Clotted blood in the nose: reasons baked in the morning

Why baked blood in your nose?

Dried crust of blood in the nose — not a rare phenomenon. The phenomenon happens in adults and in children. The reasons can be many: from the banal cold to serious problems with blood vessels. The appearance of crusts of blood in the nose is not a disease, but indicates problems in the body. How dangerous it is depends on the frequency of a symptom.

Do not underestimate the problem. After all, without the proper treatment of blood platelets in the nose can lead to atrophic changes of the mucosa. In the later development of chronic diseases of the entire nasopharynx and respiratory tract. Therefore, if you notice that you have baked the blood in the nose, it is important to determine the cause of this phenomenon.

Living conditions

The most harmless cause of dry of blood clots in the nose in the morning is dry air in the apartment. Dry mucous membranes during sleep and small blood vessels burst. If the problem is only in the atmosphere of the room, then you can fix it easily. Sufficiently ventilate the room before going to sleep or buy a humidifier.


Clotted blood in the nose may occur after influenza and SARS. In most cases it becomes a negative reaction to vasoconstrictors nasal. The majority of sprays and drops have a drying effect on mucous membranes. In the instructions for use specifies the maximum number of days of drug use.

Even the adherence to treatment often leads to side reactions of the mucosa and disorders of the blood vessels.

A strong influence on the state of the vessels of the nose can have a hormonal drugs used to treat diseases. In this case, the physician should determine the degree of danger of the use of medication.

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Disease of the nasopharynx

Often recurring and chronic rhinitis (bacterial or allergic) affect the mucous membranes and cause dryness and irritation in the nose. If there is itching or burning, then you need to contact Laura immediately. Possible irreversible changes in the structure of the mucosa and development of chronic diseases of the nasopharynx.

The anatomy of the nose

Violation of the nasal septum due to trauma or congenital curvature can cause discomfort and the regular appearance of bloody crusts. Due to improper circulation of the air flow during breathing redistributed the load on the individual parts of the nasal passages. This causes drying of the mucosa in some areas.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

High blood pressure can cause systematic rupture of blood vessels in the nose and the appearance of crusts. Mistakenly believe that nasal bleeding leads to a decrease in pressure.

According to doctors, the appearance of small hemorrhages from the nose is a dangerous symptom of hypertension or intracranial hypertension.

Blood vessels in the nose have a particularly thin walls and close proximity to the surface. That is why they are the gap during periods of increasing blood pressure.

Hormonal failure

Hormonal disturbances often lead to changes in the structure of the nasal mucosa. Thinning and dryness caused by a deficiency or overabundance of certain hormones, leading to small hemorrhages. In women, this reason occurs especially frequently during menstruation and menopause.

Other reasons

In adolescence in children occur hormonal changes in the body. So from time to time may arise and nosebleeds, which are held with the stabilization of hormonal levels.

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In the elderly crusts in the nose can occur due to age-related changes associated with degeneration mucous membranes.

Clotted blood in the nose in the morning may indicate excessive exercise the day before and the lack of night rest.


To avoid the occurrence of small hemorrhages, you must:

  • promptly treat respiratory infections, which can cause damage to the structure of the mucosa;
  • to avoid the excessive use of drugs from a cold;
  • do not use medicines without a doctor’s prescription;
  • to monitor the atmosphere in the living room in time to ventilate and humidify the air;
  • control holiday mode and loads.

To reduce discomfort due to the appearance of crusts and to avoid complications you can use an antiseptic ointment with moisturizing effect.

Recommended irrigation of the mucous membranes of the nose boiled water or special solutions. You can use essential oils if there is no allergic reactions. When choosing funds it is better to consult with your doctor.

Whatever the cause of the problem, seek the consultation of a specialist is necessary. It is possible that existing medication used for the treatment of any disease should be replaced to avoid affecting the operation of the vessels in the nose.

The sooner you notice the problem and figure out why you baked the blood in the nose, the easier it will be to cope with the problem.