Cold bladder: treatment, symptoms, causes

If a woman to chill bladder, she almost immediately feel it because of the emergence of quite severe pain localized in the lower stomach area. It is impossible to treat the inflammatory manifestations lightly, because the infection develops cystitis, which is insidious and can cause a lot of problems. To cope with pathology will help comprehensive treatment is initiated in a timely manner after consultation with an experienced urologist, and zastuzheny bladder and the acquisition of healthy form.

Prerequisites cystitis

Diagnosis of cystitis sounds in situations when after a cold the mucous membranes become inflamed integuments on the inside of the bladder. Therefore, hypothermia becomes a major reason underlying the development of pathology. which causes zastuzheny bladder.

Can be preceded by different situations.

  1. Fine linen, which did not warm in cold weather.
  2. Wet feet due to the spring thaw.
  3. Use street cold toilet.
  4. Prolonged sitting in adverse conditions on cold surfaces – stones, street benches. Get serious cooling bladder can be even in the car, especially in winter, if there is no heated seats.
  5. Compounding the situation, a weak immune system, which is typical for early spring, when there is a deficiency of vitamins. Provokes the rapid appearance of inflammatory lesions fatigue, weakening after the unsustainable diets.

Types of cystitis and typical symptoms

There are several different types of cystitis:

  • primary;
  • secondary;
  • infectious;
  • infectious;
  • sharp;
  • chronic.

To understand a woman she has got a cold in the bladder, in addition to debilitating pain, will help and other characteristics.

  1. Cheerleaders must increasing urgency to the need for urination, but not giving a sense of relief. Of urine when going to the toilet stands out a bit, and the feeling of full bladder remains.
  2. The urine becomes turbid, acquires a strong odor, sometimes it appear purulent or bloody footprints.
  3. Starts aching bones and joints.
  4. Appears lethargy, feeling of weakness.
  5. Fever.
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If at the stage of acute symptoms of cystitis treatment is not administered, the following will start the recurrence and inflammation of the inner integument of the bladder will become chronic.

Treatment off bladder

Feeling the pulling pain, you need to arrange a hygienic shower with a thorough washing the genitals with antibacterial soap. The hot tub is contraindicated in order to avoid complications. In parallel with the shower taken painkillers, if necessary, you can also take a pill antispasmodic.

These first steps will enable to feel the relief will provide a sufficient period of time for going to the hospital. If you don’t know what to do to cure their pathology, namely, zastuzheny bladder — do not panic. Only a doctor, focusing on the findings and results of the analyses will correctly pick the therapeutic complex, including antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that will cure zastuzheny bladder.

That antibiotics did not cause unnecessary destruction, the doctor usually explains what to do and what methods you should restore intestinal flora.

Simultaneously with medical methods of treatment zastuzheny bladder involves the use of a number of actions.

  1. Compliance with a lightweight ration with the exception of coffee, alcohol, spicy, pickled, fried, overly salty dishes have a beneficial effect on the women.
  2. Quitting Smoking.
  3. In acute complete sexual abstinence.
  4. Stimulation enhanced the urinary tract by increasing the amount you drink.
  5. It is recommended to reduce physical activity. Need to lie down, putting warm light on the area of the inflamed bladder.

Tips on the prevention of cystitis

Competent treatment contributes to the recovery, if the woman on the first symptoms realized that her bladder zastuzheny, and quickly went to the doctor.

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Below such problems did not arise, it is enough to observe some simple preventive rules.

  1. Careful hygiene.
  2. Constant concern for strengthening the immune system.
  3. Trainings to promote the emergence of resistance to stress.
  4. Clothing according to weather conditions.
  5. Refusal to swim in the cold sunlight the water.

Non-traditional methods of treatment

The inclusion of a therapeutic compound of the popular techniques gives the possibility to treat bladder inflamed after a woman zastupilas, quite effectively.

  1. Can three times a day to drink turnip juice, which had previously been boiled for five minutes. For a single moment, that I had two tablespoons, in this case, zastuzheny bubble will quickly come to a healthy condition.
  2. Prepared dry carrot tops, you can do it from the infusion by placing a handful of raw materials to 0.5 liters of boiling water. Aged under the warm hood of the hour, filtered and taken for food (thirty minutes, divided into three servings). For this scheme, prepares a mixture of carrot tops with parsley.
  3. As a compress folk medicine recommends applying once a day to the problem area onion gruel, which is wrapped with foil, then a towel and held a maximum of two hours. Onions can be pre-baked, then the treatment off bladder will not take much time.
  4. Can be included in the treatment of clean Potter’s clay, from which is prepared a soft tortilla, adding Apple cider vinegar. Put this applique on the waist, capturing the area of the kidneys.
  5. For purification of all departments, starting with the kidneys and ending with the urethra, it is useful to eat every day a handful of peeled cedar nuts, mixed with honey.
  6. If recurrent exacerbations need to do a decoction of chamomile (four tablespoons boiled for five minutes in a bucket of water). After reaching a comfortable body temperature this decoction is used as a sit-bath.
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Now you know how it can be cured using folk methods zastuzheny bladder.

Herbal infusions for internal use

Understanding that treatment in different ways, if the suffering causes bladder zastuzheny requires a substantial intake of fluids, it is advisable to replace some of the water specially selected herbal infusions.

  1. Eliminates the pain experienced during urination a mixture of chamomile and horsetail which is brewed and drunk as tea. Reduces inflammatory foci infusion of fennel seeds in boiling water (aged for a ratio of 1:20). You can drink it in 200 ml thrice daily for the period.
  2. Relieves spasms and irritation of the bladder, the hops, the cones of which (tablespoon) five minute boil in a glass of water, kept an hour. To drink infusion is necessary, maintaining half-hour period before meals, a tablespoon.

There are many ways to treat harassing cold bladder at home that are effective and allow you to avoid relapse. A proper combination of medication and herbal products are becoming a guarantee of quick cure.