we are talking about pathological deviation, install which can only be a doctor.

How to change vaginal secretions during the menstrual cycle?

The cervix genitals and the walls of the vagina are glands that ensure the production of mucus necessary to moisten the mucous membranes of the genital organs and preserving functions.

Vaginal discharge output of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. Estrogen promotes the growth on moist vaginal secret mucous genital organs normal microflora. Mostly it is bacteria that produce lactic acid, creating protection against infections.

Estrogens regulate the menstrual cycle in the first half to the moment when the egg is not released from the ovaries, in other words, before ovulation. Hormones must ensure not only the maturation of the egg, but also optimal conditions for fertilization by a sperm. To have time to do it, he must pass through the cervical canal and the fallopian tube to the onset of ovulation, and easier way for the sperm abundant clear discharge under the influence of estrogens.

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The second half of the menstrual cycle is characterized by the preparation of the female body for implementation of the egg after it is fertilized by a sperm. This happens under the influence of the hormone progesterone the endometrium through the reproductive organ. At this time appear thick opaque mucous discharge, which protect the uterus from infection from the outside.

If no pregnancy occurs, starting in large numbers again to produce estrogens at the end of the second phase of the menstrual cycle, and under their action in the first phase a new cycle begins to Mature new egg in the ovary. It is the estrogens cause a clear discharge before menstruation, which are characterized by a profusion. Due to the fact that they are still affected by progesterone, they are not very liquid.

During the menstrual cycle in women can vary vaginal secretions, as it’s been said that tells about the correct operation of the reproductive system. This will ensure a healthy pregnancy if there is fertilization of an egg by a sperm.

What is considered the norm?

About the normal work of sexual glands talking signs:

  • the body’s readiness to conceive can be recognized by profuse watery vaginal discharge during ovulation or before menstruation is normal and confirms the hormonal changes;
  • in the second phase of the menstrual cycle may be a slight discharge, which by their consistency similar to a gel;
  • when taking hormonal contraceptives may be persistent vaginal discharge (persistent and abundant);
  • if you’ve had unprotected intercourse in the first few hours after it can take place following selection: transparent, yellowish, white;
  • pregnancy can be vaginal fluids that have the consistency and color of milk.
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When you need to go to the doctor?

If a woman notices changes in vaginal discharge, it is impossible to ignore. So, if they are abundant and watery, the presence of admixture of blood, pus, cheesy consistency and a bad smell, it suggests infection, inflammation or tumors in the urogenital system.

Depending on what is the source of discharge, treatment. To determine the cause and treatment is not necessary, so you can only make the problem worse.

In most cases, there is discharge of cheesy consistency, purulent, yellow or green color is indicates the presence of infection in the genital tract. If they are bloody, dark, but have no connection with menstruation, it indicates the presence of erosion or tumor or hormonal imbalance in the female body.

We can say that clear discharge before menstruation is considered normal, but you need to remember about the possibility of pathological changes. For this reason, you need to regularly visit a gynecologist for preventive examination. Also important-diagnosis and timely treatment to the doctor in the detection of unknown changes that will allow to locate the problem and causes at an early stage. This will speed up treatment and avoid more serious complications.